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What Makes a Great Bus Driver, According to the Best in the World

Past and present champions of the world’s premier bus-driving competition tell all.

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Stockholm Will Open Sweden's First Discount Supermarket for the Needy

Rising income inequality is a problem in Scandinavian countries, too.  

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Happy Pride, Just 200 Miles From the Russian Border

Riga, Latvia, hosts EuroPride this weekend, the first former Soviet country to do so.

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‘Dog Racism’ Is Probably Legal, Probably Bad

A Manhattan co-op board says it will DNA test dogs to determine whether their breeds meet guidelines for pets.

Measure of America

Mapping Where America Is Failing Its Youth

A new report finds that more than one in eight of the nation’s young people are neither employed nor in school.

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Mapping the United States of Happy Hours

Some cities are straight-up bacchanalian. Others, not so much.

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The FTC Finally Cracks Down on Never-Completed Kickstarters

It’s the first time the consumer-protection agency has waded into the murky waters of crowdfunding.

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The Scholastic Consequences of Chicago’s Lead Paint Problem

A recent study of kids in the city finds links between exposure and failure on standardized tests. How is this still happening?

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Mapping Your City's Smells

Data scientists at the University of Cambridge explore how urban odors can guide better city design.

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Reddit, Mapped

A data scientist visualizes the sprawling site so you can find that weird, niche-interest group you never even knew to look for.


Ask CityLab: Why Does My Food Taste So Weird on Airplanes?

A new study suggests it’s all in your ears.

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New Orleans' Tourism Industry Says the State's ‘Religious Freedom’ Order Is Bad for Business

City code already prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender or sex, sexual orientation or gender identification—so come on down! (Please.)

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The Top 6 Reasons to Be Wary of City Rankings, Ranked

A list-based guide to looking beyond the listicle.


L.A.'s 'Sunken City' May Reopen to the Public

You may soon be able to (legally) explore part of Los Angeles that began sliding into the sea in the 1920s.

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The Secrets of Your Delivery Guy's Hustle

Pros divulge the tactics they use to get customers to fork over tips.


London Refuses to Go to the Dogs

One city borough wants to use DNA testing to sniff out owners who don't scoop their pets' poop.

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The Sound of Open Data

A winning audio design project lets you listen to the sound of your city's environmental data, in real time.

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How to Save Portland From Becoming the Next San Francisco

A local architect lays out a vision for a denser Portland—without a housing squeeze.

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The Future of Art Has a Propeller

Drone graffiti, drone photography, drone Instagram, and more.