Aarian Marshall

Karla Mckechnie

Bad Drivers Are Forcing an English Town to Paint Its Ponies

Reflective paint is part of the latest plan to save the animals’ lives.

Manuel Rosell

This Furniture Is Made for Bike Storage

Hang with your bike off the road, too.

Flickr/Anthony Quintano

The Secret History of Your City's Christmas Tree

Some have traveled from the Great White North, others are annually unearthed from the back of a semi-truck.

Andy Woodruff

The Maps That Prove the Daylight Saving Cycle Is Ruining Our Lives

Cold, dark winter afternoons are horrible.

AP / Vincent Thian

Gorgeous, Floating Lanterns Ground Flights in Thailand

It’s candlelit lanterns versus planes during northern Thailand’s annual Loy Krathong festival.

Courtesy Gotochi Kaiju, Copyright 2014 ITTSU All Rights Reserved

Meet the Fearsome Imaginary Monsters of Japan

There’s one for every prefecture.

Courtesy of Simon Beck

Dazzling Land Art, Etched in Snow

Snowshoe artist Simon Beck’s canvas is the French Alps.

Courtesy of Oregon and SW Washington Families for Safe Streets

Portland’s Ghostly Tribute to Traffic Victims

Plastic silhouettes pay tribute to 135 Portlanders killed on the roads between 2004 and 2014.


Do Not Pass Go, Do Pay Unaffordable London Rents in Monopoly

A playful approach to London’s horrifying real estate prices.


This Is the Best Public Restroom in America

A new poll finds the most picturesque lavatory nestled in a 1,035-person Colorado town.

Montgomery County Planning Commission / Flickr

America’s Increasingly Large Homes Are Making Us Less Energy Efficient

The average American single-family home is nearly 60 percent bigger than it was in the early 1970s, and full of much more energy-sapping stuff.

Wikimedia Commons / Ildar Sagdejev, Flickr / Matthew Hurst

Lexington Will Trade Your Parking Tickets for Canned Food

A special deal on citations, just in time for the season of giving.

Debbie Ullman

Print Is Dead—Let's Compost Instead

Why one New Yorker transformed newspaper racks into homes for food scraps.

Meredith Wade

It’s Probably OK To Eat Fruit From City Trees

New research is good news for hungry urbanites.

Flickr / Abi Skipp

A Scottish Politician Who Closed Public Restrooms Just Got Busted for Peeing on the Street

Reminder: Bathroom infrastructure is an urgent issue.

wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock.com

The 17 People You Hated on Airplanes in 2015

No one likes an Overhead-Bin Anarchist.

Aldana Ferrer Garcia

A Window for City Dwellers Who Still Want to Gaze at the Sky

A gigantic bay window for your tiny space.

Cyprien Clément-Delmas/Vimeo

Inside Paris’s ‘No-Go’ Zones

A short documentary explores the diverse, vibrant sections of the city once derided by a certain American news channel.