Aarian Marshall

Chong Wen Tong

This Solar-Powered Streetlight Also Zaps Mosquitoes

See ya, suckers.


Look Out, London: India Is Building Its Own Big Ben

The world’s tallest free-standing clock tower will go up in the southern Indian city of Mysore.

Recycle by City

This Online Guide Will Teach You How to Recycle, Once and for All

No, it’s not just you—it really is very confusing.

Jen Gallardo/Flickr

We Are One Step Closer to Destroying Bedbugs Forever

Go out and hug a scientist: They’ve sequenced our enemy’s genome.


An Itsy, Plastic Version of Your City, Block by Block

Play King Kong from your desk.

Nicholas Rajkovich

A Weather Station With Wheels

How one researcher is using two wheels, a handlebar, and a whole mess of weather equipment to measure urban heat islands.

Akihiro Yoshida

Designing a More Architectural Sticky Note

For the aesthetics nerd in the cubicle next door.

Campaign for Better Transport

Watch London Rail Ridership Explode in This Interactive Map

A mesmerizing illustration of shifting demographics in the U.K.

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

The Plan to Make Boston More Fun

The city’s Late Night Task Force is serious about having a good time.

Wikimedia Commons/Andrew Choy from Santa Clara, California

How Airports Could Help Stop Human Trafficking

San Francisco cites the upcoming Super Bowl as an impetus behind employee training programs—though trafficking happens everywhere and anytime.

REUTERS/Carlo Allegr

Why Some Neighborhoods Get So Much Nicer During Snowstorms

A snowman in Hell’s Kitchen is a litmus test for post-storm friendliness.

REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino

Rock Out to the Music of Electronic Garbage

Japanese musician Ei Wada hears tunes in your trashed machines.

Donkey Republic

This Danish Startup Is Gunning for Your City's Bike-Share

The app is a global passport to a roving network of urban bikes.

Instagram/Tom Grotting

The Art of Frozen Pants

A Minneapolis dad’s frigid denim installations have embarrassed his daughter, amused his neighbor, and won the Internet.

REUTERS/Issei Kato

Japan Might Change All Its Stop Signs for Confused Foreigners

It still prefers triangles even though the world uses octagons.

Reuters/STR New

Don't You Dare Try to Take Away Italians' Vespas

The Genoese government is trying to do it in the name of pollution reduction. It’s not going well.

REUTERS/Toby Melville

A Festival of Light Transforms London Into a Canvas

See the generally dignified Westminster Abbey transmuted into a riot of a kaleidoscopic color.

Google Maps

Take a Trip Inside the Teeniest, Tiniest Transit System

Ride the world’s largest model railway in Hamburg, Germany—without leaving your computer chair.