Amanda Erickson

In Baku, a Citywide Coming-Out Party for Eurovision

The capital of post-Soviet Azerbaijan is decking itself out for Europe's kitschy song contest.

Video of the Day: The Joy of Biking in Mexico City

Two film makers capture the joys of riding in Mexico's capital

Postcard From Kuala Lumpur

Investigations into a group advocating subservience to husbands and other news.

How We Plowed Before Snow Plows Were Invented

A short history of snow removal in America's cities.

Gender Imbalance of the Day: Women Live Alone More Often Than Men

In America, 56 percent of single households are made up of women.

Postcard From Seoul

Students now have the right to choose their own hairstyle, and other news

Percent of the Day: 51

Half of Detroit's children live in poverty, more than double the state average

Postcard From Taipei

A set of striking photos from around the city

Good Deed of the Day: A Parisian Bank Pays It Forward

One of the world's oldest micro-lenders cancels the debt of 3,500 clients

Postcard From Tokyo

A nearly-naked man swims across the palace moat and other news

Number of the Day: 80

That's the number of mayors who have pledged their support to a new city-based gay marriage advocacy group

How Can Cities Make Life Easier for the Elderly?

One city in South Carolina comes up with some innovative solutions

Postcard From Key West

The Miami to Keys "over the sea" railroad turns 100 and other news 

Drink of the Day: Beer

Brazil's cities may be required to introduce beer back into soccer stadiums for the World Cup

Postcard From Cedar Key

Meet Florida's water women

Graphic of the Day: Cities With the Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

Buyer beware before traveling to Oman

Postcard From Selma

A 127-year-old YMCA building lives to see another day, and other news

Percent of the Day: 51.27

The majority of China now lives in cities

Postcard From Atlanta

Photos from Moreland Avenue and other news