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Study of the Day: HUD's Housing Legacy

Does moving residents from high-poverty neighborhoods to low-poverty ones work?

Courtesy: John Wall

Postcard From Raleigh

A zombie battle and other news 


After Demolishing a Highway, How Should a City Rebuild?

A round-up of the best comments from this week's The Big Fix


Postcard From Belem

A birthday for Brazil's port city and other news

Courtesy: FXFOWLE

Height of the Day: 720 Meters

The size of the India Tower. It would, if built, be the second highest skyscraper in the world


Postcard From Lyon

Shoppers strip down to their skivvies for free clothes and other news


Metro Fare of the Day: 45 Cents

The cost of a ride on Almaty's brand new subway, only the second in Central Asia

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Postcard From Toronto

It's diet time for the city's mayor and other news


Video of the Day: Cairo's Garbage People

A new documentary follows a family of Coptic Christians, one of thousands who tend to the city's trash


Postcard From Casablanca

The grand opening of Africa's biggest mall and other news


Rent of the Day: $375

The yearly cost of living in a tent city in Port-au-Prince


Postcard From Flint

A church opens a tattoo parlor down the hall from the chapel and other news


The Best Ways to Pay for Our Failing Infrastructure

A round-up of the best ideas from this week's The Big Fix


Postcard From Tokyo

The $736,000 tuna auction and other news


Postcard From Miami

Competing birthday cakes vie for Lebron James' affections and other news


List of the Day: America's Power Regions

New Geography's list of the five areas that will do best post-election day, no matter who wins

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Postcard From Winnipeg

What to do when the weather gets balmy (by Winnipeg standards) and other news

Map of the Day: Good News for Public Transportation

A guide to the major 2012 projects


Postcard From Lahore

How the police mastered the art of recovering the kidnapped and more news