Amanda Erickson

Postcard From Rochester

The best online ode to a city you'll see and other news


List of the Day: America's Most Generous Cities

The places with the highest percent of givers

Postcard From Barcelona

Children decorate a "pooping log" that they'll beat with sticks come Christmas, and other news


Why City Governments Love Crime Cameras

Officials in Wilkes-Barre say their $3 million surveillance system was worth every penny. Then again, they didn't have to pay for it


Postcard From Tel Aviv

An artist with a penchant for depicting catastrophic collisions and other news


Relaunch of the Day: Rio de Janiero's Bike Share Program

After a failed first attempt, the city tries again


Postcard From Accra

The mysterious case of cocaine-turned-sodium bicarbonate and other news

Map of the Day: New Yorkers' Tipping Habits Revealed

Not all neighborhoods tip the same amounts for different ethnic take-out options

Postcard From Midtown Manhattan

A new food truck with "food to help you transform into a being of pure light," and other news

Chart of the Day: Which Cities Have the Least Affordable Housing?

Hint: It's not New York


Postcard From Rio de Janeiro

An international festival brings some clowns to town

Postcard From Boulder

The case of the missing winter squash

Winner of the Day: North Dakota

By one measure, the state has lately been the most effective in the nation in terms of job creation


Postcard From Kathmandu

A terror trail ends here, and anti-Monsanto activists clash with rural farmers

Number of the Day: $2 Million

That's how much the United Nations will spend on a "zero emission school" in Gaza

Postcard From Tbilisi

A reality show starring the mayor, Ronald Reagan statue as political prop and a city budget with some major holes

The Lost Movie Houses of Southeast Asia

A photographer chronicles a dying art space

Chart of the Day: In Latin American Cities, Unemployment Drops

And the informal economy is shrinking

Postcard From Milan

Fashion show fights and a new hotel by fashion designer Giorgio Armani