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Baltimore Police Say Aerial Surveillance Is Not a 'Secret Spy Program'

The department has been using technology developed for Iraq war operations on the city since January, and failed to tell the public.

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Trump's Vigilante Twist on the Voter Fraud Myth

Donald Trump is playing on well-worn Republican suspicions that data just don’t bear out. His suggestions are racist and dangerous, say experts.

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The Battle Over Voting Rights for Former Felons in Virginia

Governor Terry McAuliffe just made it possible for 13,000 former felons to vote. Will they actually be able to?

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The Lost Voting Potential of Millions of 'Disappeared' African Americans

A new study shows how the high early death and incarceration rates of African Americans skew election outcomes.


Netflix's 'The Get Down' Shows What a Community Without Police Looks Like

The new six-part series is a testament to both the social limitations and successes of hip hop.  

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How the Voting Rights Act Could Be a Path to Police Reform

A successful template for providing meaningful protection to black voting rights already could work to hold police departments accountable.

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It's Official: Racist Police Practices Are Endemic in Baltimore

A Department of Justice audit of the city's police department shows a disturbing culture of racism among the force.

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Half of Wisconsin's Black Neighborhoods Are Jails

17-year-old Lew Blank researched race and housing in his state and found some disturbing patterns.

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The Data Can't Be Ignored: 'Stop and Frisk' Doesn't Work

Three years after the policing practice was ruled unconstitutional, a major newspaper has an epiphany.


In Pleas for Funding, Public Defenders Go to Creative Extremes

It’s not just Missouri that has resorted to desperate measures.

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Facebook's 'Safety Check' Rolls Out in Chicago Following a Shootout

The feature is just starting to be deployed in instances that are not related to terrorism or disaster. But there are a few glaring bugs.

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Federal Court Finds Intentional Discrimination in North Carolina's Voter ID Law

This third ruling against photo voter ID mandates could signal the end of the battle.

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Why Police Cannot Be Trusted to Police Themselves

Two cases of alleged police brutality, two ways the system protected violent officers.

Universal Hip Hop Museum

The Universal Hip Hop Museum and 'Design Justice'

As work on the museum progresses, its architects and designers must find ways to work a raucous history into a very staid building.

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Police Leaders Don't Support Trump's 'Law and Order' Agenda

Law enforcement organizations and prosecutor officials have problems with Trump’s “law and order” message.


Why Voter ID Is Racial Discrimination, for the Record

Republican supporters of voter ID laws have been more than candid about how they help their political chances.   

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How Environmental Injustice Connects to Police Violence

University of California, Davis professors examine the connections between toxic environmental conditions and recent police killings of African Americans.

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Police Accountability and 'Broken-Porch' Policing

The “broken windows” theory of crime prevention hasn’t helped police engage with black communities. In Baton Rouge, broken porches won’t, either.