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Can California Show the U.S. How To Do Elections Right?

A new study offers solutions to entrenched problems that make voting time-consuming, confusing, and often disenfranchising.  

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#AirBnBWhileBlack and the Legacy of Brown vs. Board

The current ruffle over AirBnB shows civil rights laws and court victories haven’t fully flushed Jim Crow blood from America’s veins.

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Why a Mississippi City Is Just Now Being Forced to Desegregate Its Schools

A federal judge says Cleveland, Mississippi, must finally comply with a historic ruling the U.S. Supreme Court made more than 60 years ago.

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'Affordable' Housing Remains Out of Reach for Full-Time Working Families

Nowhere in Baltimore can two full-time minimum-wage earners afford the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment, according to a new report.

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New York City Announces New Initiatives to Ease Bail Burdens

The city will place more ATM machines in courthouses, and explore allowing bail payment with debit or credit cards.

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A Roundtable Review of 'High-Rise,' Where Luxury Architecture Turns Dystopic

In Ben Wheatley’s new film adaptation of the classic J.G. Ballard novel, orgies, rapes, and murders among residents are part of a literal struggle to the top.

Mike Ford

The Birth of the Bronx's Universal Hip Hop Museum

“Hip hop architect” and professor Mike Ford discusses the community-led vision for the first-of-its-kind museum.

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Free Shopping Bags Have Already Cost the Poor Too Much

New York’s new five-cent fee is exactly what low-income communities need to lighten the waste burdens they live with daily.

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Beyonce's Simple But Radical Porch-Front Politics

The squad-deep, front-porch perching exhibited in Beyonce’s Lemonade video is the kind of thing that can get you evicted in certain corners of New Orleans.

Goldman Environmental Prize

How Destiny Won Over Baltimore

Destiny Watford, 20, has taken the Goldman Environmental Prize for her work to stop a trash incinerator from being built in her neighborhood.


Restoring Voting Rights to Former Felony Offenders

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe takes a historic step, giving the vote back to those previously banned from participation.

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U.S. Voters May Have No Constitutionally Protected Right to Elect Mayors

In an ongoing suit against Michigan’s emergency manager law, the state argued residents have no legal right to elect their mayors, and a federal court agreed.

Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition

New Orleans Continues On a Path of Decarceration

A new $1.5 million MacArthur Foundation grant could give New Orleans’ public defenders, and its incarcerated citizens, some relief.

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Arizona Faces Yet Another Voting Rights Lawsuit, This Time Over Long Lines

The Democratic Party is suing state election officials over the long lines that marked last month’s primaries, charging they created voter suppression.

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Does the OneNYC Sustainability Plan Really Address Equity?

New York City’s environmental justice leaders offer ideas to strengthen Mayor Bill de Blasio’s equity goals.

Orleans Public Defenders

New Orleans Begins Freeing Inmates Who Can't Afford Lawyers

A judge has ruled that the constitutional rights of seven men held in jail for violent crimes have been violated because the state can’t afford defenders.

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Louisiana Is Not Taking Its Public Defenders Crisis Seriously

With no plan in sight to pay for legal defense for the indigent, state district attorneys are now labeling lawyers "greedy anarchists" for pushing back.

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Why Does St. Louis Keep Running Out of Ballots on Election Day?

Missouri wants a photo voter ID law, but its counties already can’t get their basic ballot game together.