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Austin's Police Chief Won't Tolerate Violence in His Ranks

Chief Art Acevedo has lambasted top brass over high-profile incidents of violence in his department. We need more of this.  

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In a Time of Crisis, We Need a New Language of Justice

Dr. Phillip A. Goff, the president and cofounder of the Center for Policing Equity, is developing a new vocabulary for racism and policing.

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Who Will Watch Trump's Vigilante Poll-Watchers?

Trump’s vague and reckless calls for supporters to “monitor” elections is voter intimidation, and it may be illegal under the Voting Rights Act.

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Even as Legal Weed Gains Acceptance, the 'War on Drugs' Continues

By the time you’ve finished reading this story, at least five people will have been arrested for simple drug possession.

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Donald Trump's Blaxploitation of 'Inner Cities'

The kind of thinking that equates black communities with “inner-city” crime has infected public policy and pop culture alike.


A New Film Explores Ties Between Slavery and Mass Incarceration

Selma director Ava DuVernay’s new film, 13th, lays bare the connections between America’s history of slavery and its broken prison system.

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Life After 'The New Jim Crow'

A conversation with the civil rights law scholar Michelle Alexander on how to dismantle the mass incarceration crisis in the U.S.

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The Fight to Remove the Andrew Jackson Monument in New Orleans

Activists say they can’t wait for a court decision when it comes to the legacy of white supremacy.

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A Pre-Debate Cheat Sheet for Fact-Checking Trump's Urban Whoppers

Let’s make telling the truth great again.

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Donald Trump Is Wrong About Stop-and-Frisk

Stop-and-frisk has not been going “incredibly well” in New York City, as Trump says—or in any other city.

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Can Self-Driving Cars Protect Black People From Police Violence?

If automated vehicles can change and save so many lives, we should talk seriously about how they can protect black lives.

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Where Crime Is Rising in 2016

There is still no catastrophic crime wave overtaking the U.S., but the situation in Chicago cannot be ignored.

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What to Do About Baltimore's Confederate Monuments

The city is making this a more complicated ordeal than it needs to be.

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The Racial Justice Flaws in California's Climate Bill

California’s climate change bill has reduced overall greenhouse gas emissions, but not air pollution in black and Latino neighborhoods.


Re-Investing in the Bronx—and in Hip Hop

Forbes implores those who’ve made millions off of hip hop to invest back in the borough it was born in.

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​​​​​​​As Black Travelers Turn Away, Airbnb Creates New Anti-Bias Policies

The new guidelines are a step in the right direction, but black leisure consumers may not wait around for the company to make things right.

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On Immigration: Who Said It, Trump or White Supremacist Madison Grant?

The Republican candidate is cribbing from the early 20th-century white supremacist and eugenicist Madison Grant.

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White People Do Sell Drugs, Despite What Maine's Governor Says

Governor Paul LePage believes black and Latino drug dealers are polluting the white state of Maine.