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Universal Hip Hop Museum

The Universal Hip Hop Museum and 'Design Justice'

As work on the museum progresses, its architects and designers must find ways to work a raucous history into a very staid building.

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Police Leaders Don't Support Trump's 'Law and Order' Agenda

Law enforcement organizations and prosecutor officials have problems with Trump’s “law and order” message.


Why Voter ID Is Racial Discrimination, for the Record

Republican supporters of voter ID laws have been more than candid about how they help their political chances.   

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How Environmental Injustice Connects to Police Violence

University of California, Davis professors examine the connections between toxic environmental conditions and recent police killings of African Americans.

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Police Accountability and 'Broken-Porch' Policing

The “broken windows” theory of crime prevention hasn’t helped police engage with black communities. In Baton Rouge, broken porches won’t, either.

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Unpacking 'Black-on-Black Crime' and the 'Ferguson Effect'

The phrases carry charged meanings in these racially volatile times. A criminology expert shares thoughts on their social impact.

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A Tale of Two Mayors During a Time of Civil Unrest

While Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has been front and center regarding the Dallas shootings, Baton Rouge mayor Kip Holden has been noticeably absent.

Governor Pat McCrory/Facebook

North Carolina Officially Bars Police-Cam Footage From Public View

Governor Pat McCrory says he supports increased transparency for police, but clearly not through access to police-cam footage.

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In Baton Rouge, Your Front Yard Is No Sanctuary From Police

African-American resident Lisa Batiste opened her private property to be used as a gathering space for protesters. The SWAT team that arrived was uninvited.

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'This Is on My Generation of Leaders,' Says Dallas Mayor

Mike Rawlings bluntly invoked the legacy of racism in speaking about recent violence by and against police.

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The Facebook Live Effect

The average citizen’s ability to capture and immediately broadcast video of police activity changed the way America experienced the events of this week.

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Baton Rouge District Attorney Reminds Public That Cops Have Legal 'Mandate' to Kill

Wednesday’s press conference on the police shooting of Alton Sterling named the officers involved, and brought up a troubling “mandate.”

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What Black Independence Looked Like in 1900

W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington helped create these striking visuals of life for free African Americans at the turn of the 20th century.

AP/Janie Har

How Oakland Defeated Coal

The improbable coming together of environmental activists, labor unions, and social justice groups made it happen.

AP/Gerry Broome

North Carolina Will Bar Public Access to Police-Cam Footage

A controversial bill on the matter has cleared the House and made its way through the Senate Wednesday.

AP/Susan Walsh

The Latest Pew Report on Race in America vs. President Obama's Howard Commencement Speech

The president recently told black college grads that life for them would be better than ever, but a new report shows a cloudier outlook.

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The End of Solitary Confinement

A settlement between the Department of Justice and a Mississippi jail system marks the beginning of the end of solitary confinement.

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Getting More Formerly Incarcerated People Into Public Housing

The past 10 years have seen a major drop in the number of people with criminal records rejected by the Oakland Housing Authority.