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The Gentrification of City-Based Sitcoms

How the future ‘Living Single’ reboot can reclaim the urban narrative ‘Friends’ ran off with.

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The Hidden Fences of August Wilson's Birthplace

The structures both define and devalue a fabled Pittsburgh neighborhood.

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Where Gerrymandering Is Containing City Power

To resist the current political peril, just boost the urban voter turnout, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

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What's Next For Criminal Justice Reform?

Supporters of the Department of Justice’s efforts to address discriminatory practices in urban policing may be watching the end of an era as prospective Attorney General Jeff Sessions prepares for his confirmation hearing.

Daniel D'Oca

Drawing Lessons From a Segregated History

Harvard urban planning professor Daniel D’Oca took his design grad students to Ferguson to see the impacts of racial zoning ordinances. They came back with some novel solutions.

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How to Make an Affordable City More Affordable

Pittsburgh created a trust fund for affordable housing. Now it just has to find the funds to fill it, and the places to build new housing.

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Celebrating the Vehicular Graffiti of Urban Bike Life

Filmmaker Jeremy Meek showcases the human side of D.C.’s controversial dirt-bike scene.

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The Short Distance Between Dylann Roof and Donald Trump

In their rhetoric, the convicted mass murderer and the president-elect tapped the same deep strain of American racism.

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Environmental Justice Enters Its Age of Anxiety

From Flint to Standing Rock, a movement built to address the racial inequities in environmental issues emerged on the national stage during the Obama years. But the winds are about to change.

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An Exit Interview With the Woman Who Drove Pittsburgh Into the Innovation Age

Pittsburgh’s Chief of Innovation and Performance, Debra Lam, is resigning this month after two years of steering the city towards the future. Here are her parting thoughts.

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It's Not Necessarily a Bad Idea to Have a Health Expert Lead HUD, Though

Maybe Dr. Ben Carson is not the best choice for HUD secretary, but the link between housing and health makes a medical professional a good pick for this Cabinet position.

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Can the Sharing Economy Root Out Racism?

The algorithms that power the online marketplace just reflect the racial discrimination found in society itself.

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It's Not the Gentrification, It's the Resegregation

Author Jeff Chang talks about why gentrification isn’t the perfect lens for looking at the geography of race in the U.S., but Beyoncé is.

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Black Architects Blast AIA Over Trump Support

The American Institute of Architects’ CEO apologized for issuing a congratulatory message to Donald Trump. But AIA member Bryan C. Lee Jr. wants more than that: He’s issueda call to action around designing for justice.”

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How Discrimination Against Black Veterans Helped Shape Urban America

A new report from the Equal Justice Initiative reminds us how racial violence and exclusion paved the way for today’s polarized America.

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A Controversial Police Chief's Parting Words With His Profession

Cameron McLay just resigned from his post as Pittsburgh’s police chief—right when urban policing is about to get a lot more interesting.

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The 'Inner City' Reality Is Complicated

It’s not easy, but we need to accept that one candidate’s dark vision of American cities holds certain truths.

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In Search of Answers on Gentrification

A new report on the affordable housing crisis warns that there’s no one single strategy that has yet proven effective in stemming the displacement of lower-income families.