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No, U.S. Driving Has Not Hit an All-Time High

At least not if you take population growth into account.

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Mapping America's Fight Against Excess City Parking

It’s gaining ground—from Seattle to Miami.

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Why Most Northeast U.S. Intercity Travelers Still Drive

The price is just too right.

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Every Town Needs a Huge Cat Directing Traffic

Well played, Sebastopol, California.

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Amid Great Progress, Texas High-Speed Rail Takes a Big Step Back

Federal officials rule the rail line won’t stop in Downtown Houston.

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The Upside of Higher Gas Prices Is Fewer Car Crashes

Every 10 percent rise in fuel costs leads to a 1.5 percent decline in crashes nine months later, according to new research.

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Why the Wealthy Have Been Returning to City Centers

There’s no single reason, of course, but a hatred of long commutes might be a big one.

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No, California High-Speed Rail Money Shouldn't Go to Roads

Four reasons the zero-sum argument misses the point.

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Suburban Ride-Sharing Is Mathematically Impossible

Just about, anyway, says a sobering thought-experiment for transit start-ups.

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America’s Top Transit Systems Face a $102 Billion Repair Backlog

Rising ridership plus aging infrastructure minus federal funding is a formula for crisis.

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California's DOT Admits That More Roads Mean More Traffic

Take it from Caltrans: If you build highways, drivers will come.

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The 28 Transportation Fees Paid by Seattle Residents

From the gas tax to the state license service fee—in one chart.


Public Officials Who Sit on a Pedestrian and Bicycle Council Should Actually Walk or Bike

And yet a Florida DOT meeting agenda includes detailed instructions on how to drive there—plus a free parking pass.

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The Latest Evidence That Helmet Laws Don't Help Bike Safety

Public health might be better off if cities focused on building better bike lanes instead.

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Miami Takes Aim at Its Plethora of Parking

A new ordinance that eases parking requirements hopes to transform the city into a more transit-friendly place.

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Mapping Every U.S. Road Fatality From 2004 to 2013

The death toll amounts to 373,377 lost lives.


Liverpool Just Opened Fast-Walking Pedestrian Lanes

Step aside, tourists.

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Some 20-MPH Streets Are Safer Than Others

Forget speed limits—the key to slower roads is design.