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Adam Chang

More Painstakingly Illustrated New York Subway Tile Mosaics

The digital NY Train Project has reached Brooklyn.

LA Metro

Public Transit Does Not Have to Reduce Traffic Congestion to Succeed

There are plenty of other benefits that have nothing to do with drivers.

Cycle Enfield

Here We Go Again With Retailers Hating Bike Lanes

The London borough of Enfield is the latest to raise a widely debunked concern over sales.

REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Tech Buses Are Not to Blame for San Francisco's Housing Crisis

On the contrary, according to a new Muni review, they’re great for the city’s transportation system.

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Preparing for 'Transportation Armageddon' on the Hudson

Mayors of Jersey City and Hoboken discuss contingency plans for a tunnel closure coming soon to the New York metro region.

Case Studies in Transport Policy

The Benefits of Slower Traffic, Measured in Money and Lives

An unfortunate case study in political inaction.

Complete Streets / Flickr

Don't Fret, Russia—America Has Some Pretty Sad Bus Stops, Too

There’s a lesson in this misery: transit agencies and cities forget about rider comfort at their own peril.

AP Photo/Michael Probst

A Texas County Just Sued VW for $100 Million Over Its Emissions Scandal

The “first” local government action against the carmaker surely won’t be the last.


Where Telecommuting Is on the Rise

The short answer: pretty much everywhere.

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How Chinese Superstition About the Number 4 Makes Beijing Traffic Worse

It’s also connected with lower happiness, according to a new study.

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Objecting to Bike Lanes as 'Paint Stripe Pollution'

Residents of Coronado, California, marched out a series of absurd anti-bike arguments that somehow won the day.

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

The Study That Brought Down Volkswagen

A closer look at the West Virginia report at the center of the VW emissions scandal.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Pool

Why Popemageddon Traffic Jams Didn't Happen (But Still Could)

As L.A.’s Carmageddon proved a few years ago, congestion alerts can be extremely effective—until they wear off.


The Unbreakable U.S. High-Speed Rail System

Without federal funding, bullet train projects across the country have gotten creative.

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Drivers Have the Most Stressful Commutes

Transit riders and walkers, who avoid the “unexpected delays” of traffic, stack up better in a new survey.

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An Unusual Objection to Less Parking: It Will Make Our City Too Nice

Opposition to Champaign’s new relaxed parking requirement is actually a powerful case in its favor.

AP Photo/Jim Cole

The Enormous Social Cost of Cheap Coal

Air pollution from coal prematurely kills millions of people each year. And there’s an obvious fix.

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What's More Important to Non-Car Commuters: Living or Working Near Transit?

In metro Denver, office proximity leads to higher transit commute shares.

California High-Speed Rail Authority

There's an Awful Lot of Parking Near This California High-Speed Rail Station

If a goal of the train is to reduce car-reliance, why does a new rendering show a big surface lot?