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Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters

Germany's Week of Terror

What next, after four violent attacks in seven days?

Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Donald Trump Loses His War Against a Scottish Wind Farm

The plan threatened views from a Trump-owned golf course.

Charles Platiau/Reuters

End of the Line for France's Night Trains?

Half the country’s domestic night routes will be scrapped this autumn.

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With Every Heatwave, an Excuse for Londoners to Curse Boris Johnson

The former mayor’s pet project is currently driving bus passengers mad.

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Lisbon Moves to Protect Historic Stores

Can a city experiencing a tourism boom avoid turning into a place geared mainly for visitors?

Stolen Nenov/Reuters

Bulgaria's Latest Tourist Attraction: Vampires

The government wants to lure visitors to “the world’s largest vampire burial.”

Juan Medina/Reuters Pictures

Why Madrid's Ancient Egyptian Temple Needs to Be Encased in a Glass Bubble

It’s everyone’s fault, really.

Luca Bruno/AP

An Assault on Ordinary City Life

Nice’s famed Promenade des Anglais is specifically designed to attract pedestrians in search of a stroll along the waterfront.

Luke MacGregor/Reuters

The World's 'Most Polluted Street' Will Go Pedestrian-Only

London’s Oxford Street will ban cars, buses and taxis starting in 2020.

Stephane Mahe/Reuters

What's Keeping Tourists Away From Paris?

Visitors are down 11 percent, and now an emergency committee is asking why.

Petr David Josek/AP

Czechs Not Exactly Thrilled About 'Czechia'

The country’s new English name just "doesn't go in my mouth," complains one government minister.

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Austria Is Yet Another Case Study in Political Polarization

It’s not just a feature of the U.S. and U.K.

London Pavement Geology

Where to Find Fossils, Lava, and Meteorites in London's Buildings

They’re everywhere, as a new map proves.

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The Case for Giving London More Local Control

The city represents almost 30 percent of the U.K.’s tax base, but its own fiscal powers are puny.

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London Slaps Polluting Vehicles With a High New Charge

It’s just the beginning of a major anti-pollution effort.

Mark Byrnes/CityLab

Which European Cities Will Grab London's Post-Brexit Business?

There are many contenders, but no clear winner.

Christian Van Der Henst S/Flickr

Barcelona Has Finally Had Enough of Segways

The city plans to ban them from a key area. Time to kiss novelty urban transit goodbye?

Kasper Pempel/Reuters

Logging Is Threatening 'Europe's Serengeti'

Poland’s Białowieża Forest is uniquely well-preserved. But for how much longer?