Feargus O'Sullivan

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Breakfast of Gentrifiers

How a London café that specializes in cereal became the latest flashpoint in the city’s ongoing gentrification debate.

AP Photo/Michel Euler

The Case for Completely Redrawing the Arrondissements of Paris

Mayor Anne Hidalgo thinks it’s time to tear up the historic map of Paris and start again. This could get tricky.

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A Campaign to Give Belgium's Infamous Traffic Jams UNESCO World Heritage Status

The tongue-in-cheek efforts reflects a real problem with the country’s transportation networks.

Transport for London

London Is Calling Its New Pedestrian- and Bike-Friendly Zones 'Mini-Hollands'

British streets meet Dutch street design.

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London's School System Is Shockingly Good

The city’s education success proves that an ethnically diverse, low-income student population is not a justification for low standards.

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A Before-and-After Photo Archive of the World's Best Street Designs

It’s a walkable feast.

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A Revamp for Paris's Least Favorite Building

A redesign competition has been announced for Tour Montparnasse and its surrounding mall and plaza.

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London's Worst Building

The Walkie Talkie has been named the ugliest British structure completed in the last 12 months, but there are reasons beyond aesthetics to dislike it.

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What Other Cities Can Learn From the Failure of London's Low Emission Zone

A big part of the answer appears to be diesel fuel.


Finland Gradually Embraces a Multi-City Fare Card

But Helsinki isn’t on board yet.

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A Controversial Ad Campaign Sparks Protest in Stockholm

A far-right political party covered a busy subway station in posters and banners that demonize the country’s homeless people.

City of Amsterdam

A Comprehensive Map Archive of Everything Amsterdam

The collection covers a range of topics from the city’s historical development to the nearest public barbecue spot.

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Cleaning Up Rome, One Tweet at a Time

Romans are sharing photos of their do-it-yourself efforts to improve the city under the hashtag #Romasonoio.


'Bike Autobahns' Could Be Coming to Munich

The new paths would be aimed not at jump-on, jump-off cyclists, but at riders taking longer journeys.


Berlin Saves the Communist-Era Buildings of Alexanderplatz

On Monday, the city announced that it was listing some key structures in East Berlin’s central square as historical monuments.


The Plan to Pedestrianize Central Milan

Milan joins a growing list of European cities embracing car-free futures for their central neighborhoods.


Berlin's New Rent Control Laws Are Already Working

The “rental price brake,” introduced on June 1st, is the city’s most comprehensive tool to date for keeping rent affordable.


Barcelona's Fight Against Bar Crawls

It’s all part of the city’s struggle with its role as a tourism hotspot.

Growing Underground

Inside London's New Subterranean Urban Farm

The farm, located 115 feet below a busy South London street, uses hydroponic techniques to grow pesticide-free crops.