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European Cities Plan to Sue the E.U. Over New Emissions Rules

Twenty cities claim the diesel regulations are so lax that they’ll prevent other efforts to reduce pollution.

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Chinese Police Are Patrolling the Streets of Italy

The experimental plan is the first of its kind in the world.

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Why Lisbon Is Changing Its Nightlife Regulations

Night owls will get to stay out until the sun comes up along the waterfront, while residents in dense, old neighborhoods will get to sleep more easily.


Berlin Is Banning Most Vacation Apartment Rentals

The number of Airbnb listings dropped 40 percent in a month as the city prepares for new laws to take effect.

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A New Social Media Campaign Reveals London's High Rents and Shady Landlords

Want a moldy suburban apartment for $1,500? Then you’ve come to the right city.

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London's Big Ben Will Fall Silent in 2017

The iconic clock needs a rest — and a makeover.

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Amsterdam Is Appointing a Bike Mayor

The semi-official post is the first of its kind in the world.

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A Paris Neighborhood Is Suing the City for Leaving It Too Dirty

The area’s reputation for untidiness is long-standing, but change may be afoot.

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London's Housing Crisis and the Inequality Chasm

Remarkable new details on the effects of the U.K. capital’s bananas real estate market.


Rome's Police Are Fighting in the Streets With... Ancient Roman Soldiers

The costumed centurion impersonators have become a nuisance to tourists outside the Colosseum.

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How Big of a Problem Is Drunk Bicycling?

An alarming report making its way through the Dutch media requires a closer look.

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More Trees, Fewer Cars for the Central Squares of Paris

A long-planned redesign will semi-pedestrianize some of the city’s most famous public spaces.

AP/Manu Fernandez

Barcelona's Not-At-All Sexy But Highly Effective Scheme to Cut Emissions

A new rail link to the port should help shift cargo off the roads.

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Berlin's Best Street Is a Communist-Era Boulevard, Says a Leading Architect

Hans Kollhof makes the case that post-war Germany has produced nothing to match East Berlin’s Karl-Marx-Allee.

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More Before-and-After Photos of the World's Best Street Designs

A newly updated archive lets you track images of urban makeovers across the world.

Wikimedia/Carlos Delgado

Madrid's Plan to End Municipal Corruption

If any city ought to be tackling the problem, it’s this one.


London's Traffic Really Is Moving More Slowly

Major construction across the city is clogging up the roads, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Moon Architectures

Rich Parisians vs. the Homeless

A new emergency shelter is slated for one of the French capital’s fanciest spots. Perhaps you can guess how residents have reacted?