Feargus O'Sullivan

Kerstin Jonsson/AP

The Fate of Hitler's Birthplace

This week brought mixed messages on plans for the site from the Austrian government.

Jacky Naegelen/Reuters

An Arson Attack on a Parisian Homeless Shelter

Scheduled to open in November, the shelter has drawn controversy for its location.  

Charles Platiau/Reuters

Three Mayors Make the Case for More Funds

In an open letter, the mayors of Paris, Madrid, and Barcelona argue that urban areas should get more federal resources—because they’re the ones getting things done.


Britain's New Parliament Could Be This Giant Floating Glass Blob

While London’s Houses of Parliament are being restored, the MPs will need a place to work. How about this thing?

Ollie Phipps/Flickr

The British Town That Will Run Almost Entirely on Food Waste

By spring 2017, the town of Keynsham could get up to 80 percent of its electricity from food waste alone

Robert Galbraith/Reuters

Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize Might Be the Most Swedish Thing Ever

How did a 60s rock star score the world’s top literature prize? Because Scandinavia is in love with American counterculture.


The Big Lesson Bloomberg Mayor's Challenge Winners Can Teach Other Cities

Talking and listening is as important as a bright idea.


London's Media is Seriously Hating on Bicycle Lanes

Complaints about new bike lanes are common—and inaccurate.

Mayor of London

London's Bold New Plans to Cross The River Thames

Three new eastern crossings are promised—for trains, bikes, and cars. Guess which one is controversial.

Île-de-France Region

Can the Paris Gondola Succeed Where London's Failed?

France has a grand plan for remaking urban transit, and it’s full of aerial cable cars.

A Polite Word About Brussels' Obscene Street Art

Giant, explicit murals have started appearing on the city’s walls. But not everyone is upset about it.

Heidrum Henke

The Vienna Orchestra That Makes Music With Vegetables

First songs, then soup.

Tosh Marshall/Wikimedia

Apple Found the Right Icon to Make Their U.K. Headquarters

The strange saga of London’s Battersea Power Station, where pigs once flew.

UK Department for Transport

British Cyclists Really Hate This New Safety Video

It’s pure victim blaming, say critics.


Paris Really Is Going to Transform the Seine

A long-discussed plan to permanently ban cars from the river’s quayside gained approval Monday, after a tough debate.

Sam valadi/Flickr

London's New Plan to Help More People Afford Housing

A “living rent” plan would tie housing costs to income, but who’s going to build the homes that qualify?


Germany Has the World's First Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Train

Not all groundbreaking changes are about speed.

The Real Junk Food Project

Welcome to the World's First 'Waste Supermarket'

The U.K.’s Real Junk Food Project is bringing its network of pay-what-you-can cafés, stalls, and grocery stores to the U.S.