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What's Wrong With Sweden?

The bizarre Twitter assault on the Scandinavian nation’s immigration policies may be based on a fiction—but that doesn’t mean all is well in Malmö.

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Paris's Grand Plans to Make a Tourist Hotspot More Appealing to Locals

The Île de la Cité has no excuse to be boring.

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London's Subway Commuters Breathe More Pollution Than Drivers

A new study discovers just how bad the Underground’s air can be.

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In Germany's Priciest Cities, Renters Should Finally Get Some Relief

After climbing sharply for years, housing costs are guaranteed to drop in Berlin, according to a new report.

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Berlin's 'Devil's Mountain': Built From Rubble, And Going to Waste

One of the most historically resonant sites in Germany’s capital has been left in ruins.

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Venice Fights Back

The world's most beautiful city has never been more threatened. But a passionate movement of locals is determined to keep it alive.

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A Controversial Plan to Expand Warsaw

It could make the city bigger than New York—and smash its liberal vote.

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The Great British Vegetable Crisis

Extreme weather has caused British vegetable shortages—but is the real problem an unsustainable food system?

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What Defines National Identity?

A new report finds that language matters more than religion.

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Oslo Offers Citizens $1,200 to Buy an E-Bike

The goal is to help residents—rich and poor alike—find a new reason to leave the car at home.

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Barcelona Bans New Hotels in the City Center

Amid a crackdown on tourism, these are the city’s toughest measures yet.

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London Police Will Pose as Cyclists to Catch Unsafe Drivers

Watch out, that cyclist you’re cutting off could be a cop.

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Paris Is Tripling Its Tax on Second Homes

City hall hopes an added cost will free up more housing for full-time residents.

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Copenhagen's Wetland Debate: To Build or Preserve?

One of the city’s ruling political parties wants to abandon plans for new housing on an open wetland.

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Berlin Will Have to Wait Another Year for Its New Airport

Eight years late, and the scandal of Berlin’s messed-up new airport only gets worse.

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London's Dangerous Non-Response to Extreme Pollution

As residents breathe in the worst air in decades, the city is taking almost no meaningful action. To clear things up, officials should follow the examples of Paris, Madrid, and other European cities.

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Barcelona’s Car-Taming ‘Superblocks’ Meet Resistance

The plan to ban through traffic from much of the city could still be a game-changing model.


New York's Early Skyscrapers, Transplanted to Paris

The Haussmanhattan blog shows what Manhattan-On-Seine might have looked like.