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The Real Junk Food Project

Welcome to the World's First 'Waste Supermarket'

The U.K.’s Real Junk Food Project is bringing its network of pay-what-you-can cafés, stalls, and grocery stores to the U.S.


Floating Containers as an Affordable Housing Solution

Copenhagen tries out a novel concept for a bleak-looking future.


Could This Scanner Take the Hell Out of Airport Security Checks?

Say goodbye to trays and conveyor belts.

Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters

The Unequal Burden on Cities in Germany's Refugee Crisis

A new report nonetheless finds much to praise in their response.

Jakub Marian

Europe's Disposable Income, Mapped

A striking visualization shows how much buying power average Europeans really have after tax.

MIT Senseable City Lab / AMS Institute

Next Up: Self-Driving Boats, Because of Course

In cities like Amsterdam, “Roboats” could also function as temporary floating infrastructure.

Regis Duvignau/Reuters

France Just Launched a New High-Speed Train Model

It’s sleeker, more tech-friendly—and cheaper.


The Mystery of Scandinavia's Car-Burning Spree

Hundreds of cars have been torched in recent months, but why?


London's Plan to Set Up 'Creative Zones' for Artist Housing

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to protect creative workers from displacement.

Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters

Why Berlin's Top Nightclub Is Now Officially a Cultural Venue

It’s all about money, of course, but the Berghain case is also a symbol of how seriously the city takes its nightlife scene.

Peter Nicholls/Reuters

London Has the Worst Traffic Congestion in Europe

An interesting, concerning insight into Europe’s commuters, public transit, and pollution

Lefteris Pitarakis/AP

How London's Newest Transit Link Revealed the Source of the Great Plague

Yet more evidence of a city built on bones.


Which European Cities Have the Most Affordable Housing?

Residents may think they know, but a massive new report suggests a far more complex reality.

Ewan Munro/Flickr

Exit, London's Most Famous Nightclub

With the abrupt closure of Fabric, the U.K. capital does some soul-searching about its future.

Deepa Paul/Flickr

The Apps Fighting Europe's Mountains of Wasted Restaurant Food

They match uneaten restaurant portions with hungry bargain hunters.

Stefano Rellandini/Reuters

Venice's Vast New Flood Barrier Is Almost Here

Work began this week on the last section. Will it do the trick?

Amanda Slater/Flickr

No One Feels Sorry for the Latest Victims of London 'Gentrification'

Even the wealthy can’t always afford the city’s most expensive neighborhoods these days.


London's New Plan to Save Its Gondola: Booze

Could a liquor license entice riders on to the underused Emirates Air Line?