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Madrid Wants Its Seniors to Find Roommates

To cut loneliness and costs, the Spanish capital region wants older citizens to move in together.

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London Has Not Fallen

In the wake of another terrorist attack on a major capital city, the citizens of London have chosen to shrug and carry on. You should, too.

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When Small Businesses Become a Gentrification Battleground

Recent fights over a puppet theater and a cake shop have Berliners asking: Who does the city belong to?

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An 'Indoor Park' to Battle Stockholm's Brutal Winters

These giant glass eggs would bring warmth, greenery, and a place to hang out when other public spaces are dark, cold, and empty.


London's First Mies Van Der Rohe Building Is Only Five Feet Tall

The model is part of a new exhibition posing questions about building afresh in historic settings.


Building an Island to Power Northern Europe

The continent needs to take huge strides to meet its future energy needs. A brand new island for wind power might do the trick.


Geert Wilders Didn't Take Over The Netherlands After All

European nations aren’t just dominoes waiting to fall to right-wing extremism.

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Barcelona Says Goodbye to Older Cars

Get ready for Europe’s biggest car ban yet.

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Berlin Plans a New Network of Bike Superhighways

Can Germany’s capital become the next great bike-friendly city?


Sweden and Denmark Launch an International Bike Ferry

From Copenhagen to Malmö on two wheels.

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London's Food Waste Pop-Up Showcases the Swanky Side of Scraps

Celebrity chefs are at the helm of an avant-garde restaurant on top of Selfridges department store.

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Amsterdam Is Flooding, On Purpose

Widened canals—and underground bike parking—will bring the city’s Central Station a little closer to nature and history.

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What Can London's Mayor Actually Do for the City?

Despite his high profile and ambitious agenda, Sadiq Khan holds one of Britain’s least understood offices.

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What's Wrong With Sweden?

The bizarre Twitter assault on the Scandinavian nation’s immigration policies may be based on a fiction—but that doesn’t mean all is well in Malmö.

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Paris's Grand Plans to Make a Tourist Hotspot More Appealing to Locals

The Île de la Cité has no excuse to be boring.

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London's Subway Commuters Breathe More Pollution Than Drivers

A new study discovers just how bad the Underground’s air can be.

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In Germany's Priciest Cities, Renters Should Finally Get Some Relief

After climbing sharply for years, housing costs are guaranteed to drop in Berlin, according to a new report.

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Berlin's 'Devil's Mountain': Built From Rubble, And Going to Waste

One of the most historically resonant sites in Germany’s capital has been left in ruins.