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Yes, Paris Is Banning Cars Built Before 1997

In four years’ time, the ban will get tighter still.

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Will Anyone Give Rome $550 Million for Historic Preservation?

The city says it’s going to need private donors to step in, but its reputation for corruption and dysfunction may be a deterrent.

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U.K. Predicts a Population Boom in London

Over 1 million new Londoners will arrive within a decade—while some northern cities shrink.

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Troubled Bridges Over Danish Waters

In Copenhagen, a major new bridge won’t close—while another may never open.

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Is Tourism Spoiling Iceland?

The island nation’s visitor boom is putting its infrastructure under heavy stress, but some answers are on the way.

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Mapping Where Immigrants Settle in London, Street by Street

There are more American-heavy neighborhoods than you might expect.


Paris Rents, Mapped by Metro Station

Want something cheap(er)? Then go east.

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Berlin Is Creating a 'Driver's License for Dogs'

Is the plan a bureaucratic nightmare or an overdue clean-up?


A Campaign to Restore Italy's Lesser-Known Historic Structures

Which one would you choose?

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How Donald Trump Is Helping London's New Mayor

In all the ways that matter, Sadiq Khan’s battle to prove a Muslim has every right to oversee the U.K. capital is already won.

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How an Entire Street Gets Illegally Knocked Down Overnight

Police in Belgrade colluded in plans to make way for a controversial new waterfront development, says Serbia’s ombudsman.

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Paris Declares War on 'Ghettoes for the Rich'

The city will build public housing in its wealthiest neighborhoods.

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Switzerland Is Opening the World's Longest-Ever Rail Tunnel

It will ultimately become part of a faster network streamlining rail travel across Europe.


Munich to Residents: Start Snitching on Your Neighbors Who Illegally Rent to Tourists

The city’s ruling party wants to launch a website for anonymously informing on law-breaking landlords.

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Why Grocery Store Parking Lots Are Disappearing in London

For one, fewer residents are doing their shopping by car.


Berlin and Hamburg Will Force Landlords to Disclose Previous Rents

It’s just the latest in a string of experiments aimed at keeping skyrocketing rents in check.

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Paris Wants to Make the Seine Swimmable by 2024

But the idea faces an uphill struggle.

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How Paint Became a Weapon in Macedonia's 'Colorful Revolution'

Paint-balling your way to fair elections.