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Dogs Now Ride for Free on the Madrid Metro

Not all European subway systems are so generous to the four-legged.

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Masked Attackers Have Smashed Nearly 50 Cars in Berlin

They’re claiming the act as a protest against gentrification.

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Rating Europe's Most and Least Happy Cities

Start packing your bags for Oslo.

Mairie de Paris

A High-Stakes Contest to 'Reinvent' Paris Fails to Impress

At least one local newspaper is questioning the city’s influence over a major architectural design competition.


London's Mayor: Huge Tunnels Will Solve Our Congestion Problem

The city ponders its own version of the Big Dig.

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Rome's 'Rentopolis' Scandal: City-Owned Apartments for $1 a Year

An official investigation is asking why so many tenants are paying super low rents, but it seems like dysfunction and corruption on a grand scale.

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London May Soon Have More Bikes Than Cars at Rush Hour

But cycling in the city still faces an uphill ride.

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London's Suburban Real Estate Prices Are Skyrocketing

But in Central London, home values might have hit their peak.

Stéphane Malka Architecture

Rooftop 'Parasite' Homes Could be the Future of Affordable Housing in Paris

No, really.

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Many Paris Landlords Are Ignoring New Rent-Control Laws

Rents across the city are going down, but not everyone is complying.

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Berlin's New Rent-Control Law Probably Isn't Working After All

Rents fell for a while but now they’re up again. A new report examines why.

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A 'Night Mayor' Is Transforming Amsterdam After Dark

The Dutch capital’s concept is already spreading to other major cities.

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Donald Trump Just Called Brussels a 'Hellhole'

The absurd portrayal of their city has alternately enraged and amused residents of the Belgian capital.

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A Dutch Party Wants to Make Blackface Parades Mandatory

The Netherlands’ parliament is having none of it.

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Denmark Will Strip Refugees of Their Valuables

Parliament has granted police the right to take possessions from asylum-seekers crossing the border.


An Incredibly Detailed Map of How Londoners Commute

A street-by-street breakdown of where city residents ride, drive, bike, or walk to work.

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Jobs Are Increasing in Britain—But Not Wages

The U.K.’s recovery echoes patterns found in the U.S.


Madrid's Big Plans to Build More Parks and Ban More Cars

Greening Spain’s increasingly dry capital could transform the city.