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Barcelona’s Car-Taming ‘Superblocks’ Meet Resistance

The plan to ban through traffic from much of the city could still be a game-changing model.


New York's Early Skyscrapers, Transplanted to Paris

The Haussmanhattan blog shows what Manhattan-On-Seine might have looked like.

Where Europe's GDP Is Rising And Falling

These maps break down the EU’s wealth, region by region.

Christiaan Kuun

Amsterdam's New Housing Frontier: The Unused Space Above Stores

The city is offering up to $26,000 to store owners to convert empty rooms into homes.

Delfino Sisto Legnani/Italian Limes

When Borders Melt

An Italian project maps how climate change is now shifting the nation’s boundaries.

Srdjan Zivulovic/Reuters

The Fading Dream of a Borderless Europe

Six states in Europe’s normally passport-free Schengen Area have brought back passport controls. So what’s coming next?


Paris Pushes Its Car-Free Streets Plan Even Further

Despite a backlash, the city will extend the areas that are off limits to private cars, making way for more bike lanes and public transit.

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Britain Makes Great Strides Toward the End of Coal

U.K. coal use fell off a cliff in 2016. What comes next is complex, but promising.

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Madrid Will Ban Cars From Its Main Street

Gran Vía should be car-free within three years.

Sensible City Lab

Mapping the Urban Tree Canopy in Major Cities

MIT’s Treepedia reveals where the streets are greenest, and which ones could use more work.

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London Assures the World It's Open and Diverse

Since the Brexit vote, an ad campaign has been reaffirming the British capital’s character as a multi-ethnic hub.


The Fight to Save Copenhagen's Urban Trees

As rapid growth changes the Danish capital, one group is making sure the city understands why it needs its plant life.

Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

For London, 2017 Could Be the Year That Makes or Breaks the City's Future

The U.K. capital debates the impact of Brexit—and much more.

Marjolijn Pokorny

How a Bike Mayor Can Change a City

A bridge between cyclists and city hall, Amsterdam’s chief bike advocate plans to take her talents abroad in 2017.

Kari Kohvakka

Stockholm's Ingenious Plan to Recycle Yard Waste

Discarded Christmas trees will be transformed into plant food, biofuel, and carbon sinks—but that’s just the beginning.


Germany's New Crowdfunded Train Sounds Almost Too Good To Be True

All aboard a low-price, eco-friendly, vintage train that promises an experience as much as a journey.


Mapping the Changes in Europe's Drug Use

Sewer water analysis unlocks some hidden patterns.


What Victorian England Tells Us About Pollution and Urban Development

Industrialization brought economic growth, but unchecked pollution had real costs that are still relevant today.