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London Will Double Its Spending on Cycling Infrastructure

That money will pay for more bike lanes and bridges. Can it also buy a genuine cultural change?

Andrea Comas/Reuters

Madrid's Christmas Present to Itself: A Car Ban

The city center will be nearly car-free for nine days.

Johan Wieland/Flickr

Now London and Amsterdam Are Capping Airbnb Apartment Rentals

Airbnb is on board — but will it really change anything?


The City With the World's Toughest Anti-Airbnb Laws

Months after passing tight restrictions, Berlin still has plenty of vacation apartments available. But the tide could be turning.

Charles Platiau/Reuters

Paris's Groundbreaking Car Bans Face a Backlash

Mayors of neighboring cities say they’re suffering from plans to turn a major roadway into a car-free zone.

Britain's Totally Fake Roundabout Is Driving Locals Crazy

A road in Cambridge was redesigned to actively confuse drivers.

Fred Tanneau/AFP/Getty Images

In France, a Fix for the Urban Gondola's Privacy Problem

No more aerial transit riders staring through your bathroom window.

David Pérez (DPC), Wikimedia Commons, License cc-by-sa-4.0

The Women Replacing Spain's Franco-Era Street Names

Cities are finally getting rid of streets that honor fascist figures, and they’re addressing a gender imbalance at the same time.


A German App for Free Transit Rides Is Too Popular for Its Own Good

In Düsseldorf, swarms of people would rather watch advertisements instead of paying a €2.60 fare.


Why Amsterdam Is Giving Up on Natural Gas

The city plans to wean its homes off domestic natural gas by 2050, starting now.

Jeremy Tarling/Flickr

Londoners Expect Troubled Times Ahead for Their City

A new report shows a widening gap between the British capital and the rest of the country.

Samuel Treindl

Restoring a Historic Athens Neighborhood, One House at a Time

A community-led approach to historic restoration focuses on crumbling 19th century buildings.


Germany's Plan to Partially Privatize the Autobahn

Foreign drivers could foot the bill.

Stephen Hird/Reuters

In Brexit Britain, Businesses Seek Work Visas Just for London

Expecting a crackdown on immigration, the capital’s Chamber of Commerce says the city still needs foreign workers.

Hannah Mckay/Reuters

The View From Brexitland

If you’re American, perhaps you’re wondering if Britain’s Brexit experience could help you prepare for the coming months. Here’s what it’s been like in London.

Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters

Berlin's Most Famous Street Will Go Car-Free

Private cars will be banned from Unter den Linden in 2019, but the avenue will still need help to become more appealing to pedestrians.

Paulo Whitaker/Reuters

The Problem With 'Playable' Cities

Turning infrastructure into flashy playgrounds only results in cutesy distractions from real issues.

Jcornelius/CC 2.0

Berlin Is Bringing Back Subway Trains From the 1950s

Say hello (again) to the Dora.