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The Complex Process of Demolishing Belfast's 'Peace Walls'

Their removal will certainly be a step in the right direction, but the reality on the ground is far from simple.


Copenhagen Needs More Jane Jacobs, Says Jan Gehl

When it comes to new construction in his hometown, the veteran urbanist is not impressed.

Russell Cheyne/Reuters

Why Scotland's Wind Power Achievement Matters

The shape of things to come.

Tikkurilan Library

A Finnish Library Now Also Offers Karaoke

It’s not the only example of Finland’s national obsession with playback singing.

Reuters/Regis Duvignau

France Gets Its Eric Garner

Near Paris, the suspicious death in police custody of Adama Traore spawns a French Black Lives Matter movement.

ASI Open Data

A Map That Reveals How Polluted London's Parks Really Are

Short answer: very.

Ben Titze/Wikimedia Commons

Would Germany Be Wealthier if Berlin Didn't Exist?

A new report suggests Berlin costs more money than it produces.

Max Rossi/Reuters

Italy's War on Beach Umbrellas

Stop hogging the sand, says the country’s coast guard.

Bs0u10e01/Wikimedia Commons

Britain's Second City Fights to Save Its Brutalist Architecture

But is it worth preserving?

Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters Pictures

Is Berlin Spoiling the Brandenburg Gate?

A new petition wants to slash the number of public events taking place in the city’s heart.

Roman Boed/Flickr

The Rent Is Now Somewhat Less High in Paris

Roughly a year after strict new rent control laws took effect, 30 percent of residential leases have come down in price.

Berlin Kidz

Berlin Train Surfers Stage a Picnic on the Roof of a Speeding Subway Car

Don’t even think about copying them, says the city’s transit authority.

Courtesy Natuurmonumenten in Nederland

Cleaning Up Dirty Lakes With Artificial Islands

The Marker Wadden Islands in the The Netherlands will become silt traps and bird sanctuaries.


The Baltic Sea Will Be the First to Ban Cruise Ship Waste

And the city of Helsinki is going one step further.

Ronald Tagra/Flickr

Tourism Troubles in Brussels

Terror attacks have led to a drop-off in the Belgian capital’s visitor numbers. But that isn’t the only issue.

Stephen Colebourne/Flickr

Chaos for London's Housing Market Post-Brexit Vote

But don’t expect the city to become affordable any time soon.

Collage, The London Picture Archive

A Remarkable New Photo Map of Old London

Two years in the making, the London Picture Map includes more than 150,000 historical images.

ST&G Marvellous Maps

Mapping Britain's Extremely Lewd, Rude, and Weird Place Names

Fancy a trip to the Shank of Inchgrundle?