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Walmart Designed a Fuel-Efficient Truck That Actually Looks Pretty Cool

It's 20 percent more aerodynamic and 4,000 pounds lighter than the current options.

Cory Gurman/Flickr

Which Sunny Destinations Do Americans Lust for Most When It's Cold?

Depends on where they live.

Barry Huang/Reuters

Tracking Exactly How Much Air Pollution You're Exposed To

A fascinating new project maps the air quality fluctuations within a city.

Zato Novo

Watch Your Name Grow and Shrink in Popularity Across the U.S.

Tracking the spread of 29,000 baby names over the past century.

Jeff Guida/Kickstarter

A Stealthy Gadget That Gives Clunky Bike-Share Bikes a Turbo Boost

You can reach 18 mph by barely pedaling.


This Clever New Street Art Gently Mocks Social Media Addicts

This is how you feel when nobody likes your selfie.


A Futuristic Approach to Adding Solar Power to Public Space

In the form of a giant, glowing cube.

Michael Ocampo/Flickr

Google Will Give Kids in San Francisco Free Bus Passes

The company is donating $6.8 million over the next two years.


This Ingenious Subway Ad Activates When the Train Arrives



How Getting Rid of Parking Can Drive Away Drug Dealers

A lack of cars makes it harder to hide bad behavior.


18th Century Paintings of London, Remixed With Google Street View

Time travel with art.

Andreas Scheiger

Old Bicycle Parts Become Brilliant New Bike Racks

Recycling, Picasso-style.

POSH Stow and Go

How Much Would You Pay to Use a Luxury Bathroom in the Middle of Manhattan?

Soundproof toilets, baby changing stations, and showers, all cleaned by staff after each use.

Todd Drezner/Kickstarter

A New Documentary Highlights the Reinvention of America's Streets

Bike lanes, bike shares, pedestrian safety laws, and more.

Alfred Twu/First Cultural Industries

What Silicon Valley Might Look Like If All of Its Employees Actually Lived There

Thousands of 800-square foot apartments in 20 to 50-story towers.


A Coat Rack Modeled After San Francisco's Sutro Tower

A Bay Area icon in your living room. 


Watch This Man Snowboard Through New York City

The wildest morning commute.

Berks ARL

Very Adorable Pictures of Kids Reading to Homeless Cats

Your heart will melt.


An Electric Car Designed Especially for People in Wheelchairs

It goes up to 25 miles per hour.