Jenny Xie


German Designers Transform Homes Into Elaborate Cat Playgrounds

"Placemaking" for felines.


Why China Loves to Hate Its Newest Skyscraper, Shaped Like a Giant Gold Doughnut

The Guangzhou Circle Building is perhaps the country's largest single manifestation of Tuhao Jin, or "gold of the unrefined and wealthy."


A San Francisco Man Just Proposed With His Bike Route

A labor of love.

The Forum

The World's Largest Vinyl Record Spins Atop an L.A. Concert Venue

It’s 407 feet in diameter.

Artwork by Dan Saunders

Get Ready for the Glowing Plants Craze

Soon, you'll be able to get one for your apartment. And in a couple of years, they could be used to light our streets.


At This 'Anti-Cafe,' You Pay Just to Sit Around

But the coffee is free.

Paul Walsh

Utility Boxes as Canvases For Public Art

A sidewalk transformation from New Zealand.


A Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard That Rides Like You're Flying

The closest thing we have to a hoverboard.


U.S. Cities Haven't Given Up on Selling Naming Rights for Transit Stations

Despite only a handful successful deals nationwide, Boston is trying again.

Peak Polar Vortex, a Visual Guide

Truly memorable photos and videos.


A Tie That Can Help You Navigate the Subway

Sneak a peak and you'll never get lost again.

Bernard Fougères

Montreal Just Got Some 'Speech Bubble' Street Lights

It's like a real-life comic book.

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

San Francisco Added to a Burgeoning 'Street View for Bikes'

Get obsessive about bike routes.


Important Buildings We Lost in 2013

Say goodbye to these fallen icons.

George Zisiadis/Youtube

A Mistletoe Drone Just Flew Over San Francisco

Much kissing ensued.

AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko

Cuban Streets May Finally Escape the 1960s

The government has just lifted a 50-year ban on imported vehicles.

Josh Rowe/Super Awesome Micro Project

Watch Someone Drive a Life-Sized LEGO Car

The engine runs on air! 

AP Photo/Amy Sancetta

Start Getting Used to the Idea of Eating Really Different Kinds of Bananas

The fungus that rots the most common banana found in U.S. supermarkets is spreading closer to major plantations.


Bike vs. Car: Parking Spot Edition

A clever rack illustrates the efficiency of cycles.