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What Makes Food 'American'?

A new book samples eight flavors that unite people across decades and demographics.

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1.4 Million People, 1 Bookstore

The Bronx is set to lose its only bookseller. An independent shop hopes to take its place.

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Three Cities Where Santa Acts Like a Local

Holiday celebrations in Houston, Chicago, and Portland have a distinctly hometown flair.

Molly Stanard

The Town That Forgot About Its Japanese Internment Camp

A small town in rural Ontario harbored a World War II-era secret. Should it find a way to preserve a dark moment in its history, or let the past disappear for good?

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When Food Gets Gentrified

A new documentary about New York’s chopped cheese sandwich digs in to what happens when pricey restaurants adapt bodega fare.

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When Cycling and Storytelling Mingle

Detroit’s Pedal to Porch project hopes neighbors will slow down and meet each other.

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To Understand Detroit, Look in at Night

A new exhibition uses darkness to highlight the nuances of blight and revitalization—and the culture that has stayed rooted all along.

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Anatomy of a Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

What it takes to deliver 10,000 birds to needy families.

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The Activist Workout

This newsletter encourages readers to develop the stamina for civic engagement.

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Encouraging Neighbors to See Eye to Eye

A creative placemaking project in Washington, D.C., puts residents’ faces front and center.

Hiroshi Sugimoto

The Quiet Glamour of Empty Theaters

A new book collects Hiroshi Sugimoto’s stunning images of drive-ins and movie palaces.

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The Food That Makes Your City Feel Like Home

The winners of our CityEats contest told us about the must-try restaurants and dishes for visitors and locals.

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The United States of 'I Voted!' Stickers

Some cities use them as tokens of civic pride. Others have scrapped them entirely.

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A Quarter Century at an Urban Carousel

Lucio Schiavone has spent 26 years with the gilded menagerie at this Brooklyn merry-go-round.

The Living Room in Blackpool, England

Fighting Loneliness With Public Living Rooms

Meet the group combating social isolation through cups of tea.

Christina Tobitsch

The Case for Citizen Science on Coastal Waters

Classroom initiatives in New York and Miami prepare students for a changing world—and they’re good for the environment, too.

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40 Women Who Shaped Cities

A new book pays homage to gutsy and groundbreaking women around the world.

The Scary City Movies You've Been Looking For

Here’s what to watch this Halloween weekend.