John Metcalfe

(China Daily/Reuters)

The World's Longest Glass Bridge Opens in China

The 1,410-foot-long structure hovers like a celestial aqueduct above a verdant gorge.

Washington DNR

The American West Is So Dry That a Fire Broke Out in a River

Somebody call the fireboat?


A New Moon Rises Over Europe

A massive, floating installation brings our lunar satellite down to earth.

William Crochot/Dartmouth

Climate Change Is Likely to Cause Allergy Misery for Millions

The number of Europeans suffering from ragweed allergies could double by 2050.

Austin Music Map

The Ultimate Crowd-Sourced Music Map of Austin

Hear recordings of impromptu shows around the city, or upload your own for others to enjoy.


The Bay Area Takes the Fight to Elevator Urinators

BART is installing a new kind of anti-pee floor coating, as well as a “bacteria-eating enzyme misting system.”

Sriram Murali/Vimeo

California's Light Pollution Fades Away in This Star-Dazzled Film

Lost in Light gradually transports you from light-blighted cities to sanctuaries for star-gazing.


The Explosive Growth of the World's Largest Coal Mine

Wyoming’s Powder River Basin has seen tremendous development in the last few decades.


San Francisco Wants You to Design Its Future Transit System

The city is asking for ideas on where to build future subway lines.

Piano Pound

A Drunken, Heartfelt Tribute to San Francisco's Unwanted Pianos

Piano Pound’s creator calls the free instruments a symbolic manifestation of decisions that current Bay Area residents face.”

National Geodetic Survey

Before-and-After Images of Louisiana's Flooded Communities

These dismal scenes were recorded by a NOAA aircraft doing disaster surveys.


July 2016 Was the Hottest Month in Recorded History

Here’s more evidence that this year will be the warmest yet.


A Space-Station View of 2016's Perseid Meteor Shower

Not many people get to watch shooting stars from above.


Florida Idiots Can't Stop Painting Wild Animals

It does not help the health of birds to paint them orange.

Brett Lewis/QUT

Watch How Global Warming Stresses Corals Out

They expel greenish clouds of beneficial algae, leaving them depleted and vulnerable to death.

Rogue River PD

Oregon Police Destroy Huge Stash of Weed Found in Porta-Potty

“It is now green mulch,” say the cops.


Tonight's Perseid Meteor Shower Is Primed to Be Spectacular

Twice as many meteors than normal are expected during the nocturnal barrage.

Manuel Alvarez Diestro

The Zenlike Beauty of Seoul's 27 River Bridges

A photographer investigates the massive, mysterious underbellies of Han River overpasses.