John Metcalfe

Felicity Mackay/PBOT

Portland's New Bike Share Marks Some Early Triumphs

More than a quarter of Biketown’s users say they’ve turned to the service for trips that would otherwise have been taken by car.

Tags and the City

The New York Subway System, According to Instagram

What if the city’s transit stops were renamed according to their most popular hashtags? Next stop: #cronut.

Apotek Hjärtat

A Billboard That Hacks and Coughs at Smokers

The advertisement uses smoke detectors to push a range of tobacco-cessation aids.

L.A. Metro

The L.A. Metro Gets a First-of-Its-Kind Sexual Harassment Hotline

The 24/7 call center, staffed by professional counselors, is meant for riders who’ve experienced groping, fondling, and indecent exposure.

Makers Society

On Trash Cans in Brazil, a Space for Food Donations

Anonymous makers hope people and restaurants will set aside unwanted meals for the needy, sparing them a dig through the garbage.


Citi Bike's New Safety Feature: Bike-Shaped Laser Projections

Gleaming icons appear on the pavement well ahead of cyclists, giving them enhanced safety in blind spots.

Coast Guard/USDA

The Huge Costs of Weather Damage in 2016

Climate change, population growth, and infrastructure are all contributing to the rise in billion-dollar disasters in the U.S., according to NOAA.

City of Carmel

A Chat With the Mayor of Roundabout City, USA

Why is Carmel, Indiana, planning to build as many as 40 more roundabouts on top of its existing 102?

NYPL Map Division

The Sanitary Nightmare of Hell's Kitchen in 1860s New York

Take a reeking dive into the Manhattan neighborhood’s days as a meat-packing district.


Building DIY Bike Lanes as a Form of Activism

Meet the shadowy group that’s arguably outpacing San Francisco when it comes to protected bike lanes.


The U.S. Mapped in Shadows of the Setting Sun

See how hills and mountains would cast shadows across the land on the Summer Solstice.

MTA Arts and Design/Rob Wilson

The World-Class Art of New York's Second Avenue Subway

Vik Muniz, Chuck Close, and others have made the soon-to-be-opened line into something like an underground museum.


San Francisco's Experimental Raised Bike Lane Sees Mixed Results

A year after the city built four styles of protected bike lanes, one design stands out as problematic.

Ali Peterson/DCSD

Portland's 'Poopmaster 6000' Is the Terminator of Crappy Sidewalks

The Zamboniesque vehicle is waging war on Portland’s infestation of crows.

Jacky Naegelen/Reuters

A Supervised-Injection Site Could Save San Francisco Millions

Every dollar spent on a place where drug users legally inject would create $2.33 in savings, researchers say.

John Sonntag/NASA

The Antarctic Is Shedding an Iceberg the Size of Delaware

The loss could spell trouble for future sea-level rise.

Daniel Munoz/Reuters

Austin's Latest HIV Campaign: Condoms in Trees

The city’s public health department picked an unusual way to get people talking about safe sex.

Museum of the City of New York

A Manufacturing Map of New York, Circa 1919

Take a look into all the wonderful stuff New Yorkers were creating a century ago, including a whole ton of women’s wear.