John Metcalfe


Expect a Warm, Dry Winter in Much of the U.S.

Conditions in the U.S. could be geographically split by La Niña.

Colin Kaepernick Murals Pop Up in the Bay Area

The controversial 49ers quarterback gets some love from local artists.


The Debate Comes Up Woefully Short on Climate (Again)

The candidates stay silent in what’s likely to be the hottest year on record.


Climate Change Is Driving Lobsters Farther North

Watch how warm waters have forced the crustaceans ever-north since the 1960s.

Connect SF

San Francisco's Most-Wanted (Nonexistent) Subway Lines

The city asked people to sketch out their dream lines; here are the results.


Should Bike Helmets Be Equipped With Airbags?

Scientists say a self-inflating, Swedish helmet could prevent brain injuries.

Ideas That Stick

Forget the Car Boot, Now There's a Car 'Barnacle'

It sucks onto the windshield and can’t be removed until drivers call to pay a fine.

Anindito Mukherjee/Reuters

Everything You Need to Know About the Momentous Habitat III

A beginner’s guide to what will take place at the United Nations conference, and why it matters for the future of cities.

Orbital ATK

The Entire East Coast Could See a Rocket Launch This Sunday

The Orbital ATK rocket is carrying supplies and experiments to the International Space Station.


San Francisco Makes a Guerrilla Bike Lane Permanent

Score a victory for the city’s anonymous league of cycling-safety advocates.


Poland Tests a Self-Sufficient, Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Path

The solar-powered lane is meant not just to be pretty, but also safer.


Hurricane Matthew 'Unlike Any Hurricane in the Modern Era'

It’s killed hundreds in Haiti and could deliver major damage from Florida to the Carolinas.


Pigeons Take a Ride on the BART Train

Too lazy to fly?


Shelter From Hurricane Matthew or Face 'Immense Human Suffering'

Hurricane conditions could descend upon Florida as early as Thursday evening.

Andres Martinez Casares/Reuters

Hurricane Matthew Takes Aim at the Southeast U.S.

Its impacts could be vastly different whether it moves just a bit to the east or west.

Nick Ut/AP

Oakland's Fruitvale Station Is Unofficially Renamed After a Police Shooting Victim

Somebody is “updating” BART maps with stickers honoring Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man killed by cops in Oakland.

Jonathan Bachman/Reuters

Republicans Are Still Not Worried About Global Warming's Dangers

Only about two in 10 conservative Republicans believe warming will worsen storms and hurt wildlife, a new poll finds.

Edgy & Cheesy

Honeybees Get Their Own Trashy Nightclub in Munich

This might be the world’s first NSFW beehive.