John Metcalfe

Data Cuisine/N&B Photographie Culinaire

'Data-Cuisine' Chefs Serve Another Round of Informative Treats

These tasty dishes tell stories about gender inequality, unnatural deaths, and Fukushima.


The U.S. Looks Due for a Scorching Summer

Forecasts show above-average chances for high heat on both coasts and in Alaska.

Juan Nel/

Researchers Find A 5,000-Year-Old Beer-Making Kit in China

The tuber-and-millet brew provides the “earliest direct evidence of in situ beer production in China.”


A Huge NASA Fuel Tank Will Lumber Through L.A. This Weekend

The 65,000-pound Space Shuttle Program relic has come from New Orleans via the Panama Canal.

Andy Woodruff/Tim Wallace

Busty Usher, Pooh Mutants, and Other Towns in Anagrammed Massachusetts

Two cartographers took years making a rude map for “our inner 12-year-olds.”

Mount Washington Observatory

A Pitiful Mortal Battles Ungodly Winds on New Hampshire's Mount Washington

Gusts of 109 mph nearly tore this dude apart.

@calacademy/Robin Agarwal

Invasive Asian Sea Slugs Are Discovered in San Francisco for the First Time

Dendronotus orientalis nudibranchs likely hitched a ride to California in ballast water.


Watch a House Get Blown Apart by Increasingly Powerful Hurricanes

Celebrate the start of the Pacific hurricane season by learning about what a Category 5 could do to your home.


A Bloomin' Good Map of U.S. State Flowers

Take a moment to lavish in the beauty of America’s chosen petals, and laugh at Maine for choosing “pine cone.”

Keep Britain Tidy

London's Nasty Sidewalk Grime Inspires Lovely Environmental Art

Street artist “Moose” power-washed dirty sidewalks to create a portrait of imperiled ocean life.


Psychedelic Artist Alex Grey Plans a Freaky Temple in New York

Perhaps the least-weird thing about the incredible “Entheon” pagoda is that it’ll hold the spectacles of LSD inventor Albert Hofmann.

Yannick Read

This Bike Alarm Literally Explodes in Thieves' Faces

For people who are really, really sick of having their bike stolen.

Ed Hawkins

Thinking About Global Climate Change as a Heat 'Spiral'

A clever animation brings to life just how much warmer the planet has become over the past 16 decades.

Todd Lindley/NWS Norman

The Picture That Proves Why You Always Shelter During a Tornado

A twister ripped apart every piece of this house, except the tiny room this kid was standing in.


Seattle Bus Stops Now Feature Rain-Activated Sea Creatures

The ephemeral artworks celebrate the city’s newly extended “C Line.”


Mercury's Rare Journey Between Earth and the Sun, as Seen by NASA

The planet’s transit was recorded in wonderful detail.


This Anti-Theft Bike Light Is Built Into Your Cycle Like a Car Headlight

The bright Lumineer can’t be stolen without a thief taking apart your ride.

Guido van Helten/Facebook

A Haunting Work of Street Art Comes to Chernobyl

The somber mural pays tribute to the longtime disaster photojournalist Igor Kostin.