John Metcalfe

For the Love of the Force

Superfans Are Building a Giant 'Star Wars' Universe in Manchester

Take a tour of Jabba the Hutt’s palace, a life-size X-wing, and that weird cantina full of kloo horn-playing musicians.

Juust Design

Cram All Your Worldly Possessions Into This Compact 'Travelbox'

The “portable” container is meant for folks who like to uproot themselves lightning-quick.

Leonard Menchiari/Steam

That Video Game About Real-World Civil Unrest Is Finally Happening

Based on actual protests, such as in Egypt and Greece, ‘RIOT’ probably won’t be the feel-good game of the year.


Play Hundreds of Classic Games on This Retro Home Arcade

The Polycade uses emulator software to conjure up “Pac-Man,” “Street Fighter II,” and other classic titles.


Charge Your Phone for Free on This Solar Bench

The “Soofa” has two USB charging ports and tracks data on air quality, foot traffic, and radiation.

Beijing Replaced This Huge Bridge in Only 43 Hours

Using traditional construction methods would have taken months, so China got crafty.

Our Horizon

Climate-Change Warnings for Gas Pumps Are Coming to Canada

North America’s reportedly first-ever climate labels for gas stations will soon arrive in North Vancouver.

A Hypnotic Animation of the World's Carbon Emissions

Greenhouse gases swirl in abandon in this NASA video.

Levenson et al.

Pigeons Are So Smart They Can Diagnose Cancer

Researchers have trained the birds to distinguish benign from malignant medical scans.

Data Cuisine Leeuwarden at MAF

More Delicious Dishes From the Masterchefs of 'Data Cuisine'

On tonight’s menu: smoked kale joints whose ingredients are based on data about cannabis consumption.

Mount Washington Observatory

The Year's Most Gorgeous Winter Photos Have Already Arrived

The views from high up a New Hampshire mountain include UFO-shaped clouds and spiny rime ice.

U.S. National Park Service/NASA

Witness the Rapid Demise of a Once-Majestic California Glacier

Warm, dry weather could spell the doom of this Yosemite landmark.


Oakland's Wild Turkeys Don't Know Thanksgiving Is Coming

Introduced in the 1950s, they’re now overflowing onto city streets.


San Francisco Debuts Its Very First Elevated Bike Lane

The protected lane is meant to keep cars in their place and cyclists off the sidewalk.


An Artist Gives an Iceberg a Global Warming Makeover

Street artist HULA visited a disintegrating glacier to craft this haunting piece.

Dongqi Yang et al.

Microplastics Are Discovered Lurking in Commercial Sea Salt

People could be eating about 1,000 pieces of plastic annually, say Chinese researchers.

Blostein/Overly Architects

Columbus Tries to Improve the Parking Experience With Weird Architecture

“Bold Booths” inject art into the city and try to make the job of parking attendant a little brighter.

Charles Hall

A Rare Photograph of Lightning Hitting the Golden Gate Bridge

“I couldn’t believe it,” says San Francisco freelancer Charles Hall. “I was like, Is this real?”