John Metcalfe


The Umbrella That Tells You When It's About to Rain

The “Oombrella” also shouts at you if you accidentally leave it behind.

Havana Police Department

A Giant Horde of Flies Snarls an Illinois Bridge, Causes Collisions

The bugs were so voluminous they formed a carpet 6 inches deep.

L.A. Metro

Brutal, Bruising Ads About Train Safety From the L.A. Metro

Stay outta Safetyville.

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Gravity-Defying Shoes Hang Skyward From London Street Lamps

Farewell, physics?

NASA/Mike Gartley, RIT

A Rare View of the Space Station From Above

A satellite 200 miles above the ISS spied it flying over India.

Associated Press/NeighborhoodX

What If New York's Places Were Renamed After Celebrities?

How much fun would it be to have a Denzel Washington Heights, a Linkin Park Slope, and The Street Formerly Known as Prince?

Monika Wisniewska/

In Australia's Capital, It's Finally Illegal to Throw Crap at Cyclists

For years, riders in Canberra have been the targets of bottles, bricks, eggs, and other projectiles hurled from cars.

Lund University / P. Salmón

The Urban Environment Is Stressing Some Birds to Death

Simply growing up in cities can have a detrimental effect, say researchers.

City of Detroit/Esri

Browse Thousands of Tear-Downs on the 'Detroit Demolition Tracker'

The city released this map amid talk that there’s something fishy about its demolition program.

Marks Barfield Architects/Kevin Meredith

England Erects a 531-Foot-Tall, Rotating 'Observation Pod'

It’s meant to recreate the lofty experience on the London Eye.

Andrew Ballard/YouTube

Watch the Mother of All Roll Clouds Sweep Over Michigan

“Terrifying and beautiful at the same time,” reports one witness.

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Arizona Prepares for a Historic, 'Deadly' Heat Wave

With temperatures as high as 120 degrees, it’s a good time to stay indoors.

John Locher/AP

Las Vegas' Riviera Bites the Dust in a Thundering Demolition

The once mobbed-up hotel and casino can’t be protected from an expanding convention center.


Texas Weather Radar Picks Up a Strong 'Bat Signal'

More than a dozen colonies were spotted propagating like thunderstorms.

Thomas Ashcraft/Vimeo

What Caused This Huge, Glowing Doughnut Over Colorado?

It lasted only a millisecond but was as wide as 26 San Franciscos.

Niranjan Shrestha/AP

Study: Nepal Could Be Due for Another Major Earthquake

Last year’s temblor left enough energy in the ground to fuel another major disaster, say scientists.


Extreme Heat Buckles Highways, Sends Vehicles Flying

Minnesota highways have gotten a lot more interesting with the addition of launch-ramps.

Fabio Falchi et al.

The Worldwide Light-Pollution Plague

Up to 99 percent of Americans and Europeans live under artificially brightened skies, according to a new analysis.