John Metcalfe


This Anti-Theft Bike Light Is Built Into Your Cycle Like a Car Headlight

The bright Lumineer can’t be stolen without a thief taking apart your ride.

Guido van Helten/Facebook

A Haunting Work of Street Art Comes to Chernobyl

The somber mural pays tribute to the longtime disaster photojournalist Igor Kostin.

Mark Reigelman II

A Cozy Cabin Pops Up to Replace New York's Steaming Manholes

Artist Mark Reigelman II says he will install the wee house throughout the year, “assuming I don’t get arrested or the cabin confiscated.”


China Debuts a Riot-Quelling 'Security Robot'

The robot performs automatic patrols and can shock people with an electric prod.


The Low-Tech Town Where Major Social Networks Are Quaint Meeting Places

“Facebook” is a town bulletin board, and “YouTube” is just chairs arranged around a TV.

Johnny Henriksen/NASA

The Northern U.S. Could See the Aurora Borealis This Weekend

The otherworldly event is forecast to arrive from a “solar sector boundary crossing.”

David Moir/Reuters

The Hidden Costs of Having a Roof Rack on Your Car

Researchers say roof racks are “responsible for almost 1 percent of national fuel consumption.”

Oleg Cricket

Watch a Daring Hoverboard Ride on a Skyscraper's Edge

Russia’s urban climber “Oleg Cricket” takes a hoverboard where no hoverboard has been before.

City of Phoenix

Phoenix's Incredibly Gruesome Graphic Novels Emphasize Bike Safety

“You can see his brain!"


A Bittersweet Street-Art Tribute to Palestinian Refugees

Barcelona’s Pejac made these haunting works by painstakingly etching away wall paint.

Carolyn Kaster/AP

Does the Color of Your Bedding Matter to Bedbugs?

Distressingly, it seems the answer is “yes.”

Larry Papke/AP

Central U.S. Could See Tornadoes, 'Giant Hail' During Severe Weather on Tuesday

The day-to-overnight period looks likely to deliver punishing storms.

Thomas Hosemann/SWA

For Distracted Phone Users, Germany Puts Traffic Lights on the Ground

The sidewalk signals warn smartphone users when they’re about to walk into the path of a train.

memobottle/A'Design Award

Introducing a Slim Water Bottle to Reduce Consumer Waste

It fits easily in a laptop bag or pants pocket.

Mila Zinkova

A Stunning San Francisco Sunset Looks Like a Nuclear Nightmare

The mirage, complete with a sunspot, appeared in fiery grandeur over the Pacific Ocean.


Cyclone Fantala Just Became the Indian Ocean's Most Powerful Storm on Record

The third record-breaking storm in under a year might owe its ferocity to human activity.

Sunny Awazuhara-Reed/Design Pics/Getty Images

Tour the 'World's Most Stunning Restrooms'

Here’s the guidebook intrepid travelers never knew they needed.

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Amid Historic Flooding, Houston Braces for Even More Rain

The earth is so saturated from record rainfall that flooding is only expected to get worse.