John Metcalfe

Elise Amendola/AP

America's Most Popular Baby Names Inspired by Weather

Autumn ranks first, while surprisingly unpopular monikers include Thunder and Frost.

Capturing the Beauty of Berlin's Skies, One Day at a Time

Ewa Tuteja’s ambitious photography project is a “homage to the beauty of the sky.”

Peter Burka/Flickr

New Yorkers Are Publicly Shaming Cars in Bike Lanes

A map invites cyclists to photograph and report drivers behaving badly.

Max Galka/Metrocosm

Envisioning U.S. Traffic as a Bloody Circulatory System

People often compare highways to arteries; Max Galka decided to make that literal.

Parsons Brinckerhoff

The Many Ways People Commute to New York

Manhattan’s hordes of workers pour in by bus, subway, train, unicycle, and helicopter.


'Terrifying and Gorgeous' Visions of Our Sun

As a solar observatory reaches its 10th anniversary, here are some jewels from its mission.


A Space View of Puerto Rico's Massive Blackout

A catastrophic power interruption has kept much of the island in the dark.

A Weird Blob Over Alabama Turns Out to Be a Military Test

The stationary “cloud" was a controlled release of something called chaff.


Anonymous San Franciscans Are Making Renegade Bike Lanes

After two cyclists were killed in hit-and-runs on the same day, the SFMTrA grabbed traffic cones and took action.

Michael Fiala/Reuters

California's Soberanes Wildfire Is the Most Expensive in U.S. History

The product of an illegal campfire, the active blaze has cost $207 million to battle.


The Mighty, Ever-Sucking Maw of the Mississippi River

NASA created this animation showing all the rivers that flow into the Mighty Mississip’.

Illuminate the Arts

A Street Light Installation Reveals Train Traffic Under San Francisco's Streets

A nearly 2-mile-long installation would visualize the real-time passage of underground trains.

Cooper Copter

Meet the 'Pollockocopter,' a Drone That Throws Paint Bombs

At walls or people, your choice.

NASA/C. Starr

Another Dismal Year for Arctic Sea Ice

The ice’s summer extent has tied for second-lowest in the modern record.

Karen Parker/FWC

Flooding Pushes 7 Manatees Onto a Florida Golf Course

They got trapped for days in a water hazard.

3 Surreal Scenes From Typhoon Meranti

A runaway moon, a painful lesson on why you never ride a scooter in a hurricane….

Robert Galbraith/Reuters

San Francisco Considers a Toll for the 'World's Crookedest Street'

With tourists crowding around Lombard Street, the city could also require reservations.

Jodie L. Rummer/JCU

Will Global Warming Make Fish Stupid?

Ocean acidification seems to make certain fish blind to predators.