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Hannah Schafer/PBOT

Portland Says Goodbye to Its Last Old-School Parking Meter

Dating from the 1930s when parking cost a nickel an hour, the city’s single-space meters are now a thing of the past.

Henry Romero/Reuters

4 Major Cities Agree to Ban Diesel Vehicles

They hope to reduce the roughly 3 million yearly deaths tied to outdoor air pollution.

Subrata Biswas/AP

The Winners of the C40 Cities Awards for Climate Change

The top cities mass-produce compost, use landfill gas to heat a stadium, and “deconstruct” rather than demolish homes.

The Dutch Crosswalk That Softly Glows From Within

An LED-covered crosswalk in Brummen makes itself known to drivers and pedestrians alike.

City of Carmel

All Hail Carmel, Indiana, America's King of Roundabouts

The city recently celebrated its 100th traffic circle, and has more than 30 others planned.


SFMTA 'Never Considered' Paying Ransom to Hackers

The feds are investigating a demand of 100 bitcoins to release the transit agency’s encrypted files.


Expect More Superstorms Like Sandy, Warn Scientists

Damaging storms in the U.S. Northeast are likely to become “more frequent and more powerful.”


Washington State Is Giving Away a Free Bridge

The 1930s span “would make the perfect present for someone who has always wanted their own bridge, but didn’t know quite where to start.”

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What Thanksgiving Costs the Climate Where You Live

How much CO2 did it take to cook a turkey dinner in your state?

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

How Cities Plan to Fight Climate Change in the Trump Years

Local leaders learned how to take action when Washington couldn’t. Now they’re betting those efforts can survive an age of science-denying federal overlords.

Jie Zhang/Staples/Metropolis

The Office of the Future: A Portable, Inflatable Bubble?

A futuristic cubicle design would let you roll annoying co-workers down a hill.

Phil Roeder/Flickr

New York's ATMs Teem With Nasty Stuff

Skin bacteria, mold, and parasites on ATM keypads can tell us a lot about New York’s habits and communities.


Snow in the U.S. Hits an 'All-Time Low'

There’s scarcely any powder in the Lower 48 outside of the high mountains.

Heino Kalis/Reuters

2016 Set to Beat All Other Years for Record Warmth

In the northern latitudes, temperatures have been more than 12 degrees above average.

El Rojito/Refill It!

Germany Experiments With Reusable To-Go Coffee Cups

A network of cafes in Hamburg hopes to cut down on the billions of disposable cups Germans throw out each year.


Amsterdam Designers Plan a Greasy 'Fatberg' for the Waterfront

A small island made entirely from grease would attract hungry seagulls and delight (disgust?) all in sight.


A Public Sculpture That Sighs the Eerie Sounds of Satellites

“Orbit Pavilion” is a metallic womb that tracks and musicalizes invisible space chatter.


The Hottest Year We've Experienced Could Be Normal by 2025

A massive global heat increase is already locked in, say scientists.