John Metcalfe

Marko Plahuta

Mapping Manhattan's Parking Tickets by Type of Car

Who knew Fords got ticketed so much in New York?

Dan and Dennis Robbins/NWS

Idaho Is Visited by Extremely Rare Snow Doughnuts

These bizarre cylinders self-form in just the right snow and wind conditions.


San Franciscans Protest the Super Bowl With a Homeless-Themed Tent City

The activists want officials to spend football funds on poverty instead.

Heather Leach

So a Raccoon Walks Into the Toronto Subway

It was “better behaved than the majority of human riders.”


The Psychological Benefit of White Street Lights

Scientists say they make us feel safer.

Suck UK

Plot Your World Travels on This Cork Globe

Or just throw a dart at it to decide where you’re going next.

Mike Rosenberg

San Francisco's Super Bowl 50 Statues Are Being Utterly Annihilated

It looks like it’s going to take a small army to protect these things from vandals.

Hafernik et al.

Zombie Bees Are Real, and They're Stalking North America

Not to alarm you or anything.


The Bay Bridge Will Be Permanently Draped in Waterfall Lights

San Francisco’s skyline is about to get much more twinkly.


California Hits Its Deepest Snowpack in 5 Years

It’s unknown if this mountain powder will help stop the drought.

SF Citizen

San Francisco's Super Bowl Statues Keep Getting Vandalized

They’ve been painted, ripped apart, and had letters rearranged to read “SUPERB OWL.”

People's Daily

Chinese Engineers Move 2 Huge Bridges 90 Degrees in 1.5 Hours


Jeff Boyce/NWS Sacramento

California's Record Hailstones Look Like Spiky Grenades

The three-inch wonders fell Saturday during a severe thunderstorm north of San Francisco.


Let This Pumping-Heart Graffiti Liven Up Your Valentine's Day

There’s something hypnotic about watching blood flow through this painted organ.

Oskari Samiola

The 'Half-Life 2' of Infrastructure Video Games Is Out, And It's Weird

Are you enough of a hero to document grievous safety violations in a crumbling Baltic city?


A NASA Supercomputer Has Simulated the Blizzard's Next Movements

An incredible data-crunching system predicts the storm’s future in incredible detail.

REUTERS/Frank Polich

This App Tells You Whenever U.S. Police Officers Kill Somebody

“Archives + Absences” might make you never want to get a push notification again.


A Quick Guide to the U.S. East Coast Blizzard's Snow Accumulations

Forecasters say to expect up to 2 feet in places, especially around Washington, D.C.