John Metcalfe


Follow the Lights on This Bike Bell to Reach Your Destination

The Blubel flashes left and right for turns to suss out your safest route.


Birds and Insects Sizzle at the World's Biggest Solar Facility

Animals that get too close to California’s Ivanpah plant “flash,” smoke, or are incinerated.

Mark Lotz/FWC

Florida Officials: Please Stop Painting Our Poor Tortoises

Fun-loving artists don’t realize paint damages their health and attracts predators.

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Henrik Moltke

Watch the Empire State Building Get Zapped by Lightning

Here’s something you don’t often see in New York.

Anne Harris/UBC/Ryerson

Streetcar Tracks Cause a Huge Number of Bike Crashes in Toronto

The rails are to blame for one-third of incidents requiring emergency-room care.


How Floating Garbage Patches Form in the Ocean

Watch marine trash get sucked into five immense garbage gyres.


To Promote Traffic Safety, Oregon Brings in... Bigfoot?

Because when you think about pedestrian right-of-way, you think “Sasquatch.”

Pokémon Go

Don't Even Think About Playing 'Pokémon Go' in Saudi Arabia

It’s allegedly pro-evolution, promotes gambling, and contains symbols of “devious religions and organizations.”


Seattle to Roll Out a 'Pac-Man'-Themed Pavement Maze

The city plans to salute everybody’s favorite chomping-yellow orb with a new street mural.

Marco Mosconi/Vimeo

Artists Switch Off TVs Playing European Soccer, Chaos Ensues

At one Berlin pub, seas of cheers quickly turned into cries of shock and horror.


Driver Crashes Into a Baltimore Police Car While Allegedly Playing Pokémon Go

“That’s what I get for playing this dumbass game.”

Alister Doyle/Reuters

The Earth Has Endured 14 Straight Months of Record-Breaking Heat

Such an extreme warming spell has never occurred in nearly 140 years of observations.


A Punishing 'Heat Dome' Is Building in the U.S.

Heat-index values are likely to top 110 degrees this week in parts of the country.

Planting Peace

The Republican Convention Gets a Billboard of Donald Trump Kissing Ted Cruz

Here’s hoping attendees brought their eye bleach.


The Middle East's Biggest Lake Turns Blood Red

Iran’s Lake Urmia has undergone an unpleasant shift in color.

Jason Dunion NOAA/HRD

Texas Weather Forecast: Scalding, With a Chance of Desert Dust From Africa

Grime wafting across the ocean from the Sahara is predicted to reach Houston today.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

The Northeast Officially Has America's Angriest Drivers

The region’s motorists are more prone to screaming, honking, and throwing out rude gestures, according to a new survey.

Wooden Widget

A DIY Wooden Bike You Carve Yourself

The snazzy, customizable ride was designed by a Mediterranean boat restorer.