John Metcalfe

Airbus/European Patent Office

Yet Another Awful Design for Airline Seating

Airbus looks into stacking passengers on each other like cargo.

Steve Weinik/Mural Arts Program

An Artist Built a Jail Outside Philadelphia's City Hall

“Labyrinth” is a 40-by-40-foot explorable sculpture about mass incarceration.


South Carolina's Historic Flooding Is Visible From Space

Massive plumes of muddy, debris-filled water are pouring into the Atlantic.


Tonight's NASA Rocket Launch Will Create a Psychedelic Cloud

The spectacle may be visible as far north as Long Island and south as North Carolina.

WSAV/Chris Murray

South Carolina Is Infested With Floating Carpets of Fire Ants

Watch where you step in the Palmetto State.


An Out-of-Sight Space View of the India-Pakistan Border

The blindingly lit barrier is one of few international boundaries visible at night from low-earth orbit.


A Growing Problem for 9-1-1 Dispatchers: Butt-Dials

Getting rid of accidental emergency calls could save San Francisco more than $2 million yearly, says an official.


China Rolls Out the 'World's First Driverless Bus'

Not sure why there’s a driver right there, though.


Whatever Hurricane Joaquin's Track, We're Still Getting Flooded

No matter which path the hurricane ends up taking, the Mid-Atlantic is in for an absolute rain bomb.

Pierre Ciret

More Libraries Should Have Indoor Gardens

A French redesign of a train station would put in bookshelves, grass, and palm trees.

Welikia Project

Explore the Lush, Overgrown Ecology of 1600s Manhattan

Search block-by-block for the animals, plants, and Native Americans who occupied the island before European settlement.

Ken Kawamoto

This Dripping, Foggy Box Predicts Tomorrow's Weather

The desktop Tempescope mimics storms and lightning by flashing, dripping, and fogging.


Climate Change Could Be Linked to Low Birth Weights

Researchers believe less rain and more hot days are affecting pregnant women.


A Tremendous Double-Demolition of Smokestacks

The Scots have a neat way to make two chimneys suffer mutual destruction.


Inside London's Fakest Tube Station

It’s like walking into a cartoon.

Ian Reynolds

This MIT Student Built a Real-Time MBTA Map for His Wall

Some frat brothers opt for Scarface posters. Ian Reynolds just wants to watch the trains arrive.


A Joyously Dorky Guide to America's Energy Infrastructure

Explore nuclear and wind facilities, the movement of petroleum, and steamy geothermal fields in this mapping tool.

SFAC/Jorge Pardo

Newfangled Street Lights or Alien Transmission Towers?

San Francisco wants to build three of these 20-foot totems, presumably for intergalactic communication.

Daily Overview/DigitalGlobe

Mighty and Ominous Satellite Images of the Human Condition

The Daily Overview presents refugee camps, environmental horror, Florida housing projects, and fields of lovely Dutch tulips.