John Metcalfe

The Corrected Geography of the Proclaimers' '500 Miles'

Where the early 1990s Scottish rockers could walk, if they actually walked 500 miles and then 500 more.

Oregon's Wildfire Season Erupts Early and Angrily

The state's vegetation is as dry as if it was already July.

A High-Flying, Daredevil Tribute to the Boris Bike

Trick riders take a vertiginous journey high above the streets of London.

Where Bicycles Are Stolen in San Francisco

And these are only the ones that get reported. 

Now Even California's Fog Is Disappearing

The drought-hit state's vanishing Tule fog spells more trouble for farmers.

Frogs Have Learned to Cry for Sex in Urban Sewers

At least one species of tree frog is taking advantage of human-made underground infrastructure. 

Where in the World People Are Exercising

Marvel at these global heat maps of popular cycling and running routes.

How to Make Google-Glass Users Really Sad

Shut off their techno-goggles without them knowing how, or why.

Are Female-Named Hurricanes Really Deadlier?

A flawed study claims people tend to view feminized hurricanes as less risky and are therefore more likely to be killed by them.

An Innovative, If Evil Way to Mess With Public Advertising

Ever want to turn an annoying billboard into a sliced-up mess? Here's how.

Where College Majors Actually End Up Working

Your graphic-design degree could lead to a job in a funeral parlor.

They 3D-Printed the Future Skyline of San Francisco

A projection system can map traffic patterns and demographics over the ersatz city, too.

The 'Vast Majority' of American Adults Are Overweight

The rest of the planet isn't doing so well staying skinny, either.

Cigarette Designs Intended to Trick Smokers Into Quitting

Could these surreal alternatives help people find a healthier lifestyle?

Being Poor Can Also Affect the Type of Cancer You Get

Living in poverty is associated with higher-mortality cancers, say scientists.

We Might Just Get Lucky and See a Mild 2014 Hurricane Season

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center has released its forecast on the virulence of this summer's Atlantic storms.

What More Than a Decade of Drought Has Done to Lake Powell

The nation's second-largest manmade reservoir has shrunk down to a virtual muddy pond.

A Visual History of Satellites

The 'extended urbanization' of space. 

This Robotic Dress Fights for Your Personal Space

It expands like a balloon to drive unwanted creepsters away.