John Metcalfe

Alfalfa Studio

A Gloriously Drawn, Insider's Map of New York

Iconic New York crams more than 400 local landmarks into one poster, including the Naked Cowboy and a vicious raccoon.


A Falling Russian Spacecraft Flames Out Over Hawaii

Witnesses describe the sight as “epic” and “jaw dropping.”


Almost All Sea Bird Species Could Be Eating Plastic by 2050

Researchers have marked an alarming rise in birds dining on inedible garbage.

Ella & Pitr/Flickr

Norway Becomes Home to the 'World's Largest Outdoor Mural'

It’s a humongous girl, curled in slumber on a roof.


Hanksy Makes a Mural of Donald Trump as Poop

He was inspired to paint the New York piece after realizing “Trump kinda rhymes with dump.”

Matt Werner

They're Making a Musical Out of Burning Man

Nudity, shrooms, the worship of “decommodification”—it’s all here in song.


The Raging Future of American Wildfires

The risk of major blazes could increase 600 percent by mid-century, say scientists.

Margus Triibmann/Keha3

This Newfangled Bike Rack Is a Forest of Flexible Poles

It supposedly prevents your frame paint from chipping.

Dénes Sátor

Squeeze Your Way Across Town With the 'Egg Map'

This rubberized guide doesn’t require folding or Wi-Fi, just a firm grip.

Jeffrey Donenfeld

The Hidden Adult-Friendly Slides of San Francisco

Beware of the disenchanted neighbors.

Lt Hoban/YouTube

The Massachusetts Bridge That Obliterates Trucks

The low-clearance East Street Bridge is a magnet for mayhem.

Sarah K. Davis

Be a Weather Hero by Photographing the World's Newest Cloud

You could become the official face of “asperitas,” the first novel cloud type identified since 1951.

Max Galka/Metrocosm

Watch the Startling Evolution of American Obesity

Animating the nation’s expanding waistline over the past three decades.

Urban Grime Can Contribute to Air Pollution

Researchers say it spurts ozone-causing chemicals into the environment.


Satellites Spot the Tianjin Explosion's Foul, Brown Cloud

The disaster has sent a noxious plume floating over the sea.

James Butler

A Rare Albino Raccoon Surfaces in a West Virginia Dumpster

Some people say finding one is less likely than getting hit by lightning.


BART's Notoriously Filthy Carpets Are Finally Gone

The era of stain-fighting vinyl has come to the Bay Area.


Taiwan's Typhoon-Bent Mailboxes Have Become Celebrities

Some Taiwanese look on the bright side of a deadly storm by posing with slumping receptacles.

Modern Mechanix

This 1940s House-Building Machine Was the Original 3-D Printer

It supposedly could crank out a two-bedroom home in 24 hours.