John Metcalfe


Satellites Spot the Tianjin Explosion's Foul, Brown Cloud

The disaster has sent a noxious plume floating over the sea.

James Butler

A Rare Albino Raccoon Surfaces in a West Virginia Dumpster

Some people say finding one is less likely than getting hit by lightning.


BART's Notoriously Filthy Carpets Are Finally Gone

The era of stain-fighting vinyl has come to the Bay Area.


Taiwan's Typhoon-Bent Mailboxes Have Become Celebrities

Some Taiwanese look on the bright side of a deadly storm by posing with slumping receptacles.

Modern Mechanix

This 1940s House-Building Machine Was the Original 3-D Printer

It supposedly could crank out a two-bedroom home in 24 hours.


Almost Half of Americans Are at Risk From Earthquakes

That’s double a U.S. Geological Survey estimate made in 2006.


An Artist Is Turning a London Forest Into a Strange Zoo

“Phlegm” builds a different creature each day and posts them on his Instagram.

Orbital Mechanics

A Grim Animation of All the Nuclear Explosions in History

Watch the Atomic Age evolve from 1945 to 2013.


A Gorgeous New Weather Model of the World

NOAA’s weatherView animates real-time wind and even shows city lights at night.


A One-of-a-Kind Animation of the Moon's 'Dark Side'

Watch the moon slide across Earth in this fantastic footage from 1 million miles away.


Tracking London's Profane Irritation Over the Tube Strike

"I am paying through my arse for an Uber right now #tubestrike #tired #sotired."


California's New Weapon Against Wildfires Is a Flame-Throwing 'Heli-Torch'

It contains the blaze by destroying tinder in areas firefighters have trouble reaching.


This Mural Starts in Malta, Ends 300 Miles Away in Italy

The sea-spanning artwork is a commentary on European migration.


The Great Lakes Are Alive With Toxic Ooze

Predictions of a “severe” algae outbreak in 2015 look to be on track.

Sergio Álvarez Leiva/CartoDB

What If San Francisco Renamed Its Roads After Start-Ups?

Head straight on Dropbox Street, turn left on Aravo Solutions, and look for the Lyft Embarcadero.

Paul Darrow/Reuters

A Friendly Hitchhiking Robot Meets a Violent End in Philadelphia

It crossed Canada and made it to Europe, but things took a turn in the U.S.

Leon Keer

Immense Gummy Bears Take Over a Maltese Sidewalk

An artist created the immense, realistic candies using “anamorphic distortion.”

David Rumsey Map Collection

A New Yorker's Delightfully Stereotypical Map of America

Pretty much nothing exists outside Manhattan.

Manuel Alvarez Diestro

The Crumbling Grandeur of Egypt's Summer Homes

It’s a wonder some of these places are still occupied.