John Metcalfe

Field Constructs

Austin Is Populating an Old Landfill With Bizarre Art

The nature park will harbor a shambling behemoth, a fuzzy duck blind, and a smokey “Meat Church,” among other installations.

Dino Abatzidis/Flickr

Friday's 'Blue Moon' Could Actually Look Blue

Sometimes it’s not just a figure of speech.

Germen Crew

This Mexican Neighborhood Lives Inside a Huge Mural

A hillside has become a psychedelic hump, with paint splashed on more than 200 homes.

Bz3rk/Wiki Commons

Techies Are Destroying Raleigh's Southern Accent

First they gentrify, then they disrupt the way you talk.


San Francisco Is Testing Pee-Repelling Walls

The city wants to curb public urination with paint that splashes back urine.

Bees in Massachusetts Are Riddled With Pesticides

Their pollen and honey contain substances linked to Colony Collapse Disorder.


When Public Art Meets a Stupid Construction Mistake

A house hanging from a crane in Germany suggests grievous operator error.

Mermelada Estudio

For the Traveling BBQ Chef, Here's a Suitcase Grill

Be prepared to cook meat wherever you go with the stylish Mon Oncle cooker.


How Well Do Street Murals Help Calm Traffic?

A Canadian city is the latest to try preventing collisions with public art.

Pittsburgh’s Smallest Jazz Club

This Swingin' Bus Stop Is 'Pittsburgh’s Smallest Jazz Club'

Commuters can now decompress to the beboppin’ sounds of a big band.

Chesapeake Bay Program

The Chesapeake Bay Is Turning Into Plastic Soup

Microplastics contaminate the water on a massive scale.


North Carolina's Famed Truck-Scalping Bridge Nears 100 Recorded Crashes

The real number of thunderous accidents is probably much higher.


Sydney Declutters Parking Signs With E-Ink

The solar-powered signs post different restrictions based on the time of day.

Alice Zipper de Jersey

A Green-Thumbed Street Artist Is Making Moss Graffiti

His latest creation is a fuzzy skull-and-crossbones in Grenoble, France.

Historic Polonia Preservation District

There's Somehow Still an Enormous Snow Pile in Buffalo

It’s up to 20 feet high, is filthy, and reportedly is growing grass on the top.

Alex Daly/Hamish Smyth

Show Your New York Love With a Poster of Every Subway Station

Why? “Because … subway!”


Seattle Plants Street Trees in a Substance Made of Car Tires

It’s reportedly easier to maintain than soil and mulch.

How Vandals Built a Brick Wall Inside a German Train

You can get away with a lot wearing an official-looking vest.


Denmark Unveils a Surreal 'Infinite Bridge'

The walkable sculpture extends more than 100 feet over a bay.