John Metcalfe

The Straightest Roads in the World Are in Midwest America

One man’s attempt at mapping the “bendyness” of the planet’s pavement.

SDOT / SvR Design / Olson Kundig Architects

Seattle's Future Alleys Look Like Paradise

The city looks to the dank gaps between buildings for “vibrant new spaces.”


Portland Debuts Rain-Themed 'Creative Crosswalks'

It’s not just being weird this time—there’s a safety value to the new crossings.

The Yard Bar & Kitchen

A Giant Horde of Bees Visits a British Beer Garden

There were “thousands and thousands and thousands.”

KRANX Powerstik

This Guy Invented a Cordless Drill-Powered Skateboard

Use a simple Black & Decker to scoot along for miles—or install drywall, your choice.

AP/Rob Griffith

Brace Yourself for More Intense Rains and Floods

New research reveals the changing nature of storms.


The Jersey Shore Sees the Return of the Blob

Everyone’s favorite algal bloom slimes it up in the Atlantic.

AP/Channi Anand

2015 Could Be the New Hottest Year on Record

El Niño might “push the needle on global temperature” toward unprecedented warmth, says NOAA.

Max Galka/Metrocosm

Why Is Illinois a Hotbed of UFO Sightings?

Is it because of O’Hare? Asian lanterns? Hallucinations due to overripe Chicago hotdogs?

Future Cities Catapult

A High-Tech Helmet That Helps You Navigate the City

This concept visor would highlight best routes and point out landmarks.

1010/Galerie Itinerrance

This Huge Work of Street Art Looks Like a Hole to the Center of Earth

There’s a new portal to hell in Paris.

Kyle Naegeli

Newark Isn't the Only Prime Spot for Sewer Fishing

Texas has a leg up on New Jersey when it comes to casting lines in urban waterways.

Mad. Sq. Art

A Manhattan Park Turns Into a Surreal Jungle of Mirrors

It’s like time stopped during a carnival-funhouse explosion.

Sea Girt Beach Patrol

A Ghost Tsunami Looms Over the Jersey Shore

Time to get off the beach?


A Gorgeous Visualization of Future Wind Patterns

Will it be still as a crypt tomorrow or gusty as a typhoon?

ICI Radio-Canada

A Millions-Strong Horde of Flies Descends Upon a Canadian City

The insect clouds are so dense “you need a gas mask,” says a local.

NYU Langone Medical Center

Tattooed New Yorkers Report All Kinds of Nasty Skin Conditions

Researchers say going under the needle can sometimes mean rashes that last for months.

UFO-Shaped Clouds Appear Over Texas

It's rare to find these types of formations in the South.

NZ Herald

So a Fur Seal Walks Into a Suburban Car Wash...

One adventurous marine mammal makes waves in New Zealand.