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What 'Civilization VI' Gets Wrong About Civilization

The greatest challenge to civilization isn’t digging irrigation channels or attaining spaceflight—and Civ I got it right.


Most Airport Noise Complaints Come From a Handful of Cranks

The vast majority of airport-noise complaints come from only a few affected households—and some that aren’t affected at all.

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How Overseas Accounts Can Fund U.S. Infrastructure

A new proposal could bring in billions of dollars from offshore accounts to solve the country’s infrastructure-spending gap.

J. Scott Applewhite/AP

D.C. Metro's Latest Fix: Disinvest in the City's Poor, Black Neighborhoods

Slashing services may help the system with operational costs, but at a profound cost to the city in terms of social equity.

Bill Timmerman/Jones Studio

The U.S. Is Making Its Border Stations More Welcoming

Despite Republican appeals for a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, America is investing in more secure, welcoming facilities along its borders.

Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

Remembering Bing Thom, a Humanist Architect

The architect’s sense of humanism invigorated his urban designs, from Vancouver to Hong Kong to Washington, D.C.

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The Only Place to Find True Chili Is at a Real Texas Chili Parlor

No matter how much Austin changes, chili parlors serve up delicious Texas red.

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The Cities That Are Fighting Back Against State Intervention

From Cleveland to Birmingham, urban areas are finding ways to maintain local authority over everything from plastic-bag fees to minimum wage laws.

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Flint Wins Funding in the Latest Congressional Budget Standoff

Now, will the state come through?

Wallace Roberts & Todd

Is Sustainability a Dodge for Housing in the Bay Area?

Leaders in Brisbane, California, want to prioritize sustainability—and exclude homes—in a massive new development just outside San Francisco.

Katie Martin/CityLab

The Unlikely Trick of the Smithsonian's New African American Museum

The Smithsonian's newest museum—and the last on the National Mall—is deceptively large.

Kriston Capps/CityLab

Detroit's 'Alley Project' Creates a Street-Level Commons

“What are some alternatives for the young people on our block between the porch and the corner?”

Gehry Partners/Eisenhower Memorial Commission

Is the Eisenhower Memorial Moving Forward Without Frank Gehry?

The Eisenhower family and the memorial commission have reached a compromise—without its famed architect.

Alan Karchmer/NMAAHC

How the New Smithsonian African American Museum Works

A floor-by-floor preview of the most anticipated—and last—museum to come to the National Mall.

Timothy Vollmer/Flickr

Earnings Are Rising, Along With the Damned Rent

New Census findings show an increase in incomes and a decrease in poverty, but rents are rising.

Katya Horner

In Houston, an Underground Cistern Is a New Temple for Art

“There were very few people outside the water system who knew this massive space was there.”

Damian Dovarganes/AP

Most Americans Are Worried About Losing Their Housing

Some 75 percent of Americans fear they would lose their homes in a crisis, such as a job loss.

National Building Museum

One Photographer's View of New York, Before and After 9/11

Camilo José Vergara’s photos show how the World Trade Center, past and present, has served as the anchor for the NYC skyline.