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The AIA Finally Awards Its Gold Medal to a Black Architect—Posthumously

Why can't architecture manage to identify living women and architects of color for their most prestigious award?

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Ben Carson for HUD Secretary, Why?

He has no housing experience and has said he’s not up to the job. President-elect Trump could do a lot better.

Liz Gorman

Protesting Trump, the District of Columbia Way

D.C. punks are reviving an ‘80s-era protest message to signal their dislike of the president-elect.

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'Baltimore Rising' and the Role of Art in Settling History

An exhibit at the Maryland Institute College of Art explores the imagery surrounding Freddie Gray’s death by looking for context in the chaos that followed.

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Nationwide, Homelessness Plunged Under Obama

Veteran homelessness in particular could soon be a thing of the past, unless the Trump administration and Republican Congress reverse course.

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Why Architects Are Outraged Over a Letter to Trump

A message from the American Institute of Architects congratulating the president-elect stands accused of attempting to normalize his presidency.

Philips Lighting

Soon Enough, Every Bridge Everywhere Will Have Fancy Lighting

“Emotive lighting” for infrastructure is the big new thing. Is there a way to embrace LED spectacles without being tacky about it?

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What's at Stake in Trump's Pick to Lead HUD

The President-elect’s next steps on federal housing policy will have a profound effect on rural America and the inner city alike.

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Voting While Homeless

No U.S. state requires voters to prove that they have a traditional residence, but Americans experiencing homelessness still struggle to cast a ballot.

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The Crushing Weight of Voting in San Francisco

This year, voters in the city must consider 25 different local ballot measures. Who is this helping?

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In the U.S., Almost No One Votes in Local Elections

In most major cities, fewer than 15 percent of voters turn out to cast a ballot for mayor.

'Psycho' and the Anxiety of the Interstate Highway System

The slasher flick is an essay about the greatest infrastructure project in modern times.

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How to Pass a Soda Tax

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney shares his city’s experiences battling the sugary beverage industry.

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What a Theater Means to a Refugee Camp

Lessons from the founders of the Good Chance Theatre, a temporary performing arts venue at the Calais “Jungle.”

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D.C. Mayor: 'We Cannot Grow With Gridlock'

What traffic congestion on city streets has in common with the U.S. Congress.

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What 'Civilization VI' Gets Wrong About Civilization

The greatest challenge to civilization isn’t digging irrigation channels or attaining spaceflight—and Civ I got it right.


Most Airport Noise Complaints Come From a Handful of Cranks

The vast majority of airport-noise complaints come from only a few affected households—and some that aren’t affected at all.

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How Overseas Accounts Can Fund U.S. Infrastructure

A new proposal could bring in billions of dollars from offshore accounts to solve the country’s infrastructure-spending gap.