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Criticism Is the Real Winner of Rio's Olympic Games

Scrutiny over corruption and public health may be the best thing to come out of the city hosting the Summer Olympics.

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Sex Toys and Gun Laws Collide on Campus in Austin

What started as a protest over campus-carry gun laws at the University of Texas at Austin has exploded into a college culture war.

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Mapping 'Pre-Crime' in Rio

CrimeRadar is the world’s first publicly available crime-forecasting tool based on open-access data. But will it work?

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Who Wants to Permanently Host the Olympic Games?

It might save money, but it would cost the world dearly in other ways.

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Did Ryan Lochte Make Up a Story About Getting Mugged in Rio?

Authorities are investigating inconsistencies in the swimmer’s report about being mugged at gunpoint—a story that would confirm the worst impressions about life in Rio.

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Tim Kaine's Vision for the Future of Fair Housing

The Democratic VP nominee shares his campaign’s plans to make housing more accessible and affordable to the full economic spectrum of Americans.

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A Brief History of People Trying to Be Spider-Man

A 19-year-old scaled NYC’s Trump Tower Wednesday. The outlaw grandfathers of “buildering” would not be impressed.

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Rio's Olympic Swimming Pools Are Turning Grody Colors

The source of the problem? Brazil was unprepared to host the Olympic Games.


Rio Security Is Cutting Corners to Curb Long Lines

Perhaps Brazilian security was never prepared for the Olympics, but the decision to ditch strict procedures puts the games at risk.

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Uber Hasn't Had Any Impact on Drunk-Driving Deaths

More hired drivers should mean fewer drunk drivers. But a new study proves conventional wisdom wrong.

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The Nation With the Most Olympic Medals Per Capita

It’s not the U.S.

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Why It Sucks to Play 'Pokemon Go' If You Don't Live in a White Neighborhood

The game broke the Internet, but not everywhere equally.

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The Rio 2016 Games Are Unhealthy and Un-Olympian

The Olympics were supposed to elevate the health of Rio de Janeiro. Instead, the risk of Zika makes proceeding with the games “negligent in the extreme.”

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Should It Be a Hate Crime to Assault Police?

A New York state representative wants to pass a “Blue Lives Matter” law that would make police officers a protected class.

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Trump's Insults to Harrisburg Recall His Own Business Failures

Pennsylvania’s capital city is still digging out from a deal that broke it financially—a calamity that mirrors the way Trump built his own empire.

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Rio 2016: The Calamity Games

When everything that can go wrong looks like it actually will, how much of a future can the Olympics have?

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All Charges Dropped in Freddie Gray Trials, but Justice Is Indicted

It’s not possible to say that Gray found justice. But Baltimore would be worse off had the state not even sought any.

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Why Democrats and Republicans Need to Talk About Affordable Housing

The lack of affordable housing in the U.S. should be a top priority for any incoming administration. Where’s the discussion?