Kriston Capps

Katie Martin/CityLab

The Unlikely Trick of the Smithsonian's New African American Museum

The Smithsonian's newest museum—and the last on the National Mall—is deceptively large.

Kriston Capps/CityLab

Detroit's 'Alley Project' Creates a Street-Level Commons

“What are some alternatives for the young people on our block between the porch and the corner?”

Gehry Partners/Eisenhower Memorial Commission

Is the Eisenhower Memorial Moving Forward Without Frank Gehry?

The Eisenhower family and the memorial commission have reached a compromise—without its famed architect.

Alan Karchmer/NMAAHC

How the New Smithsonian African American Museum Works

A floor-by-floor preview of the most anticipated—and last—museum to come to the National Mall.

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Earnings Are Rising, Along With the Damned Rent

New Census findings show an increase in incomes and a decrease in poverty, but rents are rising.

Katya Horner

In Houston, an Underground Cistern Is a New Temple for Art

“There were very few people outside the water system who knew this massive space was there.”

Damian Dovarganes/AP

Most Americans Are Worried About Losing Their Housing

Some 75 percent of Americans fear they would lose their homes in a crisis, such as a job loss.

National Building Museum

One Photographer's View of New York, Before and After 9/11

Camilo José Vergara’s photos show how the World Trade Center, past and present, has served as the anchor for the NYC skyline.

Memphis Civic Commons

Creating Sustainable Cities by 'Reimagining the Civic Commons'

Akron, Memphis, Chicago, and Detroit will split $40 million in funding for small, local projects “at the bottom of every mayor’s budget list.”

Rex Hammock/Flickr

What the Smithsonian's African American Museum Means to Chocolate City

Will the new National Museum of African American History and Culture bridge the gap between the National Mall and D.C.’s black community?

Jim Urquhart/Reuters

Does Burning Man Need a New Urban Plan?

Even a temporary city requires thoughtful design when it reaches a population of 70,000 and growing.

David Goldman/AP

Criticism Is the Real Winner of Rio's Olympic Games

Scrutiny over corruption and public health may be the best thing to come out of the city hosting the Summer Olympics.

Marshall Tidrick/Cocks Not Glocks

Sex Toys and Gun Laws Collide on Campus in Austin

What started as a protest over campus-carry gun laws at the University of Texas at Austin has exploded into a college culture war.

Igarapé Institute

Mapping 'Pre-Crime' in Rio

CrimeRadar is the world’s first publicly available crime-forecasting tool based on open-access data. But will it work?

Denis Tyrin/AP

Who Wants to Permanently Host the Olympic Games?

It might save money, but it would cost the world dearly in other ways.

David Gray/Reuters

Did Ryan Lochte Make Up a Story About Getting Mugged in Rio?

Authorities are investigating inconsistencies in the swimmer’s report about being mugged at gunpoint—a story that would confirm the worst impressions about life in Rio.

Chuck Burton/AP

Tim Kaine's Vision for the Future of Fair Housing

The Democratic VP nominee shares his campaign’s plans to make housing more accessible and affordable to the full economic spectrum of Americans.

Julie Jacobson/AP

A Brief History of People Trying to Be Spider-Man

A 19-year-old scaled NYC’s Trump Tower Wednesday. The outlaw grandfathers of “buildering” would not be impressed.