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Epic Boondoggles, Ranked

It’s not the Big Dig or the Second Avenue Subway. America’s biggest infrastructure quagmires are much, much larger than that.

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Another Front in the Texas War to Preserve Segregated Housing

A new bill to change the application for housing tax credits would make it virtually impossible to build new low-income housing anywhere in the Lone Star State.

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The Oroville Dam Crisis Exposes the Flaws in Trump's Infrastructure Plan

A near-disaster in California probably wouldn’t be averted by the kind of privatized investment that the president has in mind.

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The Suburbs Are Split Over Donald Trump

A new poll reveals a sharp divide between rural and urban populations over President Trump, yet it’s the suburbs that are torn down the middle.

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A Florida Mayor Beat the Gun Lobby, but Battle With the State Still Looms

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum took on the gun lobby—and won—in a case whose stakes were ultimately narrow.

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Trump Can Now Re-Create the Housing Crisis That Got Him Elected

By dialing back Dodd-Frank regulations, President Trump exposes the nation to another financial catastrophe—a sequel to the housing crisis that helped him win the election.

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'It Would Be an Alternative Fact to Say That It's Not a Muslim Ban'

A 16-year-old Jordanian visa-holder was detained in Houston and transferred to a detention facility in Chicago, prompting confusion about how far the travel ban goes.

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When Harlem Unemployment Pays for Midtown Luxury

A 1990s-era cash-for-visas program was designed to lure foreign investment to distressed communities. Instead, it subsidizes luxury real estate. Congress and President Trump can either reform it, scrap it—or shore up the status quo.

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Uncertainty Over Tax Reform Is Already Hurting Affordable Housing

Awaiting action from Congress, investors are hitting the pause button on developments that use tax credits to create affordable housing.

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Word Up! D.C. Will Get a Museum of Linguistics

Can “Planet Word”—an interactive museum of language—bring new life to a long-vacant historic D.C. building?

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Millions of Marchers, Zero Arrests

One day after an inauguration marred by violence, vast crowds of demonstrators convened in cities nationwide for the markedly more peaceful Women’s March.

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Protesters Descend on D.C. for Day One of the Trump Era

Skirmishes between police and protesters marked a day of dissent during the inauguration, one day before the Women’s March arrives.

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Take CityLab's Presidential Inauguration Quiz!

How much do you really know about what’s going on in D.C. today?

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The Foreclosure King Faces His Critics

Steven Mnuchin, the president-elect’s nominee for Secretary of the Treasury, facilitated tens of thousands of foreclosures as chairman of OneWest. Where does he stand on homeowner protections?

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The Great Texas Pension Fix

Houston owes its police, fire, and city workers about $7.8 billion, and it doesn’t exactly have the cash on hand. Their hard-fought solution could serve as a model for the rest of Texas, and the nation.


Super Mario Just Moved to NYC

In the video game ‘Super Mario Odyssey,’ he’s ready to leap around the Big Mushroom.

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Does Ben Carson Believe in HUD?

During a brief and jocular confirmation hearing, the retired neurosurgeon gave few answers that suggested he believes in a strong, affirmative role for the department he’s been selected to lead.

Paso Del Norte Streetcar Preservation Society

The Legend of El Paso's Transnational Streetcar

From the mule-drawn trolley of the 19th century to the rails ripped out by Mexico in the 1970s, tales of the El Paso–Ciudad Juárez streetcar still echo today.