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Austin's Uber War Is the Dumbest One Yet

Ride-hailing apps are threatening to pull out of Austin if its residents don’t vote for their sponsored ballot measure.

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What Should L.A.'s Central Park Look Like?

The four final designs for Pershing Square range from urban tech-scape to flexible garden park.

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Even a Tiny Savings Cushion Can Help Families Avoid Hardship

Families with even a small amount of savings are more able to endure income disruptions without relying on public benefits.

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U.S. Department of the Treasury Drops $1 Billion in the Fight Against Blight

That’s 50 million Harriet Tubmans.

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How Hillary Clinton Won Over the Hardhats

The Democratic candidate has the endorsement of an alliance of 14 different unions from the building and construction industries.

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Decoding Racist Neighborhood Complaints Through Cross-Stitching

A group of artists is translating neighborhood complaints about dirt-bike riders into cross-stitch as a way of weighing in on the debate.


One More Reason Why Everyone Should Support D.C. Statehood

State preemption is noxious for cities, whether it happens to D.C., Charlotte, or Birmingham.

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Deadlock Over the Federal Budget Made the Affordable-Housing Crisis Worse

A new report shows the continued impact of the debt-ceiling impasse on the nation’s affordable-housing crisis.

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In a Week of Anguish, Some Austin Residents Turn on the Homeless

The arrest of a homeless man in the murder of a university student has the city split on how to ethically handle its homelessness crisis.

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The 'Memorials for the Future' Contest Is How the Country Should Build All Its Memorials

By rethinking the future of memorials, a consortium of Washington, D.C., stakeholders also re-wired the open design competition.


These Designers Want To Put Rikers Island on the Map

The guerrilla #SeeRikers campaign aims to correct a New York subway map oversight—and highlight the corrections crisis.

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Texas Prison Inmates Strike for Unionization

Nationwide protests may follow in September.

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London's Carnegie Library Occupation Enters Day 7

Protesters are rejecting a plan to turn a London library into a gym, the latest of hundreds of recent library closures in the U.K.


New York City's Unequal Housing Becomes a Stage for Public Art

The “Month2Month” residency project will explore real estate and public art in private homes—both luxury condos and affordable apartments.


PayPal Withdraws From Charlotte Over North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law

The company has pulled out just two weeks after announcing plans to bring 400 jobs to the city.

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How the Federal Government Plans to Stop the 'Worst-Case' Housing Crisis

The National Housing Trust Fund will give housing assistance to the very poorest households in the nation.


190 Acres of Sports Stadiums

A new master plan for the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium campus would create a waterfront sports mall in Washington, D.C. Does the city need it?

Is Density a Question for the Courts to Decide?

A decision on zoning and racial disparity in Yuma, Arizona.