Kriston Capps

A Grand Jury Returns Indictments Against 6 Officers in Freddie Gray's Death

On Thursday afternoon, the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City announced indictments against all six police officers involved in the April 12 arrest and subsequent death of Freddie Gray.

The Debate Over Rail Safety May Never Be the Same

It’s time for Congress to think about infrastructure spending in a more urgent light.

How Congress Failed to Stop the Fatal Amtrak Crash

Positive Train Control could have prevented Tuesday’s crash. Congress made it mandatory in 2008. But it also continues to cut funding needed to fully implement it.

Confirmed: A High-Speed Turn Led to Amtrak's Derailment in Philadelphia

The National Transportation Safety Board’s preliminary investigation reveals that the D.C.-NYC train entered a turn going twice the posted speed limit.

Next Steps in the Amtrak Investigation: Was Speed a Factor?

The National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation of the crash will consider whether the train was exceeding speed limits as it approached the derailment site.

An Amtrak Train Derails in Philadelphia, Killing at Least 8

Hundreds more were injured on Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188, which was traveling north from Washington, D.C., to New York City.

Chicago Gets the Obama Presidential Library, But at What Cultural Cost?

The city’s South Side needs the jobs, money, and foot traffic the library may bring. But not at the expense of its vibrant historic parks.

The Newest, Tallest Supertall Tower in New York City

The newly revealed design for the Nordstrom Tower will make it the highest in the Western Hemisphere.

Why Billionaires Don't Pay Property Taxes in New York

It’s the extreme end game of a tax code that shifts the burden from owners to renters, and from the wealthy to the poor.

Whole Foods Should Embrace Food Stamps

The chain could shed its “whole paycheck” image by being an ally to shoppers on food assistance.

9 Things You Need to Know About the National Mall's Newest Museum

When it finally opens its doors, the National Museum of African American History and Culture will be one of the most contradictory institutions on the National Mall.

Grading Baltimore's Mayor on Her Own Advice for Police

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and other mayors put together a January set of guidelines for cities on improving police-community relations. She's followed few of them herself.

Baltimore's Police Union Chief Calls for a Special Prosecutor in Gray Case

In an open letter, Gene S. Ryan cites concerns over "conflicts of interest" with Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby. But Mosby comes from a long line of police.

'We Have Probable Cause to File Criminal Charges'

A statement of arrest has been issued for officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray.

Win a Date With Your Favorite Starchitect!

Bid on time with artists, curators, and others in the design field at the Van Alen Institute's "experience auction" fundraiser.

How Baltimore's Curfew Is Throwing Off the Night Shift

Baltimore's 10 p.m. curfew may be keeping things calm, but it's a tough slog for local workers.

The Next Baltimore Orioles Game Will Be Closed to the Public

Amid unrest in Baltimore, the team will play Wednesday's game against the White Sox to an empty Camden Yards.

The Long Fuse Behind the Violence in Baltimore

The special distrust between Baltimore residents and police goes way back.

The Orioles Waited Until the Last Possible Minute to Postpone Monday Night's Game

The decision followed reports on Saturday of drunk baseball fans taunting protesters.