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University of Chicago

Are the Most Famous Firms in Architecture Dueling?

A new design by Diller Scofidio + Renfro strongly resembles a 2007 proposal by Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects.

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Federal Help for Poor Families With Children Is Evaporating

The deepening affordability crisis is hitting the most vulnerable the hardest: very poor families with children.

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The Stadium Boondoggle Is Migrating to the Suburbs

When suburbs pay massive subsidies for professional ballparks, everyone suffers.

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Should Landlords Be Licensed?

Toronto is considering an experiment that would give landlords and apartment buildings restaurant-style grades. /

Is FOMO Driving Your Housing Decisions?

People who are favoriting their friends’ smart housing purchases are more likely to make their own.

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Austin's Post-Uber Plan: Break Up the Taxi Cartel

Uber and Lyft have pulled out of the city, but a new proposal to deregulate taxis could change what kind of rides Austinites take.


Mapping the Incredible Spread of Million-Dollar Homes Across San Francisco

96 percent of homes in the city’s Westwood Park neighborhood cost $1 million or more.

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This Housing-Auction Startup Thinks San Francisco Rents Are Too Cheap

Instead of a traditional application process, a startup called Rentberry wants potential tenants to bid on apartments, eBay style.

Alex Fradkin/Cornelia Parker

Why the 'Psycho' Mansion Is Now on the Roof of the Met

British sculptor Cornelia Parker draws inspiration from two masterworks for her installation—and apprehension about urban progress.

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Despite Higher Education, Millennials Still Aren't Buying Homes

Having a degree is proving to be a key to homeownership. So why aren’t they unlocking doors for Millennials?

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A Roundtable Review of 'High-Rise,' Where Luxury Architecture Turns Dystopic

In Ben Wheatley’s new film adaptation of the classic J.G. Ballard novel, orgies, rapes, and murders among residents are part of a literal struggle to the top.

Citizen Bridge

Does New York Need a Floating Pedestrian Bridge?

This bridge would restore a link between Brooklyn and Governors Island.

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Is San Franciso's Ballot Measure for Inclusionary Housing Too Extreme?

San Francisco voters will be asked to revisit a ‘grand bargain’ bill that enabled its affordable-housing trust fund.

Davis Brody Bond

Chicago Catches Gondola Fever

What could go wrong with a proposal for a tourist-friendly cable car in the Windy City? The wind, for one.


The Architecture of Displacement

The Museum of Modern Art will host a new show on the global refugee crisis.


Boulder Will Host the First National 'YIMBY' Conference

More local-level policy wonks are saying “yes in my back yard” to density, transit, and change.

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Whose Side in the Housing Wars Would Jane Jacobs Take Up Today?

The renowned urbanist allegedly wrote a protest song against Robert Moses with Bob Dylan. She might not sing the same tune about preservation today.

Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP

Austin's Uber War Is the Dumbest One Yet

Ride-hailing apps are threatening to pull out of Austin if its residents don’t vote for their sponsored ballot measure.