Kriston Capps

Matt Slocum/AP

Texas Refuses to Follow Fair Housing Rules

Despite a landmark Supreme Court decision, state leaders are still finding ways to oppose low-income housing.

MoMA P.S.1

Weaving an Arts Space Into Existence at MoMA PS1

This year’s winner of the museum’s Young Architects Program will create a pavilion of interlocked string in Queens.

Tony Webster/Flickr

Why Historic Preservation Districts Should Be a Thing of the Past

GOP lawmakers in Midwestern states say such neighborhood designations infringe on homeowners’ rights. But really they stand in the way of affordable housing.

The Society for Experiential Graphic Design

America's Sudden U-Turn on Highway Fonts

Clearview is out, Highway Gothic is (back) in. Critics want to know why.

Laurie Trayers

Nature Reclaims D.C.'s Snow-Covered Streets

See how the deer prance! See how they delight in the fall of mankind!


Imagining an Ultra-Futuristic Library for Houston

Any city would by lucky to have designers like MA2’s Michael Arellanes, willing to throw big ideas at the wall to see what sticks.


An Intense Visualization of the Blizzard Sweeping the East Coast

This visualization of #Snowzilla’s path certainly does look like destructive, radioactive breath sweeping across the nation.

Jae C. Hong/AP

Can Cities Afford to Trust Walmart?

The discount giant is closing 269 stores worldwide—and not even bothering to build stores it promised in poor neighborhoods.

Rafael Viñoly Architects

This Circular Bridge Actually Has a Point

It may be iconic, but it was designed as a roundabout for a reason.

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

One Way D.C. Metro Could Win Back Its Riders

Expanding wireless service is something Metro has to do. It’s also something transit authorities ought to be eager to do.

Dan Nguyen/Flickr

A New York Art Gallery Asks: What Would You Demolish?

The Storefront for Art and Architecture is hosting a competition that asks people to design new places by subtracting, erasing, or destroying what’s already there.


Maybe You Don't Need a Boutique Handmade Trash Can

Rustic or rusty?

Mark Lennihan/AP

Over the Past 5 Years, the Number of Super-Tall Skyscrapers Around the World Doubled

Between 2010 and 2015, the world built 50 super-tall buildings.

Damian Dovarganes/AP

An Unprecedented Choice for L.A. Football Fans

Two NFL teams—the Rams and the Chargers—look to be heading to the city at roughly the same time. How will locals choose which team to root for?

Rebecca Cook/Reuters

'Secret' Real-Estate Investors Should Be Unmasked in Detroit, Too

The U.S. Treasury Department has proposed a new sunshine rule for wealthy foreign property buyers. But the rule should apply to the low end of the market as well.

Sesame Workshop

Oscar the Grouch Lives in a Recycling Bin Now

Gentrification comes to Sesame Street.

SHoP Architects

Brooklyn's Next Tower Could Be Taller Than the Empire State Building

Construction in Brooklyn will reach a 10-year high as the borough works toward a goal of 22,000 new apartments.


The Grim Truths of Texas' Traffic Death Calendars

The state hasn’t had a day without a fatal car crash in 15 years.