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'They Are Coming for Our Neighborhoods'

Why Boulder is taking pre-emptive measures against density, zoning changes, and affordable housing. Bad ones.

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Why Can't American Stadiums Be Beautiful?

Americans should build fewer ballparks and arenas. But if we’re going to keep building no matter what, we should put some effort into them.

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'Preempting' the Rights of North Carolina Cities to Govern Themselves

The state’s legislature is considering a bill that would seize the authority of local governments on fair housing, wages, and even traffic laws.


I'm Obsessed With San Francisco's Bunk-Bed Craigslist Ads

The horror show that is acceptable SF living speaks to the real effects of the city’s extreme housing shortage.

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Victimhood Language and the Fight Against Affordable Housing

Communities actively working against affordable housing are being disingenuous—and setting themselves up for a legal fall.

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What a State-of-Emergency Declaration Means for the Homeless

Local governments are trying to do the right thing, but don’t put it past them to do the wrong one.

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Venture Capital Might Be Raising Your Rent

But zoning for less density is ruining your city.

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Can Joint-Use Libraries Bridge the 'Town-Gown' Divide?

Libraries designed to serve both universities and local communities can be a benefit for cities.

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Despite the Housing Recovery, Thousands of Homes Are Still Losing Value

Some markets need a recovery from the recovery.

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The Pope's Visit as Mega-Event

His Holiness is visiting three U.S. cities this week. How will this compare to other “mega-events”?

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How Detroit's Foreclosure Auction Fails Homeowners

A new state law designed to foil property-tax scofflaws is making it harder for low-income homeowners to keep their houses.

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One Way Forward for Ferguson Is Clear—And Still Impossible

The Ferguson Commission’s new report makes the simple case for consolidating the municipalities that make up St. Louis County.

What I Learned Trawling for Trash in the Chesapeake Bay

No one knows how much garbage is lurking beneath the bay’s waters. So I went on an expedition with plastic hunters to find out.


Upgrade Your iPhone? Maybe You Should Downgrade Your NoPhone Instead

The creators of the unpopular NoPhone have released the latest version, the NoPhone Zero, which does less than ever before.

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Why There's a Mobile Stoop Roving Around Washington, D.C.

One artist is taking neighborliness on the road.

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The Right Way to Rent a Car

Tips from travel pros to avoid being a chump.

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How Many Neighborhoods Is Too Many for One Map?

The lead cartographer for Mapbox answers the technological and philosophical questions of which ‘hoods make it onto a map.

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How the Federal Government Built White Suburbia

Federal housing policies didn’t just deny opportunities to black residents. They subsidized and safeguarded whites-only neighborhoods.

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Millennials Aren't the Only Generation Moving Back in With Their Parents

More and more adults in every age category are staying or returning home. What will that mean for the future of housing?