Kriston Capps

Should Boston Think Differently About An Olympic Bid?

Version 2.0 of the Boston 2024 bid frames the Olympic Games the right way: as a means to an end in building housing and transit.

Wealth Doesn't Trickle Down, But the Effects of Housing Discrimination Do

From 1990 to 2010, wealth has accumulated in ever-richer neighborhoods, thanks in part to exclusionary housing practices.

Bulldoze Moscow With This Classic Arcade-Game App

Remember Arkanoid? It’s back—to illustrate a real-life architecture crisis.

What the Supreme Court's 'Disparate Impact' Decision Means for the Future of Fair Housing

The surprising 5-4 decision affirms the original intent of the 50-year-old Fair Housing Act: that implicit discrimination is as destructive as explicit discrimination.

U.S. Homeownership Is at Its Lowest Rate Since 1993

The latest State of the Nation’s Housing report reveals some troubling trends for buyers.

The Confederate Flag Has Cost South Carolina Millions in Tourism

The NAACP’s longtime boycott of the state over its contentious Confederate flag has cost cities like Columbia and Charleston at least $10 million.

New York Is a City of Renters at Every Stage of Life

The American Dream trajectory of renting while young and owning a home later doesn’t quite apply in NYC.

Texas Built a Confederate Memorial on a Street Named for Martin Luther King Jr.

Short of removing existing Confederate symbols, maybe we could stop building new ones?

Did the Louisville Police Union Just Threaten City Residents?

An open letter reads: “To the sensationalists, liars and race-baiters—we are done with you.”

Every Single County in America Is Facing an Affordable Housing Crisis

A new report reveals that zero counties in the U.S. have enough housing for families in extreme poverty.

The Supreme Court Is Set to Decide the Future of Fair Housing

The court will soon settle a question about housing discrimination that has been with us since the ‘68 riots and white flight.

What We Know About the Charleston Church Shooting

A white man opened fire Wednesday evening inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, killing nine.

Dear President Obama: Please Ban Plastic Bags

The administration has moved to ban trans fats. Single-use bags should be next.

The Paranoia of Police Unions

With departments facing scrutiny across the nation, police unions are lashing out at the cities they serve.

Where Should We Build Jurassic Park?

Only a few U.S. cities can sustain tragic-yet-frequent dinosaur outbreaks.

Cleveland Is Mapping Every Abandoned House in the City, the Old-Fashioned Way

Eight pairs of surveyors are covering every street in the city to determine exactly how many homes are vacant.

America's Egg Shortage Threatens Austin's Breakfast Taco Supply

Bird flu is hitting U.S. industrial egg production hard, driving up costs for businesses and consumers.  

How the 'Black Tax' Destroyed African-American Homeownership in Chicago

Predatory (yet perfectly legal) tax-lien sales were perfected in the city in the 1970s. The crisis continues today.

What Would It Take to Keep Rental Housing Affordable in NYC?

Thirty years of free property taxes for landlords might do it.