Kriston Capps

ABMS Architects

The Unlikely Home of the World's Next Tallest Skyscraper

The Bride of the Gulf will spring from the site of the Iraq War’s first major battle.

Don Richards

Don't Believe the Hype About Selfie Rat

It just doesn’t add up.

Public Work

Toronto Wants to Turn the Underpass of a Highway Into a Major Public Park

Project: Under Gardiner would transform an elevated highway into a public park space with dozens of uses.

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

How 'Parks Without Borders' Aims to Make New York Parks Safer

NYC Parks seeks to lower barriers to accessing the city’s green spaces, with major revisions planned and a new design philosophy going forward.

Mark Byrnes/CityLab

Governors Don't Want Syrian Refugees. Mayors Are Asking for Even More

Your state might oppose Syrian refugee resettlement, but odds are your city feels the opposite.

Jim Young/Reuters

How Republican Governors Can Get Creative to Interfere With Syrian Refugees

The federal government may make refugees residents, but state leaders can make the resettlement process difficult—and perpetuate fear by doing so.

AP Photo/Nasser Ishtayeh

Governors Should Listen to Mayors on Syrian Refugees

State and city leaders are at odds on refugee immigration—another example of a growing gulf on civic priorities.

Hasan Shaaban/Reuters

Why the West Stood in Solidarity With Paris, But not Beirut

Tourism has been on a sharp decline in Beirut, once called the “Paris of the Middle East.” Today, few Westerners have any personal connection to the city.

Daniele Zacchi/Boeri Studio

Are 'Treescrapers' the Future of Dense Urban Living?

A vertical garden tower just won a significant award for architecture. Is it time to start taking these designs seriously?

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

A Working List of Viral Paris Attacks Images and Rumors That Are Wrong

As with any emergency event, some of the reports that spread Friday night were erroneous.


What the Paris Attacks Mean for Europe's Free Borders

France has not closed its borders, but rather reimposed border controls. This is normal security protocol, but also a worrying sign for the future of a free Europe.

Charles Rex Arbogast/AP

Should the Federal Government Ban Smoking in Public Housing?

HUD’s proposed smoking ban protects vulnerable people, but also imposes more regulations on them.

Kevin Coombs/Reuters

Of Course Skyscrapers Aren't Ruining Cities

The argument that skyscrapers spoil cities is flawed. And no building is as ugly as inequality.

Jaime Duplass /

Are Millennial 'Stealth Dorms' Ruining Texas Cities?

It depends on who you ask, and land-use zoning laws make strange bedfellows.


Does This Brooklyn Sculpture Say 'Yo' or 'Oy'?

And what does it all mean?

Joshua Yetman

How America's Oldest Art Museum Building Got a High-Tech Makeover

The restoration of the Renwick Gallery in D.C. to its original state has involved some advanced engineering work.

Darren Abate/Reuters

Should Big-City Mayors Save the Democratic Party?

If Democrats are losing ground in state-level politics, perhaps it’s because all their talent would prefer to run cities.

Pat Sullivan/AP

It's Time for Cities to Ditch Ballot-Box Planning

The votes in San Francisco and Boulder—not to mention Houston—show that ballot measures are the wrong way to govern.