Kriston Capps

AP/Steve Ruark

All Charges Dropped in Freddie Gray Trials, but Justice Is Indicted

It’s not possible to say that Gray found justice. But Baltimore would be worse off had the state not even sought any.

Reuters/Charles Mostoller

Why Democrats and Republicans Need to Talk About Affordable Housing

The lack of affordable housing in the U.S. should be a top priority for any incoming administration. Where’s the discussion?


The Pokepocalypse Is Coming for New York

We aren’t catching them. They are catching us.

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Cleveland Museum of Art

This Map Shows How Artists Built New York

An exhibit about the friendship between Eva Hesse and Sol LeWitt shows how art has nurtured New York—and vice versa.


Cleveland Won the Republican National Convention

The city gave more than it got from hosting the RNC, and Public Square was the event’s MVP.

J. Scott Applewhite/AP

What Republican Mayors Can Do for Cities

The mayor of Oklahoma City explains how conservative principles helped the city grow from nowheresville to a magnet for Millennials.

Kriston Capps/CityLab

Where Are All the Protesters at the RNC?

Neither the hordes on the right nor the left showed up for a Republican National Convention, where the drama is all inside the convention center.

Lindsey Byrnes

100 Naked Women Have a Message for Donald Trump

“Whenever women come together, there’s a certain power in that.”

Adrees Latif/Reuters

Where 5,000 Police Officers Are Staying in Cleveland

That’s more than four times the number of officers in the entire Cleveland Police Department.

"Section 581" by SITU Studio, Photograph by Patrick Mandeville

An Art Installation Visualizes the Boggling Tax Disparities Along Central Park

As part of a show at the Storefront for Art and Architecture, SITU Studio dives deep into the inequity of New York City property taxes.


The RNC Will Present a Major Test for Open Carry Rights

Cleveland police may be prepared for the Republican National Convention, but the state’s permissive gun laws add a potentially dangerous layer.

Tony Dejak/AP

Police Ask Cleveland's Homeless to Watch Out for Unfamilar Faces During the RNC

Officers have visited at least two encampments in the city, asking residents to be on the lookout for outsiders.

Pelli Clarke Pelli/Mark Byrnes for CityLab

A Modest Proposal: Name San Antonio's New Skyscraper After Tim Duncan

San Antonio’s first skyscraper in nearly 30 years should honor the Spurs power forward, who ruled the court for nearly 20.

Reuters/Sam Mircovich

A Gen-X User Guide to Pokémon Go

Gotta catch ‘em all, but how? Where? Why? What’s a Squirtle?

Tony Gutierrez/AP

Texas's Open-Carry Law Failed Everyone in Dallas

A protester legally carrying a long gun was mistaken for a shooter in the Dallas police ambush. His story illustrates one of the biggest drawbacks to the policy.

Jonathan Bachman/Reuters

Do Black Citizens Have a Right to Bear Arms?

Recent court decisions and state laws have bolstered the individual right to bear arms, but not for everyone.


The Tech Race to Produce an Instant Electric Bicycle

Converting a bike into an e-bike can be as easy as swapping out a wheel—but the costs are still a burden.

SkyRise Miami

Miami Is Building a Vertical Amusement Park

“SkyRise Miami is more than a viewing deck. It has content.” Such as bungee-jumping and a flight simulator.