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National Equity Atlas

This Atlas of Racial Equity Just Keeps Getting Better

Looking for neighborhood-level maps of our second Gilded Age? This is the place.

Reinhold Matay/AP

America's Most Dangerous Highways

Why are Southern interstates so deadly? It could be a lethal mix of high speeds, distracted driving, and lax regulations.

UC Press

Mapping 26 Kaleidoscopic New York Cities

Rebecca Solnit’s third and final urban atlas reminds the reader that maps are not facts, but starting points.

AP Photo/Fernando Vergara

Visualizing the Brutal Commutes of Colombia's Poorest

New research maps mobility rhythms of rich and poor workers, revealing barely overlapping worlds.

Great Big Story

The Public Librarians Who Serve as Human Google

The New York Public Library’s reference service still handles 30,000 calls a year.

Courtesy of the Swiss Institute

The Conceptual Artist Who Saved a Struggling Town

When Raivo Puusemp arrived in Rosendale, New York, in the mid-1970s, he turned politics into art.

Chris Keane/Reuters

Could Self-Driving Cars Speed Hurricane Evacuations?

The case for a fully autonomous escape plan.

Matt Rourke/AP Images

The Underground Movement to Map Subterranean Chicago

Cities often don’t know where all their pipes and cables are. This new digital platform could solve that.

Richard Vogel/AP Photo

What's Driving the Rise in Traffic Deaths?

It’s too early to attribute this astonishing uptick simply to more drivers on the road.

Mapbox/Katie Martin/CityLab

Montreal's Portuguese Chicken Gives Poutine a Run for Its Money

Frango churrasco is the go-to takeout in a historic immigrant hub.

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

The Two Faces of Freelancing

Some professionals are thrilled to be their own bosses, but on-call and temp workers are still struggling.

Flickr/Wild Las Vegas

Las Vegas Doubles Down on the Bicycle

A new bike-share program is one of several signs that the city is finally getting behind the idea of an urban renaissance.

Ben Margot/AP Photo

The Best Reader Comments: San Francisco's Transportation Balancing Act

CityLab commenters debate regulating development, congestion pricing, and SF’s relationship to the Bay.

Great Big Story

The Colorado Towns That Turned Up the Stars

It wasn’t easy to banish streetlights and signs. “Frontier people don’t like being told what to do.”

Carlo Allegri/Reuters

One Big Question About Hoboken's Fatal Commuter Train Crash

A third of U.S. train crashes are caused by human error, even though technology exists to make rail passengers much safer. Why doesn’t New Jersey Transit have it?


Austin Might Be Weird Enough to Build a Gondola

Regional transportation officials in the traffic-plagued Texas capital support a viability study for an eight-mile aerial circulator.

Flickr/Christian Michel

There's a Reason Why Trump's Beloved Airports Are So Nice

Some countries with very different priorities have an easier time building first-rate infrastructure.

Andrew Nelles/Reuters

The Heavy Hand of Early-20th Century Zoning Codes

For better or worse, the shape of modern Chicago has a lot to do with decisions made in the 1920s.