Laura Bliss

Colorado Department of Transportation

A Green Light for Denver's Controversial Highway

The FHWA’s decision on ‘Central 70’ came on the eve of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, which is surely no coincidence.

Carlos Osorio/AP Photo

If Obamacare Dies, Cities Will Feel It

The ACA directed millions of dollars to urban public health initiatives addressing everything from lead poisoning to healthcare access.

Auut Studio

A Comprehensive Map of American Lynchings

The practice wasn’t limited to the South, as this new visualization of racial violence in the Jim Crow era proves.

Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Why Does Florida Have America's Most Lethal Roads?

There’s no simple solution, but the Sunshine State is trying to tackle its astonishing rates of pedestrian deaths.

RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post/Getty Images

In Divided Denver, a Highway Promises Reconnection

In working-class north Denver, a $1.2 billion cut-and-cover project may transform the neighborhood that the highway once isolated. But some residents fear they'll be left behind.

Jae C. Hong/AP Photo

The Future of Autonomous Vehicles Is Shared

A dispatch from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, where robo-cars were on full display—and predictions about how we’ll use them were flying.

New York City Transit Museum

New York's Second Ave Subway: A Century in Maps

A visual history of an infamously troubled project.

Eric Risberg/AP Photo

3 Bumps on the Road Ahead for Shared Autonomous Vehicles

The Uber that blew through a red light in San Francisco raised unanswered questions about policing, manufacturers’ guidelines, and shared space.

Atlas of ReUrbanism

Mapping the Value of Neighborhood 'Character'

The Atlas of ReUrbanism begins to explore how older buildings help density and affordability, but it doesn’t go far enough.

Larry Downing/Reuters

Anthony Foxx, the Great Connector

The outgoing U.S. Secretary of Transportation reflects on autonomous vehicles, economic justice, and a remarkable tenure.


A Smarter Way to Visualize Zillions of Travel Options

TransitScreen, a real-time transportation display, is trying to untangle the visual clutter of multimodal mobility.

Molly Riley/AP Photo

In Flint, One Mother's Fight Isn't Over

LeeAnne Walters on her year of activism: “I never thought we’d be fighting for our livelihoods after fighting for our lives.”

Swiss Institute

A Sculptor Grapples With Robert Moses' Brutal Urbanism

New York’s controversial “master planner” haunts artist Lena Henke’s intimate ceramics and maps.

Courtesy of the Museum of the City of ...

How the Battle for Sunlight Shaped New York City

As the city reached for the sky, those down below had to scramble for daylight.

Rich Pedroncelli/AP Photo

What Carpoolers Really Want

Who will build the great disruptive carpooling app of the 21st century?

Metropolis Books

How Never-Built Architecture Negotiated New York City's Grid

A new catalog of unrealized buildings and infrastructure holds lessons for today.  

Rich Pedroncelli/AP Photo

How to Stop a Highway

The Department of Transportation releases a plain-language toolkit to help citizens weigh in on all kinds of projects—so they can thwart the bad ones.

Joshua Lott/Reuters

Faster Rail Service Is Coming to America—Slowly

It’s not “high speed,” exactly. But a mix of privately funded rail projects and improvements to existing Amtrak lines are finally starting to get American trains moving.