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No, Alphabet Isn't Conspiring to Take Over Public Transit in Columbus

Contrary to a recent article, “smart” transportation technologies like those from Sidewalk Labs aren’t really a big secret. Plus, cities want them.

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Higher Minimum Wages Are Good for Newborn Health

For every dollar that state minimum wages go up, birth outcomes improve, two new studies find.

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How Polarized U.S. Politics Are Driving Neighbors Apart

Productive conversation across party lines seems to be ever more elusive.

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Columbus Wins the U.S. DOT's Smart Cities Challenge

The city’s unique proposal aims to keep vulnerable moms and babies healthy and safe.

Laura Bliss

A Man in Washington, D.C., Is Hosting Refugees Through Airbnb

“I don’t see it as risky. I find it logical, and appropriate, given the current situation.”

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Syrian Refugees Are Preserving Their National Monuments in Miniature

A new short film captures refugee artists carefully modeling treasured Syrian sites destroyed by war.

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A Florida Transit Agency Takes On the Digital Divide in a Partnership With Uber

As ride-hailing services intertwine with public transit, Pinellas County is making sure its poorest riders aren’t left out.  

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The Quiet Majesty of America's Public Libraries

Photographs of nearly 700 libraries across 48 states show that we have more in common than not.

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California's Street Trees Are Worth About $1 Billion

If the state has a better grasp on the dividends it reaps from trees, it might support investing in them.

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How Mass Shootings Could Change America's 'Third Spaces'

In the absence of meaningful gun reform, it isn’t hard to imagine public spaces becoming more rigid, enclosed, and surveilled. That’s a problem.

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How Cyclists Are Making the Most of D.C. Metro's Service Cuts

Record-breaking bike ridership is cause for optimism among D.C.’s cycling supporters. 

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Seven U.S. Mayors Pitched the DOT Like a Bunch of Tech Entrepreneurs

The final hurdle for the $50 million Smart Cities Challenge was a little goofy.

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A Painstaking Remake of History's Earliest Elevation Map

A British artist is tracing the curious invention of contour lines. 

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How Much Does Sprawl Cost American Commuters?

More than $107 billion annually, or about $1,400 per commuter, a new analysis finds.

Browse More Than 1,000 National Park Maps, All in One Place

A park ranger is diligently uploading these free cartographic resources for the enjoyment and convenience of all.

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The Hopes and Fears of New York City's Subway Dancers

A new short film paints a humanizing portrait of four young “showtime” performers.

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Uber's Subprime Auto Leases Sound Awfully Predatory

Credit-poor drivers are reportedly becoming indentured to their cars by the ride-hailing behemoth. Is it time for a “fair-trade” alternative?

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Why the Grass Is Greener in Some U.S. Park Systems

The latest ranking of city parks leaves out an important lesson: Planning is as important as funding.