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Great Big Story

The Colorado Towns That Turned Up the Stars

It wasn’t easy to banish streetlights and signs. “Frontier people don’t like being told what to do.”

Carlo Allegri/Reuters

One Big Question About Hoboken's Fatal Commuter Train Crash

A third of U.S. train crashes are caused by human error, even though technology exists to make rail passengers much safer. Why doesn’t New Jersey Transit have it?


Austin Might Be Weird Enough to Build a Gondola

Regional transportation officials in the traffic-plagued Texas capital support a viability study for an eight-mile aerial circulator.

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There's a Reason Why Trump's Beloved Airports Are So Nice

Some countries with very different priorities have an easier time building first-rate infrastructure.

Andrew Nelles/Reuters

The Heavy Hand of Early-20th Century Zoning Codes

For better or worse, the shape of modern Chicago has a lot to do with decisions made in the 1920s.

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How Do We Hate New York City Buses? Let Us Count the Ways

A short film allows riders to vent about—and share their best hopes for—the city’s underperforming transit workhorses.

Robert Galbraith/Reuters

Can San Francisco Build Housing That Eases Traffic?

Bay Area planners are betting that new developments can accommodate growth and relieve traffic congestion.  

Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters

The U.S. DOT Officially Puts a Car In the Self-Driving Race

Federal regulators have released comprehensive guidelines for the emerging technology.

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Among the Powerless

Millions of U.S. households struggle for sufficient electricity, heat, and cooling. But few poverty researchers have studied the psychological toll of energy insecurity.

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The Adorable Instagrams of PARK(ing) Day

Celebrate the annual event that launched a thousand city parklets.

Pernod Ricard USA

Next Up On the Jukebox: Real-Time Transit Info

Digital displays in bars across the U.S will offer the best routes to stumble home.

Gene J. Puskar/AP Photo

America Would Happily Pay Uber An Extra $7 Billion

Economists put a (big) number on the ride service’s consumer surplus in 2015.

Courtesy of Michael Grieco

Miami Beach Is Done With Saying 'No'

“Let’s direct people to what they can do, instead of can’t,” says one city commissioner.  

Jason Redmond/Reuters

Now Seattle Is Moving to Lower Speed Limits

It would be the latest city to slow down drivers in the name of Vision Zero. But how effective will it be?

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Parking Reform Cartoon Scores Most Canadian Victory Ever

“This wasn’t really about parking,” says Ottawa planner. “This was about the kind of city people want to live in.”

Yonah Freemark

A One-Stop Data Shop For Transportation Wonks

Looking for hard numbers on travel trends? Bookmark this handy online compendium of graphs, charts, and stats.

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The Hidden Epidemic of Teen Hunger

Food insecurity has become normalized among American teenagers—who are also particularly vulnerable to its risks.

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When Light Rail Opens, Do People Really Get More Exercise?

It all depends on how active they were to begin with, new research finds.