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Moving to a New Home Can Break Old Habits of Car Commuting

New research builds on an old lesson: To get people using transit, it’s all about timing.

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How Columbus Is Using Transit to Reduce Infant Mortality

The city is hoping a new BRT line and smarter technology can help families access crucial services.

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Meet the Man Living Inside a Boeing 727

“It’s incredibly strong. It will last practically forever.”

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In California, Urgency About the Drought Is Lessening

One homeowners’ association has even ordered residents to green up their lawns.

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Does Transit Always Increase Land Value?

Cities are harnessing future land values to pay for new infrastructure. But the research behind this approach may be flawed.

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This Old Map: Da Vinci's City Plan, 1502

The fourth installment in this occasional series features the world’s earliest surviving “ichnographic” map.

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Portland Bids Farewell to Its 'Bowie vs. Prince' Bike Ride

Baby, that was much too fast.

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What Are Trees Worth to Cities?

Meet the U.S. Forest Service scientist putting a dollar value on urban forests.

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Why the Criminal Charges Just Filed in Flint Are a Pretty Big Deal

Even if they don’t do anything to replace the city’s lead pipes.


An Exhaustive and Accessible Transit Database Has Finally Arrived

Using data from 800 agencies nationwide, AllTransit illuminates the economic and social benefits of transit.

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Identifying the Safest Intersection Designs for Cyclists

Researchers at Portland State hope to be the first to develop standard guidelines for protected bike lane crossings.

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Why Flint's Hopes for Economic Development Rest on Replacing Pipes

“If we don’t take this opportunity, then we’ve failed a second time,” says Mayor Karen Weaver.


Youth Artists Are Painting Gorgeous Murals Inside New York City Public Housing

“We want them to convey a sense of home.”

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The Shimmering Private Pools of Los Angeles County, Mapped

When space and water are commodities, pools are a proxy for wealth.

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How 'Maintainers,' Not 'Innovators,' Make the World Turn

We need more stories about the labor that sustains society, a group of scholars say.


Baltimore's 'Mr. Trash Wheel' Has Lost a Giant Googly Eye

The popular garbage-sifting water-wheel is in good spirits, despite the wind-related injury.

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What a Dance Party on the Metromover Says About Transit in Miami

Optimistic talk, but not much action.

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America Has the Fewest 16-Year-Old Drivers Since the 1960s

Economics, attitude shifts, and the lure of the internet are all likely explanations.