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What's Behind Declining Transit Ridership Nationwide?

Pick a culprit: The rise of ride-hailing services, budget cuts, cheap oil, or bad service.

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In California's Commuter Rail Drama, Nobody's a Winner

Except, ironically, proponents of high-speed rail, the likely target of a major federal grant delay.

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What the Instagram of the 1970s Reveals About L.A.

Young photographers infiltrated academic slide libraries with radical images of a changing Los Angeles.

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What Squatting Can Teach Us About Wasted Space

In an era of extreme housing precariousness, a new book looks at the history of a radical alternative.

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The Wild Comeback Of New York's Legendary Landfill

At Freshkills Park, where the city dumped 150 million tons of its garbage, human desires and nature’s needs are feeling their way to a new harmony.

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Louisville's Faith-Based Plan to Fight Urban Heat

In the country’s fastest-warming urban heat island, places of worship are banding together to cool down.

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How to Teach a Car a Traffic Sign

Before self-driving vehicles can truly operate autonomously, they’ll need to master Street Sign 101. They might be almost there.

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Get Lost in this New-and-Improved Map of America's Megaregions

Ever been to the “Corntassel” corridor?

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The High Line's Next Balancing Act

The famed “linear park” may be a runaway success, but it’s also a symbol of Manhattan’s rising inequality. Can its founder help other cities learn from its mistakes?


Here's How Godawful NYC Bike Lanes Used to Be

A 2002 public access show offers shows just how far the city has come.


Boston Has Been Arguing About the Subway for 130 Years

A new PBS documentary traces the political debate and technical achievement behind Beantown’s underground.

Stratus Imaging/Congress for New Urbanism

The Highway Hit List

The U.S. has no shortage of urban interstates ripe for removal, and some tear-downs are already underway. But planners should tread carefully when “reconnecting” neighborhoods.

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Hailing an Uber Just Got Way More Political

In the backlash following President Trump’s “Muslim ban,” the sides in the ride-hailing universe are drawn more firmly than ever.

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A Portland Start-Up Is Smashing Barriers to Affordable Housing

Tyrone Poole, the founder of, was homeless once. Now he’s demystifying the rental search, one application at a time.

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In California, the Future Is Still Electric

At every level, the state is ramping up for widespread electric vehicle adoption. And it’s ready to throw down with President Trump.

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Mass Transit Mobilizes Women. Why Don't Women Mobilize for Transit?

Voting against transit might save some people tax dollars, but it hurts women of color the most.

Colorado Department of Transportation

A Green Light for Denver's Controversial Highway

The FHWA’s decision on ‘Central 70’ came on the eve of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, which is surely no coincidence.

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If Obamacare Dies, Cities Will Feel It

The ACA directed millions of dollars to urban public health initiatives addressing everything from lead poisoning to healthcare access.