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Flint Is Finally Getting a Reprieve From Its Tainted Water Supply

The city will reconnect with Detroit's system, but crumbling pipes remain a big problem.

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Why California's Poorest Towns Still Can't Connect to Water

In the dried-out San Joaquin Valley, consolidating water systems brings out ugly politics.

LA Energy Atlas

L.A.'s New 'Energy Atlas' Maps Who Sucks the Most Off the Grid

Patterns of consumption fall along class lines in the nation’s most populous county.

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The Nation's Best Family Leave Plan Could Be Coming to D.C.

The proposed 16 weeks of paid leave could make a big difference for many caring for a new baby or sick parent.

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How Did One Household Use 11.8 Million Gallons of Water in a Year?

CityLab speculates on what one L.A. homeowner—the biggest residential water user in the state—could possibly be up to.

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Bike Commuting: Still on the Rise

New numbers from the League of American Bicyclists show that if you build the lanes, cyclists will come.

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Guess Where Seniors Might Be Getting a Specialized Pot Dispensary

In Berkeley, of course. And the woman behind it is pretty cool.

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Before California's Drought, a Century of Disparity

In the San Joaquin Valley, a legacy of shortsighted land-use planning has intensified the water crisis for poor residents.

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Raucous Frogs That Brought Down Property Values in Hawaii Move to L.A.

Who wouldn't welcome the incredibly loud, high-pitched, nighttime mating call of the coqui?

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You Know It's the MLB Playoffs When Transit Agencies Are Brawling on Twitter

L.A. and New York are going head to head … through their respective MTAs.

Corredor Cultural Chapultepec

The Backlash to Mexico City's High Line-Style Park

Critics say the Corredor Cultural Chapultepec is not the kind of public space the city desperately needs.

U.S.D.A. Forest Service

Mapping America's Unprecedented Vulnerability to Wildfires

The U.S. forest service has plotted where human development comes dangerously close to nature.

Youth Radio/West Side Stories

A Youth-Driven Interactive Map of Rapidly Changing West Oakland

West Side Stories is a primer for newcomers and a forum for longtime residents.

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Why Universal Childcare Isn't a Perfect Solution

An experiment in universal childcare in Quebec has been mostly a disaster. Here’s what could work for U.S. kids instead.

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Pondering How Long You Have Left to Live Has Never Been So Much Fun

Surprisingly, your chances of living to your next birthday don’t always decline as you age.

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What's Putting Lead Into the Water in Flint, Michigan?

Researchers say road salt is causing dangerously high lead levels in the city’s water.

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In California, People of Color Are Hit Hardest By Environmental Hazards

Race, more than income, is strongly linked to living near pollutants of all kinds.    

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When It Comes to School Choices, It's a Privilege to Have Fewer

While a range of options might seem like a plus, there are costs.

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What Utah's Flash Floods Say About the Dry Future of the West

Tuesday’s deadly torrents are reminders that western states need new models for water storage.