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Why It's So Disturbingly Common for Water Regulation to Fail

What happened in Flint reflects an environmental bureaucracy too easily tripped up by local politics.

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Urbanization Is a Major Driver of the Zika Virus

And slum dwellers are suffering the consequences.

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Instead of Replacing Flint's Old Pipes, Why Not Just Build New Ones?

One civil engineer says it would be less laborious and more cost-effective.

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A Novel Idea for Regulating Airbnb

A "renters rights" exchange could spread costs and benefits more evenly across city neighborhoods.

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The Long, Ugly History of the Politics of Lead Poisoning

Or, why the longest-lasting childhood epidemic in U.S. history wasn’t ever treated like one.

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In the Western U.S., the Next Drought Is Always Around the Corner

Even if El Niño ends the region’s current dry spell.

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The Art of the Crowd

A new exhibition explores how the masses of 20th-century America pushed artists in new directions.

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How Democracy Died in Flint

A congressional hearing on Wednesday revealed the toxic timeline of the city’s water crisis—and how democracy might be repaired.

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Flint Accelerates Plans to Replace All Lead Pipes

But it won’t be easy.

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L.A.'s Slow-Moving Oil and Gas Disaster

In affluent Porter Ranch, the worst gas leak in U.S. history continues to pose health concerns. But in lower-income neighborhoods across Los Angeles, drilling has been making people sick for years.

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Zika Isn't the Only Virus Worsened by El Niño

This year might be a glimpse into the infectious world of the future.

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Urban Population Shifts, Rendered in Blown Glass

The work of a Michigan artist illustrates just how fragile cities can be.

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A New Way to Rank Economic Growth in America's Metros

Individual prosperity and inclusion by race and income matter in a new Brookings report.

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How Will Flint Residents Ever Be Compensated?

Emergency aid, settlements, refunds: It’s uncertain which solutions may come to pass.


Where New Yorkers Can't Stand the Racket

A new map lets you analyze noise complaints in the Big Apple.

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Could El Niño Actually End California's Drought?

Snowpack is really the key here.

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Mapping the Interconnectedness of Canada's Water

“It’s a very precious resource, and it shouldn’t be mismanaged.”

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Flint Has Been Looking at Water All Wrong

It's not a commodity—it's a basic human right.