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Nelson and Rae, 2016

How 4 Million Commutes Shape America's 'Megaregions'

New maps use math to define the amorphous term.

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How Vancouver Became North America's Car-Free Capital

The city hit a 50 percent “active transit” target, 5 years ahead of schedule. A short film shows how they did it.

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The Surprisingly Unequal Benefits of Electric Vehicles, Mapped

There’s been a urban/rural divide on who gets cleaner air.

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New York City Cracks Down On Steam Heating

Upgrading cranky, ancient systems could be one of the largest single opportunities to cut building emissions.

Courtesy Adam Shumaker/MARTA Army

Why Is This Citizens Brigade Taking Over Atlanta's Bus Stops?

“People are realizing that great transit will not come from the sky,” says the co-founder of the MARTA Army.

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4 Questions About the Incoming Secretary of Transportation

Former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao’s connections to Congress will likely prove useful.

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The Artist Who Made Sanitation Workers Worthy of a Museum

A retrospective of Mierle Laderman Ukeles’s work argues that maintenance should be valued as art.

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What Does Trump Mean When He Says 'Infrastructure'?

Maybe the president-elect is talking about subsidizing profitable real-estate projects that would get built anyway.

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Be Wary of a Trump-Led Infrastructure Bank

There’s a lot to like about the concept in general, but that doesn’t mean policymakers should buy in.

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How Cities Plan to Fight Climate Change in the Trump Years

Local leaders learned how to take action when Washington couldn’t. Now they’re betting those efforts can survive an age of science-denying federal overlords.

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Who Will Trump Pick for Secretary of Transportation?

One contender, Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes, seems to understand the importance of multimodal options.

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How Much Damage Could Trump Do to U.S. Climate Policy?

Probably not as much as you might think, experts say.

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How to Stand Up Against a Bigoted Attack

Reports of hate crimes apparently tied to Donald Trump’s election are surging. Here’s how to be an active witness.

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The Best Reader Comments: The True Meaning of Joel Kotkin's 'Localism'

Donald Trump's election strikes many of the same chords that our recent interview did.

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What U.S. Transportation Policy Could Look Like Under Trump

From highway building and transit funding to ride-hailing and environmental concerns, expect big changes coming down the road.

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Mass Transit Won Big on Election Day. But It Could Still Lose.

U.S. cities committed to paying for the rail and bus systems they want on Tuesday. But a Republican-led Congress might threaten that.

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Meanwhile, in Canada

Spending time up north while the U.S. descended into a circus of political dread often felt a parallel universe.

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The 2016 CityLab Voters Guide

What are the biggest ballot questions on transit, energy, housing, and other urban issues?