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A New App Explores the Powerful Workings of Skyscrapers

Designed for kids, “Skyscrapers” is a sweet tonic for high-rise malaise.


Could the Dutch Be Even More Bike-Friendly?

Amsterdam’s new “bike mayor” thinks so, and Anna Luten also wants her fellow cyclists to clean up their etiquette.

Planet Labs, Inc

The Most Rectangular Places on Earth

Turkey is extremely rectangular—but not as much as Egypt, Lethoso, and Ghana.

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Here's How Many Cars This Car-Sharing Service Killed

According to a new study, every car2go vehicle removes as many as 11 personal cars from city streets.

Sylvain Labs and Greencard Pictures

Exploring Northlandz, 52,000 Square Feet of Tiny Towns and Transit

Bruce Zaccagnino has built a detailed microcosm of connected cities, complete with buildings, bridges, and trains.

AP/Jae C. Hong

How a Lack of Jobs May Be Changing Family Structures

Low employment opportunities seem to be discouraging some young adults from marrying before having kids.

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Trucks Have Made Remarkably Little Progress in Reducing Emissions

Passenger cars have improved substantially, but heavier-duty vehicles have a long way to go, a new report shows.

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What Transit Riders Really Want

A new survey of 3,000 riders finds frequency, speed, and walkability are key for satisfying, effective transit.  

Pokémon Go/Gustave Caillebotte, "Paris Street, Rainy Day," 1877

Pokémon Go Has Created a New Kind of Flâneur

"The game is her element, as the air is that of Pidgey and the water of Squirtle."

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Dallas Has a Long, Dark History of Racial Violence

Between lynchings, firebombings, and police shootings, Thursday's tragedy came with an ugly context.

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What California Can Learn From How the South Manages Wildfires

As deadly wildfires blaze, experts are calling on the state to emulate the South’s long tradition of prescribed burning.

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No, Alphabet Isn't Conspiring to Take Over Public Transit in Columbus

Contrary to a recent article, “smart” transportation technologies like those from Sidewalk Labs aren’t really a big secret. Plus, cities want them.

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Higher Minimum Wages Are Good for Newborn Health

For every dollar that state minimum wages go up, birth outcomes improve, two new studies find.

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How Polarized U.S. Politics Are Driving Neighbors Apart

Productive conversation across party lines seems to be ever more elusive.


Columbus Wins the U.S. DOT's Smart Cities Challenge

The city’s unique proposal aims to keep vulnerable moms and babies healthy and safe.

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A Man in Washington, D.C., Is Hosting Refugees Through Airbnb

“I don’t see it as risky. I find it logical, and appropriate, given the current situation.”

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Syrian Refugees Are Preserving Their National Monuments in Miniature

A new short film captures refugee artists carefully modeling treasured Syrian sites destroyed by war.

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

A Florida Transit Agency Takes On the Digital Divide in a Partnership With Uber

As ride-hailing services intertwine with public transit, Pinellas County is making sure its poorest riders aren’t left out.