Mark Byrnes


Beijing, Without the People

China’s capital looked a lot emptier than usual on Sunday.

Stephen Fan

Connecticut's Unexpected Chinatowns

Thousands of Chinese have chosen Montville and Norwich over New York’s Canal Street since 2001.

Julian Montague

A Look Back at the Greatest (and Only) Stray Shopping Cart Identification Guide Ever Made

It’s been ten years since Julian Montague’s delightfully odd project was first published.


Winter Storm Jonas, From Outer Space

A stunning NASA photo shows the record snowstorm as seen from the International Space Station.


Singapore in Pastel

“I’m doing more for the country’s image overseas than our tourist promotion board,” says the photographer Nguan. “I’m a better liar than they are.”


A Brief History of Local TV Weather Reports

Where have all the puppets gone?

Diane Cook and Len Jenshel/National Geographic Creative

Making The High Line

Two designers behind the iconic railway-turned-park discuss how it ushered in a new era of landscape design.

Photograph © Martha Cooper

The Book That Spread New York's Subway Graffiti Around the World

Thirty years after its original release, Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant’s collection of photos still offers a vibrant look at the origins of this art scene.

REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

A Guidebook for China's New Building Boom

This new book helps English-speaking travelers and architecture enthusiasts find the projects that best exemplify the country’s post-Mao landscape.


Toronto's Long History of Promotional Transit Videos

The city’s official commission spared no expense on TV ads in the 1980s, but local artists have always done a better job.

REUTERS/Darrin Zammit

The 2015 Refugee Crisis, in Pictures

According to the United Nations, there haven’t been this many displaced people on earth since World War II.

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

Why People in Beijing Are Buying Cans of Air From Canada

A duo from Edmonton is selling their product by the thousands, thanks to China’s latest air quality crisis.

Noël Thomas J.R., Guy Dubois
, Centre Canadien d’Architecture

A Look Back at Quebec's Masters of Modernism

The firm behind some of the province’s biggest public projects of the ‘60s and ‘70s is the subject of a new show in Montreal.


A Design Guide to London's Underground Stations

There’s a lot to find inside TfL’s detailed new booklet, including a map and “flashcards” that categorize stations by appearance.

Blue Crow Media

A Perfect Map For Exploring London's Brutalist Buildings

Navigate your way around one of the world’s best collections of Heroic concrete with this new guide.

Wallace Henning

A Classic British Rail Design Manual Is Making a Triumphant Return

One enthusiast hopes to track down the final missing pages of the U.K.’s iconic national train service guide before releasing it as a book.

Max Roberts

Mapping Chicago's Subway in the Style of Frank Lloyd Wright

Great for finding your way to the architect’s many Windy City projects.


A Toronto Subway Station Gets Its Old Tiles Back, for Now