Mark Byrnes

Timothy Schenck

How Governors Island Became New York's Best New Public Space

An interview with Leslie Koch, who has overseen the island’s transformation from a military base into a local attraction.

Bing, Mark Byrnes/CityLab

A Map of the Dallas Shootings

The shootings took place around El Centro College in the heart of downtown Dallas.

Sketching Towards a Perfect Train Logo

It took about 100 drawings before Herbert Matter came up with his famous design for New Haven Railroad.

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The Ugly Fight Behind One of Football's First Stadium-Naming Rights Deals

It took lawyers and 10 years of arguing before the Buffalo Bills finally acknowledged the frozen food company sponsoring their home.

How Detroit Got Its Street Grid

A 1965 educational film explains.


Making London's Most Iconic Typeface Great Again

Transport for London’s classic font gets touched up for the 21st century.

Christian Hendricks/NYC Department of Records

Questioning 'Broken Windows' in New York Through Old Tax Appraisal Photos

One artist considers the impact of imagery on policing. 

Blue Crow Media

A Map for Finding London's Art Deco Buildings

Let this guide steer you past office buildings, theaters, Tube stations, and more.


The Undervalued Simplicity of Bob Noorda's Vision for Milan's Metro

Transit officials haven’t given his first metro project the respect it deserved.

Ron Miriello/Soviet Poster Show

Posters of City Life in a Fading USSR

A traveling design show toured the U.S. 25 years ago to shed light on Soviet city life under a failing but reforming government.

Brian Rose/Edward Fausty

A Changing Manhattan Through Four Decades of World Trade Center Photographs

In WTC, Brian Rose’s photographs explore presence, absence, and a constantly changing city.

CBC Digital Archives

How Canadians Felt About Their Census in 1961

Statistics Canada’s website crashed this week as residents rushed to fill out a mandatory form. Fifty-five years ago, Canadians were a little more skeptical.

Bob Kazee/YouTube

Look at This Beautiful Nightmare of an Early 2000s Local Access Show

The ‘Let’s Go Buffalo Show’ is an endearing time capsule from a forgettable period in the city’s history.

Jim Pickerell / EPA, NARA

Getting Atlanta on the Bus in the '70s

A photographer for the EPA explored the city’s new regional transit service, a big improvement over what it replaced.

AP Photo

Deciphering Mexico City's Metro Icons

The city’s transit authority wants to help you learn what each of its nearly 200 station identifiers mean.

Mark Giorgione/Collage Baseball

When Art Photography and Old Baseball Cards Collide

One artist is merging two very different worlds and coming up with delightfully strange results.

Wikimedia Commons/Tango Chan

The Rent In Hong Kong Is Too High, Even for the City's Most Famous 'Working' Cat

Not even a super-famous feline can keep this shop open.

Poet Uses Sad Mall for Dark Poem, Wins Prize

A writer in Syracuse has an extra $7,000 thanks to combining the darkness of his local mall and personal life.