Mark Byrnes

Bob Kazee/YouTube

Look at This Beautiful Nightmare of an Early 2000s Local Access Show

The ‘Let’s Go Buffalo Show’ is an endearing time capsule from a forgettable period in the city’s history.

Jim Pickerell / EPA, NARA

Getting Atlanta on the Bus in the '70s

A photographer for the EPA explored the city’s new regional transit service, a big improvement over what it replaced.

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Deciphering Mexico City's Metro Icons

The city’s transit authority wants to help you learn what each of its nearly 200 station identifiers mean.

Mark Giorgione/Collage Baseball

When Art Photography and Old Baseball Cards Collide

One artist is merging two very different worlds and coming up with delightfully strange results.

Wikimedia Commons/Tango Chan

The Rent In Hong Kong Is Too High, Even for the City's Most Famous 'Working' Cat

Not even a super-famous feline can keep this shop open.

Poet Uses Sad Mall for Dark Poem, Wins Prize

A writer in Syracuse has an extra $7,000 thanks to combining the darkness of his local mall and personal life.

Mark Byrnes

The '90s Baseball Card Set That Made Nature and Infrastructure Its Stars

A look back at the surreal designs of Fleer’s Metal Universe 1998.


Montreal's Metro Is Getting a New Signage System, Eventually

Wayfinding will become easier over the next few years as the STM rolls out its new design, one station at a time.

Martin Parr, Magnum/Phaidon

Photographing Real, Gross, Delicious Food Around the World

Martin Parr’s collection of food snapshots shows off his uncanny ability to mix pleasure and horror.

Panda Collection, Canadian Architectural Archives

The Design Competition That Opened Toronto to the World

When it needed a new city hall in 1958, Toronto received more than 500 submissions from all over the globe. The winning design still endures today.

STM/Ville de Montréal Archives

A Look Back at Montreal's First Subway Cars

The modest-looking MR-63s ushered in the city’s rapid transit system 50 years ago. Starting this year, they’re being phased out for sleek new models.

REUTERS/Fred Thornhill

Rob Ford, Former Mayor of Toronto, Dead at 46

The eccentric politician made headlines around the world for his erratic behavior before being diagnosed with cancer in 2014.

Pentagram/Marina Willer

London's Manhole Covers as Art

The gateways to London’s subterranean utilities are given their due in Marina Willer’s Overlook.

Derek Jensen/Wikimedia Commons

Can This Ohio Town Save Its Giant Basket Building?

The future of an American roadside attraction is up in the air now that the Longaberger company is vacating the oversized replica of its most popular product.

REUTERS/Mike Segar

A Long Chat With Santiago Calatrava on What Train Stations Mean to Cities

“I love Grand Central, but I think our station is even more urban,” says the architect behind New York’s new $4 billion transit hub.

Mark Byrnes/CityLab

Paula Scher's Hand-Painted, Semi-Accurate Maps of America

The artist lets information guide expression in her latest show.

Andrew Lynch

'Totally Accurate, Totally Useless,' but Stunning Subway Posters

New York may never stop arguing over how to make the perfect subway map, but one man’s pursuit has at least made for some beautiful designs.

Balthazar Korab, Library of Congress

The Masterful Duo of Balthazar Korab and Eero Saarinen

A Hungarian photographer and Finnish architect made midcentury America look its best.