Mark Byrnes

Mark Pasnik/The Monacelli Press

The Case for Calling Brutalism 'Heroic' Instead

A conversation with the creators of Heroic: Concrete Architecture and the New Boston, which explores the city’s remarkable urban renewal legacy.

YouTube/Stop a Douchebag

Moscow Drivers Are Still Crazy

Meet the activist group that risks life and limb to keep them in line.

Shannon Kirkman

A Sexy Cab Driver for Every Month

In a new calendar, New York cabbies show off their bods for your pleasure—and a good cause.


A Quiet, Mournful Paris

Nearly empty streets and closed attractions characterized the French capital the day after terror attacks left over 120 dead and hundreds more injured.

Pentagram/Harper Collins

How Michael Bierut Branded Celebration, Florida

A look back at the challenges (and fun) of creating an identity for Disney’s New Urbanist experiment 20 years ago.

Ben Marcin

The Hidden, Sometimes 'Frightening' Beauty of America's Parking Garages

Photographer Ben Marcin focuses on the grids that make up the seemingly mundane structures.


Will This Horrifying Man-Goat Mascot Get Niagara Falls to Recycle?

Totes McGoats to the rescue!

Flickr/Mike Kalasnik

Travel Back to the World of Peak Kmart With These Old In-Store Tapes

A former employee digitized the cheesy soundtracks for your listening pleasure.

University of Otago, NOAA

Making Connections Between the World's Newest and Oldest Maps

An interview with John Hessler, a cartography expert at the Library of Congress and one of the people behind the new book, Map: Exploring The World.

Christopher Herwig

A Book That Celebrates the Enduring Charm of Soviet-Era Bus Stops

Christopher Herwig snapped incredible photos of Eastern Europe and Central Asia’s architectural underdogs.

Lance Wyman

Wayfinding With Lance Wyman

A talk with the designer behind some of North America’s most famous subways, walkways, zoos—and pretty much any other place people need help finding their way around.

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Meet the Man Who Saved Camden Yards' Old Warehouse

Not even the Baltimore Orioles wanted to keep the neglected B&O Warehouse—until Eric Moss came to town in 1987.

YouTube/Victor Gruen and Associates

When Fresno Was 'A City Reborn'

A 1968 film by Victor Gruen and Associates celebrates a revitalized downtown and a pedestrian mall that won’t be around much longer.

Wikimedia Commons/David Wilson

Treat Yourself To a Piece of a Chicago L Station

Friday night, sip some Green Line Pale Ale and place a bid on your favorite pieces of the old Madison and Wabash station.

Larry Lederman/Empire State Realty Trust

Browsing New York's Most Treasured Interiors

A new book hopes to remind readers to look beyond buildings’ facades.

Wikimedia Commons/Libertinus

GWAR and the City That Birthed It

In a TEDx talk, Michael Bishop, human slave of Blöthar, explains his band’s relationship with Richmond, Virginia.

Friends of the Coliseum/Karl Lind

The Fight to Save Portland's Memorial Coliseum

A new video makes a case for preserving the elegant, low-key piece of modernism.

REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes

In Rio, It's Still Full Speed Ahead for 2016

Hazardous water, displacement, and rising police violence still plague the city, but Mayor Paes insists Rio is already better off thanks to next year's Summer Olympics.