Mark Byrnes

The Hague

The Hague's City Hall Has Been Mondrian'd

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the De Stijl movement, Richard Meier’s only project in the Netherlands is getting an extremely Dutch treatment.


The Cartoon Animals Teaching Etiquette to Seattle Straphangers

SoundTransit’s campaign uses disarming creatures to help riders in the famously passive-aggressive city learn how to coexist.

Fonds Zehrfuss. Académie d'architecture / Cité de l'architecture ...

Why Marcel Breuer Was 2016's Unlikeliest Starchitect

The author of a new book on the Brutalist architect explains why his buildings are both admired and imperiled today.


Humans of the Third Avenue El

A short film looks at the personal side of the much-maligned service, the same year it shut down for good.

Will Geary

Visualizing a Full Day on the New York City Subway

Except as something really fast and elegant.


Ma Yansong's Urbanism

“What we’ve learned about modern cities in China was always from the West. But after 30 years of this practice, we see problems and new ideas emerging.”


A Subway Station Pays Respect to Toronto's Favorite Discount Store

The signage at Bathurst station is getting the Honest Ed’s treatment for the rest of 2016.

Philipp Meuser/DOM Publishers

A Book for Everything You Want to Know About the Moscow Metro

Hidden Urbanism is a thorough exploration of the 80-year-old transit system and its future.

Blue Crow Media

A Map for Exploring D.C.'s Brutalist Landscape

From the concrete vaults of Harry Weese’s Metro to Gordon Bunshaft’s doughnut-shaped Hirshhorn Museum, there’s no lack of heroic architecture to see in the nation’s capital.

Mark Byrnes/CityLab

The Weird and Wonderful Library That Nearly Ruined its Architect

A central library in Niagara Falls, New York, survived a decade of water damage and related legal battles. But Paul Rudolph’s career was never the same.

Blue Crow Media

Your Guide to Moscow's Constructivist Buildings

A new map marks a path through the Russian capital in pursuit of Soviet avant-garde architecture.

Mark Byrnes/CityLab

What Atlanta Might Gain From a Stadium It Doesn't Need

The $1.2 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium isn’t vital to the city’s existence, but its surroundings may still see benefits from it.

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A Dying Brutalist Project, As Explained by Its Architects 45 Years Ago

East London’s Robin Hood Gardens, designed by Peter and Alison Smithson, were once the future of public housing.


This '80s Horror Film Will Make Any Imperfect Subway Expansion Look Great

TFW your mayor is eaten alive by rats on the subway he built.

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LBJ’s Last-Minute Demand for His Presidential Library

In the early years of Presidential Library architecture, the 37th president asked for a replica oval office, a feature he heard was popular inside Truman’s.


An Old Film Reminds Us That We Can't Stop Turning Into Monsters Behind the Wheel

The absurdity of our reckless driving is called out in Gentleman Jekyll and Driver Hyde.

Timothy Schenck

How Governors Island Became New York's Best New Public Space

An interview with Leslie Koch, who has overseen the island’s transformation from a military base into a local attraction.

Bing, Mark Byrnes/CityLab

A Map of the Dallas Shootings

The shootings took place around El Centro College in the heart of downtown Dallas.