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The Push to Build More 'Granny Flats'

Vancouver leads North America in accessory dwelling units. To fight a shortage of affordable housing, some U.S. cities are following suit.  

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Suburban Sprawl Stole Your Kids' Sleep

Why does school start so early? Blame 1970s planning.

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Japan's School Lunch Program Puts Others to Shame

The country ensures lunch is delicious, healthy, and part of the curriculum.

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The Saudi City That's Shunning Oil

The world’s most petroleum-dependent country is building a city that will operate without revenue from it.    

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Economically Diverse Neighborhoods Give Poor Black and Latino Youth a Leg Up

Recent research on a Denver public housing program has implications for housing policy.

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Banksy's New Hotel Highlights a City Under Occupation

The street artist’s latest installation, The Walled Off Hotel, sits just 13 feet from Israel’s separation barrier in the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

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The Play Area Bringing Music and Light to New Orleans's Lower Ninth

A design firm worked with residents of the Katrina-ravaged neighborhood to create a rare play space for kids and families.    

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Singapore May Have Designed the World's Best Bus Stop

An architecture firm and the government collaborated on a bus stop with books, a rooftop garden, and a swing.

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Playgrounds Designed for Everyone

Inclusive playgrounds accommodate kids with disabilities, fostering fun and compassion for all.

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Your Neighborhood Affects How You Age

A new report lays out the current research on the ways your immediate surroundings influence your health and aging process.

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For Schools, Gambling Funding Is No Jackpot

Though states often pledge to fund public schools with taxes levied on lotteries and casinos, that money tends to get funneled elsewhere.  

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Palestine's 'Speed Sisters' Are a Driving Force

The documentary about the Middle East’s first all-female race car driving team reveals the realities of life in the cities of the West Bank.

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What Riyadh's New Metro Will Mean for Women

Public transport is coming to the Saudi city, enhancing mobility for female riders, who are barred from driving.

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One Lucky Couple Is Going to Get Married on a Megabus

The company announced a competition for a free ceremony on one of its 80-seaters.

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How a Restaurant in Cyprus Is Bridging the Country's Divide

The Home Café brings Turkish and Greek Cypriots together for food and understanding.

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Finding the Poetry in 'Paterson'

The film chronicles beautifully banal life in the New Jersey city.

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The Limousine: Dividing Us for Over a Century

The preferred ride of the wealthy and powerful is an equally powerful cultural symbol.

Lady Allen of Hurtwood Archives, Coventry, U.K.

Can We Bring Back Riskier Playgrounds?

Until the 1980s, playgrounds were spaces of adventure and art.