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The Birmingham Suburb That Wants to Segregate Its Schools

The predominately white, prosperous city of Gardendale hopes to secede from its poorer, more diverse school district.


Africa's First High-Speed Train Is Coming

The Moroccan megaproject is set to debut next year. But the North African nation has more pressing needs.

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Can America’s Aging Stay in Their Homes?

A recent report outlines a number of challenges to aging in place.

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Is China Building a Ghost City on Malaysian Islands?

A Chinese company is constructing high-rises on man-made land. Will people live there?

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How to Support Mental Health Through Urban Planning

This group advocates designing cities with emotional well-being in mind.  

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How to Help Urban Refugees

An organization based in Amman, Jordan, takes a psychological approach to aiding Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

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To Help Residents With Dementia, One Japanese City Has a High-Tech Fix

Stickers with QR codes are just one innovation in a multi-pronged plan to serve the aging population.

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How to Understand Urban Violence in the Middle East

A recent book contextualizes historic and modern brutality across the region.

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The Co-Working Space That's Parked at the Beach

A San Diego company gets workers out of city cubicles and into nature.

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The Luxury Resort Sweeping Away Beirut's Last Public Beach

A lack of public space makes the development of the Ramlet el-Bayda beach particularly painful for the poorer residents of Lebanon’s capital city.

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How Sacramento Rolled Out a Mobile Restroom for the Homeless ​​​​​​​

The Pit Stop project hired restroom attendants who can empathize with the population they’re trying to reach.

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The Chicago Toy Store for Kids With Autism

Families are driving from all over the Midwest to the new retailer.

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Atlanta's Plan to Create Its Own Times Square

The city wants to spur foot traffic, business, and density through a new “bright lights district.” Urban lighting scholars point out some pitfalls.

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An LGBT Rally Tests the Limits of Singapore's Free-Speech Park

In response, the government has made organizing protests that much harder.  

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The Tricky Nature of Reusing Urban Timber

Two Connecticut brothers collect the remains of city trees and fashion them into furniture and art.


Africa's First Bike-Share Just Launched in Morocco

Marrakech’s Medina Bike is the latest in a series of projects in the North African country that combat climate change.

Courtesy of Riverland Dubai

What Dubai's Newest Theme Park Reveals About Its Urbanism

The city’s latest diversion might spur the economy, but it excludes the majority of the population.

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The Danish Food Park That Wants to Nourish the World

An agricultural park outside the city of Aarhus is a proving ground for the future of food innovation and urban farming.