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Your Neighborhood Affects How You Age

A new report lays out the current research on the ways your immediate surroundings influence your health and aging process.

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For Schools, Gambling Funding Is No Jackpot

Though states often pledge to fund public schools with taxes levied on lotteries and casinos, that money tends to get funneled elsewhere.  

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Palestine's 'Speed Sisters' Are a Driving Force

The documentary about the Middle East’s first all-female race car driving team reveals the realities of life in the cities of the West Bank.

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What Riyadh's New Metro Will Mean for Women

Public transport is coming to the Saudi city, enhancing mobility for female riders, who are barred from driving.

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One Lucky Couple Is Going to Get Married on a Megabus

The company announced a competition for a free ceremony on one of its 80-seaters.

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How a Restaurant in Cyprus Is Bridging the Country's Divide

The Home Café brings Turkish and Greek Cypriots together for food and understanding.

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Finding the Poetry in 'Paterson'

The film chronicles beautifully banal life in the New Jersey city.

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The Limousine: Dividing Us for Over a Century

The preferred ride of the wealthy and powerful is an equally powerful cultural symbol.

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Can We Bring Back Riskier Playgrounds?

Until the 1980s, playgrounds were spaces of adventure and art.

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Suburbia at a Crossroads in '20th Century Women'

The new film portrays 1979 as a moment when Americans might have gone down a different path.

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The Birmingham Suburb That Wants to Segregate Its Schools

The predominately white, prosperous city of Gardendale hopes to secede from its poorer, more diverse school district.


Africa's First High-Speed Train Is Coming

The Moroccan megaproject is set to debut next year. But the North African nation has more pressing needs.

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Can America’s Aging Stay in Their Homes?

A recent report outlines a number of challenges to aging in place.

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Is China Building a Ghost City on Malaysian Islands?

A Chinese company is constructing high-rises on man-made land. Will people live there?

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How to Support Mental Health Through Urban Planning

This group advocates designing cities with emotional well-being in mind.  

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How to Help Urban Refugees

An organization based in Amman, Jordan, takes a psychological approach to aiding Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

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To Help Residents With Dementia, One Japanese City Has a High-Tech Fix

Stickers with QR codes are just one innovation in a multi-pronged plan to serve the aging population.

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How to Understand Urban Violence in the Middle East

A recent book contextualizes historic and modern brutality across the region.