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Gemunu Amarasinghe/AP

Yangon's Push to Regulate Street Vending

In the Myanmar city, government officials are intensifying efforts to control—and ultimately house—the informal businesses.

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One Answer to School Attendance: Washing Machines

When washers and dryers were added to 17 schools through a new program, attendance rates shot up.

Steve Marcus/Reuters

Dubai's Interest in the Hyperloop Is Shockingly Sensible

It’s all about the massive Jebel Ali port.


The History Behind Cannes Banning the Burkini

The ordinance forbidding women from wearing the modest swimsuit is only the latest instance of dictating Muslim women’s attire in France.


A Persian Gulf Shopping Mall for the 1 Percent

In Qatar’s capital of Doha, a new retail center will cater to millionaires.

Jamal Saidi/Reuters

How Beirut's Garbage Crisis Led to More Recycling

After trash piled up in the Lebanese capital, residents started taking rubbish into their own hands.

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K-Pop Makes the Scene in Seoul

The South Korean capital is developing a neglected area of the city to tout its famous music genre.

Daigo Ishii/Future-scape Architects

What If Every City Looked Like Tokyo?

A Japanese architect has Tokyo-ified six famous metropolises.

Edgar Su/Reuters

Why Singapore Will Get Self-Driving Cars First

The city-state seems practically destined for autonomous vehicles.

Yuriko Nakao/Reuters

How 7-Elevens Are Becoming Lifelines for Japan's Elderly

Convenience stores and the country’s housing agency are teaming up to serve the aging population.

Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters

Yangon Puts the Brakes on Highrises

Myanmar’s new government has suspended the construction of skyscrapers in the former capital, choosing safety over quick profits.

Damir Sagolj/Reuters

Can Bangkok Curb Prostitution? And Should It?

Thailand’s first female minister of tourism wants the sex trade banned. Critics say the plan is shortsighted.

Iqro Rinaldi/Reuters

Jakarta Urges Its Rural Migrants to Go Home

Indonesia’s government has resurrected its “Return to Village” movement.

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Why Abu Dhabi Doubled Down on CCTV Surveillance

The Persian Gulf emirate has launched a system that links thousands of cameras across the capital.

Na Son Nguyen/AP

A Hanoi Without Motorbikes?

The Vietnamese government has announced a plan to ban millions of motorbikes from the city center by 2025. It already faces opposition from residents.

Nasser Nasser/AP

The First Palestinian Planned City Is Nothing if Not Divisive

As Rawabi continues to be built despite challenges, some tout it as a model for a Palestinian state. Others believe it hinders Palestinian rights.

Reuters/Jamal Saidi

The First Public Memorial to Lebanon's Civil War

Beit Beirut once served as a sniper’s den.

Reuters/Jorge Silva

That Time Bill Gates Accidentally Shamed Bangkok Into Burying Its Power Lines

Thai authorities say they will finally move the city’s power, cable, and telecommunications lines underground after the philanthropist posted about it—incorrectly—on Facebook.