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Iqro Rinaldi/Reuters

Jakarta Urges Its Rural Migrants to Go Home

Indonesia’s government has resurrected its “Return to Village” movement.

Courtesy Ralf Roletschek

Why Abu Dhabi Doubled Down on CCTV Surveillance

The Persian Gulf emirate has launched a system that links thousands of cameras across the capital.

Na Son Nguyen/AP

A Hanoi Without Motorbikes?

The Vietnamese government has announced a plan to ban millions of motorbikes from the city center by 2025. It already faces opposition from residents.

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Nasser Nasser/AP

The First Palestinian Planned City Is Nothing if Not Divisive

As Rawabi continues to be built despite challenges, some tout it as a model for a Palestinian state. Others believe it hinders Palestinian rights.

Reuters/Jamal Saidi

The First Public Memorial to Lebanon's Civil War

Beit Beirut once served as a sniper’s den.

Reuters/Jorge Silva

That Time Bill Gates Accidentally Shamed Bangkok Into Burying Its Power Lines

Thai authorities say they will finally move the city’s power, cable, and telecommunications lines underground after the philanthropist posted about it—incorrectly—on Facebook.

Reuters/Mike Segar

How Japan Saves Lives With Driver Decals

In the U.S., only New Jersey mandates this practice.

Reuters/Olivia Harris

Kuala Lumpur's Controversial Plan to Develop the Last of Its Low-Rise Villages

Kampung Baru, a rustic hamlet in the middle of the Malaysian capital, has staved off development for decades. Can it continue to hold out?

Z22/Wikimedia Commons

Rebuilding One of America's Last Wood-Paved Streets

The restoration of a historic Philadelphia thoroughfare has proven more difficult than expected.

Reuters/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

The Extraordinary Privilege of the Wealthy Suburbs in Egypt

A Cairo group finds a massive geographic disparity in infrastructure spending between so-called “new cities” and existing ones.

Reuters/Bobby Yip

A Blaze Too Big to Ignore

A deadly fire in a Hong Kong storage facility underscores two of the city’s knottiest issues: affordable housing and revitalization.

Reuters/Clarissa Cavalheiro

What 'Space Archaeology' Can Teach Us About Megacities, Past and Present

Satellite imagery and lasers are generating stunning new finds at sites like Angkor and Petra.

Kyung Roh

A Foldable Playground for One of the World's Densest Cities

The idea is to make finding a space to play ball in overcrowded Seoul a little easier.

AP Photo/Hussein Malla

The Lebanese Alt-Rock Band America Listened to After the Orlando Shootings

The gay, Muslim lead singer of Beirut’s Mashrou‘ Leila spoke out against simplistic statements on Islam and the LGBT community.

Reform Studio, Cairo

How Cairo's Trash Problem Becomes Beautiful Fabric

Two designers in the Egyptian capital decided to tackle one of city’s biggest issues: plastic bags.

Benediktv / Flickr

A Lasting Stink: Fribourg’s Sewage-Powered Funicular

A Swiss funicular that has run on waste water for over a century shows no signs of slowing down.

Mimi Kirk

Slum Tourism: Problematic, But Not Necessarily in the Way You Might Think

In Copenhagen’s Norrebro District, well-meaning “ghetto tours” are breaking down social barriers. They could also be changing the neighborhood.

Eugene Peretz / Flickr

Why a Sweet British Drink Is Popular During Ramadan

Vimto, a fruity English soft drink, is now a favorite way to break the fast.