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Do Japan's Futuristic Toilets Help Working Women?

The government crowned the country’s best communal loos to help female employees feel more comfortable in the public sphere.

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Why Electric Vehicles Are Only One Part of Solving Manila's Traffic Woes

The Philippines wants its “jeepney” buses to go from diesel to electric. Critics say business practices must change, too.

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Egypt's Government Wants Out of Its Ancient Capital

After more than 1,000 years in Cairo, Egypt wants to move its capital city into the desert 28 miles away. It might actually happen.

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The Heartbreaking PSAs Targeting Ethiopia's Drunk Drivers

Leaders in the capital city of Addis Ababa have rolled out a campaign aiming to reduce crashes caused by alcohol.

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The Tower That Sucks in Smog and Spits Out Clean Air

A Dutch designer has debuted a pollution-eating tower in Beijing, and hopes to install 800 more in public parks across China.

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The Historic Library That Almost Banned Visitors

After an intricate restoration and battle with the government, Morocco’s al-Qarawiyyin Library will soon welcome the public.

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The Destruction of Yemen's Historic Tower Houses

Air strikes are damaging the country’s urban heritage.

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Protecting the Street Art of Athens

The Street Art Conservators battle time and the elements in an effort to preserve the Greek capital’s world-class cache of graffiti.

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The Tokyo Company Helping to Solve Japan's Farming Crisis

Human resources firm Pasona sends city slickers to the countryside to learn the trade.

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The Bangkok Park Crawling With Huge Lizards

City officials have started to relocate the creatures.

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Japan's War on Overwork

In an effort to combat a culture of runaway overtime, Tokyo’s governor recently announced that municipal employees must head home by 8 p.m.

Gabriel Wildau/Reuters

The Chinese City Bursting With Tchotchkes

In Yiwu, vendors in a gargantuan warehouse peddle the cheap goods the world knows so well.

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Has Mecca Become a Disneyland for the Rich?

Despite concerns about heritage and inequality, the Saudi government’s over-the-top construction projects continue in the holy city.

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How Beijing's New Residency System Reinforces Rural-Urban Inequality

The Chinese capital is instituting a process through which migrants can achieve residency and its privileges. But who does it really benefit?

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Farewell to the Clickety-Clack of Philadelphia's Train Station Display Board

Philadelphia is one of the last major East Coast cities to replace its flipping sign with a digital one.

Courtesy Muneera Al-Hussainan

Kuwait's Answer to Scarce Housing: More Villas, More Sprawl

The Persian Gulf nation is building five new cities on the outskirts of the capital to fulfill its promise of a house for every Kuwaiti family.

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Yangon's Push to Regulate Street Vending

In the Myanmar city, government officials are intensifying efforts to control—and ultimately house—the informal businesses.

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One Answer to School Attendance: Washing Machines

When washers and dryers were added to 17 schools through a new program, attendance rates shot up.