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Could Gang Affiliation Be Used to Round Up DACA Recipients?

Immigration rights advocates fear that gang membership will be an easy way to criminalize whole groups of people.


Where Do Undocumented Immigrants Live?

A new Pew report estimates the undocumented immigrant population in cities throughout the U.S. and finds that just 20 metros are home to 60 percent of them.

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For L.A. Street Vendors, a Step Toward Legality

Decriminalization gives vendors a measure of safety from a potential crackdown on immigrants. But advocates say there’s still work to be done.

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Meet the Chicanos of Japan

This short film explores one of the lesser-known subcultures thriving in Tokyo and Osaka.

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How Badly Could Trump Hurt Sanctuary Cities?

The federal funds under threat could amount to more than 20 percent of a city budget, or less than 1 percent. Either way, cities could well end up hurting.


São Paulo Scores Grand Prize in Bloomberg Mayors Challenge

The Brazilian megacity triumphed over urban innovation projects from Colombia, Chile, and Mexico to take home top honors from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

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The Cities Pledging to Defy Trump on Immigration

On the campaign trail, Trump threatened to cut federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities. Authorities in many of those municipalities are now speaking out.  

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On Being Latina a Long Way From Home

Moving from L.A. to D.C. taught me a lot about losing and rebuilding my identity.

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The Treat That Defines L.A.'s Day of the Dead

This Mexican holiday—and its foods—are anchors of tradition and identity across the border.  

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Bogotá's Mayor: Organized Crime 'Is Not Something You Can Change With Just Social Work'

Enrique Peñalosa defends his crackdown on the “Bronx,” one of his city’s most crime and drug-infested neighborhoods.

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The Realities of Sea-Level Rise in Miami's Low-Income Communities

While Miami Beach pours money into adaptation, residents in other parts of the county are waiting for the help they need.

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Downtown as a Template for Miami's Future

One of the city’s most walkable neighborhoods is leading the way, but also wrestling with challenges.

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Why Colombia's Peace Agreement Is an Opportunity for Cities

Fifty years of conflict spurred chaotic urbanization in Colombia, but peace offers hope for a new future in the country’s urban centers.

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Meet Pedro. And Pedro. And Pedro.

A photography project following Mexican New Yorkers who bear the same name.  

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Olympic Development in Rio Leaves a Tarnished Legacy

A Brazilian research project details development in Rio since it won its Olympic bid seven years ago. It doesn’t paint a very positive picture.

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Defining 'Gentefication' in Latino Neighborhoods

When young, upwardly mobile Latinos move back to their old neighborhoods, some residents are wary of the changes they bring.  

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A Fast-Casual Chain Brings Healthy Meals to L.A.'s Food Deserts

Everytable has come up with a unique pricing model meant to make fresh food available at any income.

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What Cities Can Learn from Key West's Zika Controversy

The South Florida island wants to use genetically modified mosquitoes to control the disease, but residents are skeptical.