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How Music Festivals Shape Cities

A conversation with Jonathan R. Wynn on his new book, Music/City.

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The Economic Impact of College Graduates on Local Economies

A college education has its personal advantages, but it’s critical to thriving cities as well.

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The Relationship Between Skyscrapers and Great Cities

Tall buildings can add a great deal, but they also have their limits.

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The Rise of Global Startup Cities

Venture capital investment is extremely spiky, but remains concentrated among a select group of cities.

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The Secret to Nashville's Music Economy

Dissecting the rise of an activist, inclusive, place-based artistic community.

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The Pros and Cons of GE's Move to Boston

The company’s announcement marks a greater shift toward innovation in our city centers, but a poor practice of taking money from taxpayers.

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Mapping Neighborhood Change in Chicago and L.A.

A new study tracks the rise and fall of urban and suburban neighborhoods between 1970 and 2010.

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America’s Great Fitness Divide

Healthy cities reflect our nation’s growing economic and class inequalities.

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The Winners and Losers of Economic Clustering

Creative jobs and industries help advance city economies—but they also bring with them serious economic divides.

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How Zoning Restrictions Make Segregation Worse

A new study identifies the precise ways that stricter land use regulations lead to greater divides.

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The Historic Link Between Cities and Innovation

Density and transportation have spurred new ideas since before the industrial revolution.

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The Global Creative Economy Is Big Business

A new report breaks down the successes and limitations of creative industries around the world.

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How the Arts Add to Urban Economies

Performing arts organizations like opera or ballet help to attract knowledge workers.

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Income Inequality Leads to Less Happy People

Economic growth alone is not a sufficient condition for happiness, according to a recent study.

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Secrets of the World's Most Competitive Cities

Even poor, landlocked metro areas can learn how to compete at a global scale.

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Where U.S. Brainpower Tends to Cluster

Engineers are concentrated in San Jose, while D.C. has the most social scientists with advanced degrees.

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To Make Cities More Sustainable, Let Go of Tradition

A conversation with Gabriel Metcalf on his new book, Democratic by Design. /

The Winners and Losers of the U.S. Creative Class

San Francisco, D.C., and Boston remain the nation’s leading creative class hotspots, but some Rustbelt and Sunbelt metros have seen substantial growth.