Richard Florida

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Is Innovation to Blame for Inequality?

The evidence suggests innovation does contribute to the wealth of the one percent—but it also increases social mobility.

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The Connection Between Vibrant Neighborhoods and Economic Growth

A new study of high-growth firms in Greater Washington, D.C., highlights the role of community in a thriving economy.

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The Uneven Geography of Terrorism

Despite fear and anxiety in the advanced cities of the West, terrorism remains highly concentrated in a small number of conflict-ridden nations.

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How Stronger Cities Could Help Fix Fragile Nations

The most fragile states, which often breed terrorism, are also among the least urbanized.

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Economic Segregation and Inequality in Europe's Cities

These are not just American problems.

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What Yelp Can Tell Us About Gentrification and Race

A new study found that Yelp restaurant reviews in Brooklyn were less favorable in a traditionally black neighborhood than in an ethnic white neighborhood.

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Why People Live Where They Do

A detailed new analysis.

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The Missing Link Between Diversity and Community

The surprising and complex role that segregation plays in increasing a neighborhood's social capital.

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The Closest Look Yet at Gentrification and Displacement

A new study finds that gentrification improves Philadelphia neighborhoods, but its ripple effects hurt the most vulnerable.

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Where Guns Are Allowed on Campus

As of 2016, nine state legislatures will allow for “campus carry.”

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How Economic Development Incentives Hurt Small Businesses

States say they want to help independent businesses, but large companies take the majority of the dollars.

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Where Should Millennials Rent or Buy in the U.S.?

A new report from Trulia warns young households against buying a home in Honolulu or San Jose.

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New York's Middle-Class Squeeze

A new survey shows that city residents feel increasingly trapped by a government that favors the rich.

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The Geography of Car Deaths in America

The U.S. is a nation divided not just by how people get around, but by how fast they drive.

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Mapping the Great Housing Divide in New York and San Francisco

While some neighborhoods have seen home sale prices skyrocket, others continue to decline.

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Wage Inequality and America's Most Successful Cities

Economic inequality is increasing almost everywhere, but some U.S. metros have it far worse than others.

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The New Grand Bargain Between Cities and Anchor Institutions

Anchor institutions spur economic growth and innovation, but are still lacking cooperation with cities themselves.

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The High Cost of Fear in America

We’ll never craft appropriate policies until we stop worrying about random acts of violence.