Richard Florida

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Why Food Trucks Locate Where They Do

Five big takeaways from a unique new study.

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How Music Festivals Shape Cities

A conversation with Jonathan R. Wynn on his new book, Music/City.

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The Economic Impact of College Graduates on Local Economies

A college education has its personal advantages, but it’s critical to thriving cities as well.

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The Relationship Between Skyscrapers and Great Cities

Tall buildings can add a great deal, but they also have their limits.

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The Rise of Global Startup Cities

Venture capital investment is extremely spiky, but remains concentrated among a select group of cities.

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The Secret to Nashville's Music Economy

Dissecting the rise of an activist, inclusive, place-based artistic community.

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The Pros and Cons of GE's Move to Boston

The company’s announcement marks a greater shift toward innovation in our city centers, but a poor practice of taking money from taxpayers.

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Mapping Neighborhood Change in Chicago and L.A.

A new study tracks the rise and fall of urban and suburban neighborhoods between 1970 and 2010.

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America’s Great Fitness Divide

Healthy cities reflect our nation’s growing economic and class inequalities.

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The Winners and Losers of Economic Clustering

Creative jobs and industries help advance city economies—but they also bring with them serious economic divides.

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How Zoning Restrictions Make Segregation Worse

A new study identifies the precise ways that stricter land use regulations lead to greater divides.

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The Historic Link Between Cities and Innovation

Density and transportation have spurred new ideas since before the industrial revolution.

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The Global Creative Economy Is Big Business

A new report breaks down the successes and limitations of creative industries around the world.

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How the Arts Add to Urban Economies

Performing arts organizations like opera or ballet help to attract knowledge workers.

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Income Inequality Leads to Less Happy People

Economic growth alone is not a sufficient condition for happiness, according to a recent study.

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Secrets of the World's Most Competitive Cities

Even poor, landlocked metro areas can learn how to compete at a global scale.

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Where U.S. Brainpower Tends to Cluster

Engineers are concentrated in San Jose, while D.C. has the most social scientists with advanced degrees.

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To Make Cities More Sustainable, Let Go of Tradition

A conversation with Gabriel Metcalf on his new book, Democratic by Design.