Richard Florida

Rebecca Cook/Reuters

The Persistent Inequality of Neighborhoods

The places we’re born have a profound influence on our ability to move up the economic ladder.

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

How U.S. Metro Area Votes Changed Between 2012 and 2016

Trump’s vote share increased in half of all metro areas compared to Romney.

Taylor Blake/Martin Prosperity Institute

Mapping How America's Metro Areas Voted

The geography of the 2016 election is spiky.

Mark Kauzlarich/Reuters

How America's Metro Areas Voted

Large metros voted for Clinton. Everywhere else went for Trump.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

The Curious Case of New York's Two Economic Centers

Why Midtown and Wall Street developed both separately and parallel to each other.

Carolyn Kaster/AP

It's Still About Class and Geography

The 2016 election reinforced America’s deepest, long-held divides.

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

The Geography of Middle Class Decline

The economic middle of the U.S. has shrunk across the country. The distinction individual metro areas must better understand is: by how much?

Brian Snyder/Reuters

The Great Rent Squeeze

America’s renters are paying more and having less money left over to generate the demand required for economic growth.

Jessica Gow/Reuters

As Swedish Cities Draw the Young and Educated, Can Rural Areas Survive?

Most young people in Sweden leave for the city and never go home, a new study finds.

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Why Gay-Friendly Places Are More Innovative

Non-discrimination policies appear to increase productivity, especially for firms that rely on human capital.

Gary Cameron/Reuters

America's Great Science and Technology Divide

More urban and diverse blue U.S. states score highest on an updated technology and science index.

John Minchillo/AP

America's Class-Divided Electorate

The 2016 presidential campaign is unique in many ways, but it still reinforces the basic divides of American society.

Charles Mostoller/Reuters

America's 'Big Sort' Is Only Getting Bigger

Political polarization in the U.S. mirrors its spatial divide.

Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters

Rise of the 'Urbanpreneur'

How the internet ushered in a new era for entrepreneurs in the urban ecosystem.

Vivek Prakash/Reuters

The Human Challenge of Global Urban Development

Before Habitat III kicked off this week, the UN released a report on the advantages and drawbacks of rapid urbanization.

Ted S. Warren/AP

What the 'Gig Economy' Looks Like in Cities

An estimate of where businesses with no employees—like Uber drivers or AirBnB hosts—have grown.

Library of Congress

Density and Class in Early Manhattan

A new study maps the borough’s rapid development and changing land-use patterns.

Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program

A New Typology of Global Cities

The seven types of global cities driving the world economy.