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The Geography of the World's Billionaires

New York, San Francisco, Moscow, Hong Kong, and London top the list, but some smaller cities have more billionaires than their size might suggest.

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Is Hosting a Political Convention Worth It for a Mayor?

City leaders looking to boost their political profiles may want to think twice.

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How Expensive Cities Hurt Workers

For working class and service employees, wages matter less than what they can afford to buy.

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The Limits of Chicago's Back-to-the-City Movement

Although the city has gained some young, educated white residents, it continues to lose minorities and families with children to the suburbs.

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Do Taxes Really Cause the Rich to Move?

A new study finds that the wealthiest Americans are less mobile than lower income workers, but those who do relocate are looking for a tax cut.

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The Price of Happiness in Cities

Recent research suggests that urban dwellers are significantly less likely to be happy than their suburban or rural counterparts.

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When Urbanization Doesn't Help

While some nations have seen rapid urbanization lead to economic progress, others have fallen behind.

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Who Benefits in a Tech Hub?

Exploring the connection between technology, wages, and poverty.

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In the U.S., Walkability Is a Premium Good

America’s walkable neighborhoods are both wealthier and more highly educated.

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America's Leading Startup Neighborhoods

More than 50 percent are urban, and two in downtown San Francisco attract more than a billion dollars each in venture capital.

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Which U.S. Cities Suffer the Most During a Recession?

A new study charts the business cycles of the nation’s largest metros across three periods of economic decline.

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Startups and Venture Capital Are Going Urban

As investments shift from suburbs to cities, venture capital is moving to dense urban areas that are more walkable and served by transit.

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The Relationship Between Subways and Urban Growth

Key takeaways from a new study on the effects of subway location and expansion around the world.

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The Role of Cities in Preventing Crisis

A conversation with the scholar Josef Konvitz.

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San Francisco's Increasing Dominance Over U.S. Innovation

A new study charts the incredible growth of innovation in the Bay Area.

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Geographic Inequality Is Swallowing the Recovery

The geography of business formation and job growth is concentrated in less than two dozen counties across the nation.

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The Complex Relationship Between Data and Cities

Checking in on the latest advancements, and the challenges that remain.

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Understanding the Rise of the Global Super-Rich

A new report documents the extent of billionaire wealth across the world.