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San Francisco's Increasing Dominance Over U.S. Innovation

A new study charts the incredible growth of innovation in the Bay Area.

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Geographic Inequality Is Swallowing the Recovery

The geography of business formation and job growth is concentrated in less than two dozen counties across the nation.

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The Complex Relationship Between Data and Cities

Checking in on the latest advancements, and the challenges that remain.

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Understanding the Rise of the Global Super-Rich

A new report documents the extent of billionaire wealth across the world.

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Where New York Is Gentrifying and Where It Isn't

A new report from NYU’s Furman Center charts changes in neighborhoods over decades.

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The Racial Divide in the Creative Economy

Not only does the creative class skew white, but there are few U.S. cities where the black creative class appears to be doing as well as their white counterparts.

Even Late in Her Career, Jane Jacobs Made Predictions That Are Coming True Today

Her widely panned last book, Dark Age Ahead, cautioned against social and economic decay and the rise of demagogues like Donald Trump.

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The Comeback and Competition of the Inner City

Two new studies explore the movement of businesses and people back to the city, but outside the central business district.

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Where Millennials and the Working Class Can No Longer Afford to Live

A new Trulia report looks at which cities have the highest housing burdens.

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The Diverging Economies of L.A. and San Francisco

A conversation with Michael Storper, the author of a new book on why San Francisco has outperformed L.A. in recent decades.

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Comparing the Creative Economies of Canada, the U.K., and the U.S.

A detailed new analysis of three of the world’s top creative industries.

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Blame Geography for High Housing Prices?

It’s not just land use restrictions that are responsible for steep rents in cities like San Francisco and New York.

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Big Cities Are the Future of Global Consumption

A new study shows how the largest cities in Asia and North America will power the worldwide economy in the coming decades.

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The Geography of the Republican Primaries

The remaining candidates continue to resonate with counties that are being left behind.

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The Diverse Geography of High-Tech Industries

They’re not all based in New York and San Francisco.

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Using Cell Phone Data to Track Segregation in Hong Kong

There’s plenty to learn about where residents travel each day, and with whom they choose to interact.

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The Reality of New York City Commutes

Despite its extensive transit systems, plenty of New Yorkers still endure long travel times.

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The Most Popular Twitter Hashtags in New York, London, S.F., L.A., and D.C.

New Yorkers tweet about food and beer. Londoners tweet about tattoos and architecture.