Richard Florida

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Anatomy of a NIMBY

Restricting housing construction does not just hurt developers—it makes housing less affordable for everyone. But to overcome neighborhood resistance, you need to understand what drives it.

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Race, Gentrification, and Health in Philadelphia

A study finds that black residents in gentrifying neighborhoods are more likely to report poorer health.

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The Cities That Will Feel a 'Day Without Immigrants'

In addition to being key to creative work, immigrants contribute enormously in the working-class and services sectors of the economy.

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America's Lost Talent

The future of many American cities—and of the nation itself—depends on the skills of foreign-born workers. The Trump administration’s anti-immigration policies could spell economic disaster.

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Welcome to the 'Great Divergence'

Before 1980, places in America with lower average incomes grew faster than their richer counterparts, so that incomes converged. Today, that’s no longer the case.

Taylor Blake

The (Still) Conservative States of America

As the ideological sorting of American voters continues, liberals find themselves outnumbered in four out of five states.

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Are Cities Too Small or Too Big?

To get the most collective benefits out of urban life, we might need more people to live in fewer (but bigger) cities.

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America the Stuck

The Census reports that a record-low share of Americans are moving. A recent paper suggests government policies might be curbing mobility.

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How Trump Threatens America's Talent Edge

His executive order will discourage the high-skill newcomers that the U.S. economy needs to compete globally.

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Mapping the World’s Knowledge Hubs

Which cities have the highest concentration of top-ranked universities?


Gentrification Has Virtually No Effect on Homeowners

The risk of displacement falls largely on renters.

Martin Prosperity Institute

Does Urbanization Drive Southeast Asia's Development?

How the creative class is affecting economic growth in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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When Invisible Borders Trump the Real Ones

The economic clustering of cities often ignores the lines drawn on maps.

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The High Cost of Closed Borders

Where immigrant populations live tells us a lot about how they improve the U.S. economy.

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How Do Mayors Think About Inequality?

About half of U.S. mayors say they want to combat inequality, but they are less sure about redistribution.

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America’s Economic Distress Belt

Income inequality and poverty used to be separate phenomena in America. Today, it’s a different story: More than forty percent of U.S. counties have high rates of both.

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Why Quality of Place Matters

Cultural amenities like parks and museums attract young talent to big cities. But how do they work for smaller cities or older people?

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How Chicago Became the 'City of Spectacle'

A new book examines how Mayor Richard M. Daley transformed the city into a destination.