Richard Florida

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Does Urbanization Drive Southeast Asia's Development?

How the creative class is affecting economic growth in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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When Invisible Borders Trump the Real Ones

The economic clustering of cities often ignores the lines drawn on maps.

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The High Cost of Closed Borders

Where immigrant populations live tells us a lot about how they improve the U.S. economy.

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How Do Mayors Think About Inequality?

About half of U.S. mayors say they want to combat inequality, but they are less sure about redistribution.

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America’s Economic Distress Belt

Income inequality and poverty used to be separate phenomena in America. Today, it’s a different story: More than forty percent of U.S. counties have high rates of both.

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Why Quality of Place Matters

Cultural amenities like parks and museums attract young talent to big cities. But how do they work for smaller cities or older people?

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How Chicago Became the 'City of Spectacle'

A new book examines how Mayor Richard M. Daley transformed the city into a destination.

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Did Jane Jacobs Predict the Rise of Trump?

Ever prescient, her final book outlined a coming dark age—and how to get through it.

The Geography of Hate in the U.S.

Where hate groups operate now.

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Trumpism and America's Dual Economy

So far, the president-elect’s policy priorities appear to be setting the stage for class and racial divides to grow ever deeper.

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The Persistent Inequality of Neighborhoods

The places we’re born have a profound influence on our ability to move up the economic ladder.

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How U.S. Metro Area Votes Changed Between 2012 and 2016

Trump’s vote share increased in half of all metro areas compared to Romney.

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Mapping How America's Metro Areas Voted

The geography of the 2016 election is spiky.

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How America's Metro Areas Voted

Large metros voted for Clinton. Everywhere else went for Trump.

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The Curious Case of New York's Two Economic Centers

Why Midtown and Wall Street developed both separately and parallel to each other.

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It's Still About Class and Geography

The 2016 election reinforced America’s deepest, long-held divides.

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The Geography of Middle Class Decline

The economic middle of the U.S. has shrunk across the country. The distinction individual metro areas must better understand is: by how much?

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The Great Rent Squeeze

America’s renters are paying more and having less money left over to generate the demand required for economic growth.