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Wage Inequality and America's Most Successful Cities

Economic inequality is increasing almost everywhere, but some U.S. metros have it far worse than others.

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The New Grand Bargain Between Cities and Anchor Institutions

Anchor institutions spur economic growth and innovation, but are still lacking cooperation with cities themselves.

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The High Cost of Fear in America

We’ll never craft appropriate policies until we stop worrying about random acts of violence.

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London Beats New York as the World’s Leading Financial Center in the Latest Ranking

While these two jockey for position, no other cities really come close to challenging them.

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How London and Berlin's Daily Travel Habits Compare to the U.S.

Major European cities may use cars less, but they still have a long way to go.

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America's Leading Immigrant Cities

Trump has it backwards—large immigrant populations boost rather than hurt U.S. metros.

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America's Diverging Migration Patterns

Not all of us are moving west.

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China's Best-Performing Cities

Despite the nation’s recent financial setbacks, these metros will contribute to future global prosperity.

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The Never-Ending Stadium Boondoggle

You and I continue to foot a large part of the bill for America’s billionaire sports owners.

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The Complicated Link Between Gentrification and Displacement

Gentrification can push residents out of their neighborhoods, but the ultimate effects of displacement are less clear.

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The Role of Public Investment in Gentrification

Neighborhoods don't transform only because rich people suddenly decide to move there.

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Brain Gain in the Rustbelt

Cities like Pittsburgh and Detroit are attracting more highly educated people.

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The Geography of Pop Music Superstars

Three cities have dominated over time: New York, London, and L.A.

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Private Conflict, Not Broken Windows

Why community policing should focus on helping to resolve personal and domestic disputes, not signs of physical decay.

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America's Most Expensive Neighborhoods for Renters

We’re looking at you, New York, San Francisco, and L.A.

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America's Ongoing Love Affair With the Car

Despite modest improvements in dense city centers, the vast majority of us are still driving to work alone.

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The Geography of America's Beer Preferences, According to Twitter

A new interactive map charts how beer choice varies by where we live.

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America's Biggest Problem Is Concentrated Poverty, Not Inequality

Addressing income inequality is important, but worsening economic segregation has far more compounding effects.

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Does Living in a Global City Make You More Globally Aware?

A new study examines Twitter data to find out.