Richard Florida

America's Best Places for a Raise

Where you live can determine how much more you'll be making next year.

Mapping College vs. Pro Football Fans

College football still dominates in the South.

Bollywood and Bangalore as Clusters of Creativity

India is becoming an important global player in entertainment.

Where Chicago's Guns Come From

This summer's horrific body count comes courtesy a large number of firearms purchased well outside the city.

America's Leading College Towns

Mapping the metros with the largest share and largest number of college students.

America's Leading High-Tech, Venture Capital Centers

New data tracks the geography of technology investment.

The Geography of Underwater Homes

New data from Zillow shows fewer homeowners underwater, but the pattern varies widely by geography.

Has the London Mayor's Office Been Too Successful?

One columnist believes it has.

The Geography of Craft Beer

Mapping America's craft brewers state-by-state.

The Thriving States of America

A new Gallup poll charts levels of "thriving" across U.S. states.

The World Cities That Tweet the Most

Jakarta bests New York and L.A. as well as Tokyo, London, and São Paulo, according to a recent study.

The Connection Between Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Metros with a strong creative class are also more likely to have robust business growth.

Which American Cities Won the Most Medals?

When it comes to the Games, the West Coast dominates.

Dwight Howard, the Lakers, and the Spiky NBA

Big cities continue to dominate the competition for basketball superstars.

Do Basketball Arenas Spur Economic Development?

The latest research finds arenas are "not the cause of development so much as they are the effect."

The Divided Global City

Global class conflict is still playing out on a local scale.

The Geography of America's Music Scenes

Mapping musicians and the music businesses across the U.S.

When it Comes to Jobs, the Real Story is Education, Occupation, and Geography

The burden of unemployment has been felt hardest on those in working-class factory, construction, and low-wage service jobs.

In Search of a Cure for Zombie Neighborhoods

A new study details the rise of abandoned properties in Buffalo.