Richard Florida

Map of the Day: The Geography of Klout

Which countries have the most social media influence?

Large U.S. Cities and Tolerance

How America's biggest metro areas stack up.

The Economic Strength of Cities

A new measurement - based on satellite images - highlights cities' key role in economic development.

The Geography of Tolerance

Where are the most tolerant metro areas?

Cities With the Most Corporate Clout

Which American metros have the highest number of corporate headquarters per capita?

The New Geography of the Working Class

Which metros have the largest share of working class jobs?

The New Geography of the Service Class

Which metros have the largest share of service class workers?

How Your City May Have Affected Your Raise

Wage growth varies considerably by metropolitan area, according to numbers from the most recent quarter.

Map of the Day: Soda vs. Pop vs. Coke

This time, based on Twitter data.

America's Leading Creative Class Metros

Which metros have the highest share of creative class workers?

U.K. Leads the Way on Mayoral Autonomy

Why it's a good thing that British mayors are getting more control over their economies and infrastructure.

Map of the Day: Church vs. Beer

The cartographers over at Floating Sheep track tweets on both topics.

Making Cities Sing

Arts spending alone can’t stimulate economic growth. But a city’s architecture, public spaces, and artistic institutions are among its most priceless resources.

Advice to Aspirational Mega-Cities

They are our future. Here's what we need to do to make sure America's regions stay on track.

Rents Now Rising Even Faster Than Home Prices

Metros where housing is already expensive, especially in California and the Pacific Northwest, are seeing the biggest increases in average rents.

What Critics Get Wrong About the Creative Class and Economic Development

The Fall of the Creative Class? Not so fast.

The Secret to London's Tech Boom

A new report makes the case against a top-down approach to developing high-tech districts.

America’s Leading High-Tech Metros

The new geography of technology centers.

Race, Gender, and the Creative Class

The creative class has opened up new avenues of advancement for women and minorities, but its existence has failed to put an end to long-standing divisions.