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Introducing CityLab Latino

Our newest destination, in partnership with Univision Digital.

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D.C's Metro Should Shut Down for a Lot Longer Than 24 Hours

At this point, the troubled transit agency needs a more dramatic solution.

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An Unprecedented Choice for L.A. Football Fans

Two NFL teams—the Rams and the Chargers—look to be heading to the city at roughly the same time. How will locals choose which team to root for?

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The Chart That Explains Why D.C.'s Metro System Has No Leader

Who would want this gig?

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Should People Jog in Bike Lanes?

The Washington Post wonders.


Get Off Robert Moses's Lawn

The man who modernized New York angrily took on his critics in a 1962 essay for The Atlantic.

Where LGBTQ Americans Can Now Marry

The states where same-sex marriage is now legal in the United States.

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It's Always Been About the Death Penalty

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev already admitted to his role in planning and executing the Boston Marathon bombing. Today's guilty verdict is just a prelude to his sentencing trial.

Shot in the Back, 15 Feet Away

Video footage taken by a bystander played a key role in the arrest of a North Charleston police officer on murder charges Tuesday.

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Why You're Likely to Hear More About Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety This Year

Monday's Amtrak crash was the third such incident at a grade crossing in just over a month, and two U.S. Senators have already announced legislation aimed at reducing them.

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Of Course the Suburbs Aren't Dying—They're Not All the Same

What recent stories about where Americans want to live get wrong.

A Death on the D.C. Metro

An investigation into Monday's incident needs to be completed, but Washington area commuters have plenty of reasons to be outraged by their transit agency.  

The Best Mayoral Photo Ops of the Year

Around the world, mayors are more powerful than ever. But they still have to pose for lots of weird pictures.


Rob Ford Drops Out of the Toronto Mayor's Race

His brother Doug Ford will run in his place.

Methodology Details for the State of the City Poll

How we arrived at the data.

Overall, Americans in the Suburbs Are Still the Happiest

The first results of our State of the City Poll.