Tanvi Misra


The Impact of Brooklyn's L Train Shutdown, in 4 Maps

Cartographers visualized the neighborhoods that will suffer most—and worked out the best alternative routes into Manhattan.

Courtesy of the Renzo Picasso Archive

An Italian Architect's Wild American Dream

Renzo Picasso wanted to build seven-layer "superstreets" through American cities.

What On Earth:What on Earth! The Automobile Inherits the Planet/National Film Board of Canada

A 1960s Cartoon Hilariously Mocks America's Car Obsession

When aliens visit Earth, they naturally assume cars run the world. It’s not such an outlandish idea anymore.

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New York City Transit/Governor Andrew Cuomo

A Peek Inside New York's Subway Redesign Plan

Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed details of his plan to make over the city’s aging transit system.

Reuters/Tumay Berkin

Turkey Coup Attempt: What We Know So Far

A military coup is unfolding in Turkey.

Chris Whong

A New Map of New York's 'Subway Deserts'

An update to a previous project looks at areas in the city where it takes the longest to get to a subway stop.

AP Photo/Janet Hostetter

How the Twin Cities' Transit Expansion Will Improve Access to Jobs

University of Minnesota researchers have mapped how disadvantaged neighborhoods stand to gain.

AP Photo/M. Spencer Green

This New App Reminds Distracted Pedestrians to Look Up From Their Phones

“It’s starting to feel like a smartphone zombie apocalypse–there are so many people looking down and missing out on the city around them.”

Bing, Mark Byrnes/CityLab

A Map of the Dallas Shootings

The shootings took place around El Centro College in the heart of downtown Dallas.

Library of Congress

How 19th Century Immigration Made New York City Rethink Its Parks

Central Park was conceived as “social salve” to ease tensions between existing residents and newcomers, a historian writes. Did it work?

Max Galka/Metrocosm

Mapping How People Move Across the World

When it comes to migration, there’s a politically significant gap between public perception and reality.

AP/Elaine Thompson

Charting the Disparity in U.S. Hourly Wages

By and large, white men still lead in median hourly wages, a new study reveals.


12 Years of Migration-Related Google Searches, Mapped

An interactive data visualization shows where people are searching for information on moving to G7 countries.

AP/Gerry Broome

Now, North Carolina Wants to Hold City Infrastructure Hostage

Its cities must comply with anti-immigrant state laws, or face the funding consequences.

AP/Alex Brandon

Barring Abusers From Guns Is a Small, Solid Step Toward Gun Control

Monday’s Supreme Court decision bans those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from purchasing firearms.

Historic Charter of Barcelona

The History of Barcelona, in 26 Interactive Maps

Flip through the key chapters in the city's life from 150 A.D. to 2010.

Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

Why the Supreme Court's Tie on Immigration Is a Blow for Cities

Thursday's deadlock on DAPA leaves the families of 10 million U.S. residents in limbo.

Johnny Miller

Apartheid's Urban Legacy, in Striking Aerial Photographs

An American used drones to capture the color lines still stark in South African cities.