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Watch Colorful Bursts of Commuters From Each U.S. County

A new visualization makes daily work travels look fun.

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Gentrification Is Not Philly's Biggest Problem

It’s actually economic decline, a new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts finds.

Center for American Progress/Conservation Science Partners

Mapping America's 'Disappearing West'

A new project examines how natural expanses in 11 Western U.S. states are being lost to urban and agricultural activity.

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The Hidden Cost of 'Road Fares'

Congestion pricing may reduce traffic, but that benefit can be offset by a loss in productivity in a city’s central business district.


A Digital Dive Into Rio de Janeiro's Past

A Rice University mapping project seeks to illustrate “the social and urban evolution” of the city since its birth.

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A New Wave of Deportations Shows Obama's Double-Talk on Immigration

The administration’s system for protecting asylum-seekers and other immigrants has major flaws, ones that have led to deaths following deportations.


Where the NYPD Has Been Wrongly Ticketing Drivers, Mapped

An IQuantNY open-data analysis reveals that police officers have been issuing tickets to legally parked cars.

Pew Research Center

Where the Middle-Class Metros Are Now

A new analysis by the Pew Research Center pinpoints the areas with the largest shares of middle-income adults in the U.S.

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The Ugly Story of South Dallas

A new documentary explores the history of segregation, discriminatory policies, and racially motivated bombings that shaped two neighborhoods.

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Which Neighborhoods Win by Building Affordable Housing?

“Affordable housing proximity may be viewed as an amenity in some areas, but a disamenity in others.”


Watch 2 Centuries of Immigration to the U.S. in 1 Animated Map

Metrocosm’s new visualization shows how immigrants diversified America.

Kyle Walker, Texas Christian University

Where Are the Most Diverse Neighborhoods?

This interactive visual tool explores how racial homogeneity changes with distance from large U.S. city centers.

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The Consequences of Airplane Classism

The mere presence of a first-class cabin can  “trigger antisocial behavior” in passengers, a new study finds.

Feeding America

Hunger Transcends Geography in the U.S.

A new report shows that food insecurity is a problem in every single county in the United States. Some are much worse off than others.


How Hyperconnected Cities Are Taking Over the World

“Political geography is not determinant anymore, because cities are more important.”

Bill Rankin

A New Way to Map the Spread and Decline of Slavery in the U.S.

The historian and cartographer Bill Rankin visualizes the practice with a fresh approach.

1966 Greater Charlotte Central Area Plan by A.G. Odell Jr. and Associates/Mary Newsom

A 1960s Rallying Cry for Charlotte's Downtown: It's 'Do or Die'

A video report shows how urban planners and leaders imagined revitalizing the city.

Courtesy of Plusurbia

Redesigning the Iconic Thoroughfare at the Heart of Little Havana

Will Calle Ocho become a “complete street”? Or remain a highway?