Tanvi Misra

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Do Microloans Really Help the Poor?

Yes, but they don't pull people out of poverty.

MIT Media Lab

What Your Nearest Transit Station Says About Your Income

New visualizations map household income by rail stops in Chicago, Portland, Atlanta and D.C.

Urban Institute

See What Your City Will Be Like in 15 Years

An interactive tool forecasts U.S. metro demographics circa 2030.

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How Local Sales Taxes Target the Poor and Widen the Income Gap

A new report shows that low-income Americans are taxed at twice the rate as the richest one percent.

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India Plans to Roll Out Public Touch-Screen Kiosks for Sexual Assault Complaints

The new technology aims to make it easier for women to report incidents of sexual harassment and violence.

The Urban Institute

An Alarming Number of D.C. Kids Suffer 'Linguistic Isolation'

Living in a household where adults don't speak much English has economic and academic consequences for children.

Joel Sternfeld/Courtesy of Melinda Hunt

Finding the Stories of NYC's Unclaimed Dead

An interactive project is building a community around the thousands buried in the city's inaccessible Hart Island cemetery.


The 'Indian Banksy' Asks Viewers to Reconsider the Democracy of Art

Anonymous street artist "Guesswho" questions the place of contemporary art in India.

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The Most Cringeworthy Apps of 2014

Delete, delete, delete?

Mike Harvey Taxi Project

Scenes From the Back Seat of a Welsh Taxi

A photographer turned taxi driver captures six months' worth of the stories reflected in his rearview mirror.  

Garrett Miller/Eric Fischer at Mapbox

Mapping the Paths Most Traveled

What we can learn from where people walk, run, and ride their bicycles.

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Surprise! The Rich Are Now Richer Than Everyone Else By the Widest Margin Since We Started Keeping Track

Wealth among high-income households is growing, while the middle-class is stuck in the 1990s.


After Banning Uber, Delhi Authorities Plan to Train Women Cab Drivers

It's the latest women's safety initiative out of India to miss the larger point.

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White Households Are Now 13 Times Richer Than Black Ones

The wealth gap between whites and blacks in the U.S. is the widest it's been in 30 years.

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On Immigration, Gaining the Support of Mayors Is as Much Practical as It Is Political

Cities with large foreign-born populations are likely to process the bulk of applicants following Obama's executive order.

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Faux Paris and Other Sham Cities

For centuries, luring enemies to destroy decoy cities was a legitimate military defense strategy.


A Wider Wage Gap Means More African-American Deaths, but Not White Ones

A new study reveals race plays a surprisingly major role in the number of deaths that income inequality contributes to.

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'I Am Baffled and At a Loss'

Even legal experts are astounded by the grand jury's decision not to indict a New York City police officer for the killing of Eric Garner.

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What Could 50,000 More Police Body Cameras Really Achieve?

It depends on what the end goals are.