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Why Mosquitoes Love Miami's Wynwood Neighborhood

That and other insights on the fight against Zika from CDC director Tom Frieden.

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'We've Made Infrastructure Sexy'

The mayors of Syracuse and Flint discuss the urgent need to put aging pipes and busted roads at the top of the agenda.

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The Real Danger in Refugee Resettlement

It’s not the refugees, it’s how they’re received, city leaders say.

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Globally, Sprawl Is Getting Worse

Can cities around the world correct course?

Joshua Lott/REUTERS, Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Where Women of Color Live

A new report maps the geography of American women by race and ethnicity.

Mapping Inequality Project

A Digital Window Into the Roots of Redlining

A University of Richmond project collects 150 Depression-era maps that reveal the inner workings of the era’s racist real-estate practices.

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The March of Second-Generation Immigrants

The children of immigrants are going to be essential for the nation’s economic health. Who they are—and where they live—matters.

Arrival/National Film Board of Canada

The Universal Loneliness of Moving to a Foreign City

A poignant short film from 1957 captures the timeless experience of new immigrants.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

What it Feels Like to Be Forced From Home

In a new exhibition, Doctors Without Borders uses virtual reality to help visitors empathize with displaced people around the world.

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Wanted: A Better Way to Predict Public School Enrollment in NYC

The city is challenging urban wonks and concerned citizens to come up with a more granular approach to figuring out which school district might see a surge in population.

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Why 'Sanctuary Cities' Make Sense

A federal court rules that one type of collaboration between immigration authorities and local law enforcement is unlawful.


Why Haiti Is a 'Hub of Natural Disaster'

Hurricane Matthew struck a nation where poverty and poor planning have left urban residents at particular risk.

Fernando Romero

The Best Reader Comments: The U.S-Mexico Binational City

Great idea—but does it have to be a hexagon?

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Kids and Class Collide in NYC's Gentrifying Chelsea

An HBO documentary follows the parallel lives of children in a fast-changing Manhattan neighborhood.

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Why Londoners Bristled at the Invitation to Chat on the Tube

Small talk isn’t universal.

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When Immigrants Push Up Housing Prices

Foreign-born U.S. residents have a profound effect on housing demand, property values, and racial segregation rates. But it’s not as simple as you might think.

Jur Oster & Vera van de Sandt

A Peek Inside Brazilian 'Love Motels'

These sanctuaries for the sex-deprived shed light on the various ways people find space for intimacy.  

Igarapé Institute

Where the 'Fragile Cities' Are

A new data visualization reveals the urban areas around the world that are struggling to keep it together.