Tanvi Misra

Courtesy of Freedom House Street Survivors

The Forgotten Story of America's First EMT Services

A new documentary tells how a paramedic unit from a troubled part of Pittsburgh became a national model.

On Broadway

A Digital Collage of Broadway Made From Strips of Data

The interactive visualization blends social media images and open data from the iconic street.

Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service/University of Virginia

This Chart Tool Shows How City Centers Are Doing Better Than Inner Suburbs

A new report tracks demographic trends across 66 U.S. metro areas.


Forget Wine Tasting—Brooklyn Is Getting Hot Sauce Tasting

The Heatonist store will offer 150 varieties of fiery goodness.

New York Public Library Labs / Building Inspector

Help New York Build a Digital Time Machine

The New York Public Library needs a hand with its ambitious "Google Maps of yesteryears" project.

City Observatory

Young People Are Pulling Jobs Back to City Centers

A new analysis suggests that jobs previously lost to the suburbs are returning to the core.


You Can Rent Chicago's 'L'-Train for Parties

Fun fact: the Chicago Transit Authority lets people charter the city's trains for private events—just not during weekday rush hours.

Weegee/International Center of Photography

Slightly Creepy Photos of New York Moviegoers from the 1940s

A new exhibit recalls when the photographer Weegee turned his lens on the audience.


Is Your Neighborhood Healthy for Children?

A new interactive tool rates neighborhoods on the "Child Opportunity Index"—a quality-of-life scale for young residents.

Courtesy of Aakash Bhatia

The Fear and Fortune of Mumbai's Human Pyramids

A short film explores why India's controversial sport is so important for three slum residents.

Courtesy of the Pullman Museum

The Town That Laid the Foundation for America's Civil Rights Movement

The Pullman area of Chicago has been declared a national monument.

AP images

Instead of the Income Gap We Should Be Talking About the Wealth Gap

And these 8 charts explain why.


Ithaca Doesn't Actually Want You to Go to Florida

The tourist bureau website has received 108,000 visits since its marketing gag went viral.

Migration Policy Institute

A 'Disheartening Portrait' of the U.S. Labor Force

American workers have a major skills deficit that varies by race, ethnicity, and nativity.

WorldIslandinfo.com / Flickr

3 Reasons Long Island Is Dying

And a couple ideas for how it can be saved.


The Tricky Task of Rating Neighborhoods on 'Livability'

A new start-up aims to take a more rigorous approach.


Is It Pronounced Bang'er' or Bang'or'?

Get it right so you don't tick off the locals.


Seattle's Fight Against Sprawl, 20 Years On

The city's urban villages strategy is working—in some parts more than others.

dctourism / Flickr

Forgotten Lessons From a 1970s Fight Against Gentrification

How a decades-old tenant battle in Washington, D.C.'s Adams Morgan neighborhood is still shaping the city today.