Tanvi Misra

Tanvi Misra/CityLab

Delhi's Dumpling Divide

Tibetan “momos” are all over the Indian city, but the immigrants who make them still struggle for acceptance.

Lee Celano/Reuters

Not All Kids Benefit From Subsidized Housing

Children who are already flourishing get an educational boost, but those who’re struggling fare worse than peers in non-assisted housing, a new study finds.

Eric Stocklin/AP

When Nonprofits Are the New City Leaders

In some low-income neighborhoods, they’re regarded as more authentic representatives of the residents. That has good and bad consequences.

Aaron Josefczyk/REUTERS

Rising Suburban Poverty Is a Bipartisan Problem

“The numbers really underscore how cross-cutting an issue poverty is—it’s not just a red or a blue issue or an inner-city or suburban issue.”

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

The Long, Strange History of Non-Citizen Voting

Proponents say that letting recent immigrants vote in local elections is as American as apple pie. Can this isolated practice overcome political pushback and become more widespread?

UCLA/Raul Hinojosa Ojeda

Trump's Supporters Don't See a Lot of Immigrants

Only 2 percent of U.S. counties contain a high number of people who voted for Trump in the primary, as well as Mexican immigrants and imports.

Walter Thompson-Hernandez

In South L.A., a Common Front to Fend Off Gentrification

Could this long-neglected neighborhood be “the future of multiracial organizing”?

Robert Galbraith/REUTERS

Ride-Hailing's Racial Reckoning

Researchers find that Uber and Lyft may not be as race-blind as many hoped.

James Clark/nomadicnotes.com

Here's a Subway-Style Map of Southeast Asia

Travel blogger James Clark visualized what the region would look like if all its transit goals are achieved.

Vice Films

In 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,' Women Reclaim City Streets

In this film, a skateboarding hipster vampire takes on hostile spaces and the men who run them.

C2 Photography

Why Mosquitoes Love Miami's Wynwood Neighborhood

That and other insights on the fight against Zika from CDC director Tom Frieden.

C2 Photography

'We've Made Infrastructure Sexy'

The mayors of Syracuse and Flint discuss the urgent need to put aging pipes and busted roads at the top of the agenda.

C2 Photography

The Real Danger in Refugee Resettlement

It’s not the refugees, it’s how they’re received, city leaders say.

C2 Photography

Globally, Sprawl Is Getting Worse

Can cities around the world correct course?

Joshua Lott/REUTERS, Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Where Women of Color Live

A new report maps the geography of American women by race and ethnicity.

Mapping Inequality Project

A Digital Window Into the Roots of Redlining

A University of Richmond project collects 150 Depression-era maps that reveal the inner workings of the era’s racist real-estate practices.

Shannon Stapleton/REUTERS

The March of Second-Generation Immigrants

The children of immigrants are going to be essential for the nation’s economic health. Who they are—and where they live—matters.

Arrival/National Film Board of Canada

The Universal Loneliness of Moving to a Foreign City

A poignant short film from 1957 captures the timeless experience of new immigrants.