Tanvi Misra


How Hyperconnected Cities Are Taking Over the World

“Political geography is not determinant anymore, because cities are more important.”

Bill Rankin

A New Way to Map the Spread and Decline of Slavery in the U.S.

The historian and cartographer Bill Rankin visualizes the practice with a fresh approach.

1966 Greater Charlotte Central Area Plan by A.G. Odell Jr. and Associates/Mary Newsom

A 1960s Rallying Cry for Charlotte's Downtown: It's 'Do or Die'

A video report shows how urban planners and leaders imagined revitalizing the city.

Courtesy of Plusurbia

Redesigning the Iconic Thoroughfare at the Heart of Little Havana

Will Calle Ocho become a “complete street”? Or remain a highway?

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

The U.S. Hispanic Population Is 'Disproportionately' Young

Six out of ten U.S. Latinos are millennials or younger, the latest Pew Research Center analysis finds.

AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Immigration Reform in the Era of a Divided U.S. Supreme Court

In the wake of Monday’s oral arguments, it’s time to grapple with what a 4-4 decision in United States v. Texas would mean.

Courtesy of Thames & Hudson

A Wonderfully British Vintage Guide to London

Taxis, one entry says, are “purring smoothies smelling of leather and metal polish.”

Chicago Police Department/AP

Rahm Emanuel's Task Force: Chicago Police Have 'No Regard' For Minority Lives

A scathing new report confirms what Chicagoans have known for a while.

Flickr/Greg Matthews

Mapping California's Racial Bias in Sentencing Traffic Violations

A new report and interactive map show that poor and minority offenders bear the brunt of fines and sentences for minor offenses in the state.  

After Backlash, North Carolina's Governor 'Clarifies' Anti-LGBT Law

His new executive order seeks to walk back the law slightly, but critics aren’t buying it.

Raj Chetty et al/The Health Inequality Project

Geography and Life Expectancy Are Linked for Low-Income Americans

Economist Raj Chetty’s comprehensive new study finds that the rich live long everywhere. Not so for the poor.

Flickr/Ray Wewerka

A 10-Minute, Face-to-Face Conversation Can Reduce Bigotry

A new study finds that even brief empathetic encounters can combat stereotypes.

Flickr/Kim Davies

You Can File Taxes at 7-Eleven?

Yep. And reward yourself with a Slurpee.

Miami Downtown Development Authority

This 3D Map Shows the Imminent Transformation of Miami's Skyline

High-rises continue to mushroom in the city’s booming downtown.

Still from Los Sures

Inside Pre-Gentrification Williamsburg

This refurbished 1984 documentary on the Brooklyn neighborhood once known as “Los Sures” recalls a time before hipsters.


The One-Stop Digital Shop for Digestible Data on Your City

MIT and Deloitte’s DataUSA website wants to make information about jobs, housing, demographics, and education easy to access and use.

Scott Brown/Flickr Creative Commons

How Louisiana Traffic Courts Discriminate Against Latinos

According to a complaint filed to the DOJ, Spanish-speaking defendants in Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish are being deprived of due process.

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Housing Vouchers, Economic Mobility, and Chicago's Infamous 'Projects'

Relocating to a lower-poverty neighborhood has significant, long-term benefits for kids, regardless of their age.