Tanvi Misra

The Surprising Link Between Skin Color, Gender, and Immigrant Employment

Age-old stereotypes interact in complex ways when new arrivals look for jobs.

How Much Does Your Family Need to Get By?

A new tool compares housing, food, child care, and other household costs in 618 American metros.

The Long Shadow of Mumbai's Mushrooming Highrises

In the scramble to grow, builders have cut corners—harming residents and the future of the city.

Mapping the Hourly Wage Needed to Rent a 2-Bedroom Apartment in Every U.S. State

The figures highlight the mismatch between dipping job earnings and soaring housing costs.

A Push to Build a Playground for Syrian Refugee Children

The crowd-funded project would make a place in Lebanon where these displaced youths can be kids again.

San Francisco's Topless Protest Against Police Brutality

The #sayhername protest made a statement about how black, female bodies are treated in America.

These 11 Cities Are Growing Faster Than San Francisco

The Sunbelt is where it’s at.

America Has Half as Many Hypersegregated Metros as It Did in 1970

That’s the good news. The bad: U.S. cities aren’t necessarily more integrated.

To Fix Baltimore, Start With the Kids

Mental health resources, affordable child care, and better police relations would go a long way toward improving the lives of disadvantaged youths.

One Artist's Vivid Distortions of Google Earth Images

The Ultradistancia project drenches well-known landscapes with new colors.

When Parolees Spread Out, Recidivism Goes Down

The new findings suggest that place-based policy interventions deserve a closer look.

Most Millennials Don't Live Downtown

They’re living in cities, but they’re also priced out of central areas.

The Stark Inequality of U.S. Public Schools, Mapped

Who attends America’s “high-poverty” public schools—and where.

Nepal Is Shaken Up, Again

“The ground below felt like it was melting, or rippling like a swimming pool,” an eyewitness told BBC News.

The Case for Giving Homes to the Homeless

It might seem obvious, but in lots of cities it's also proved quite effective.

The World Mapped as Pop Art

Roy Lichtenstein meets cartography.

New York Is the World's Most Wasteful Megacity, in 3 Charts

The city consumes more water and energy, and generates more waste, than any other huge metro.

Songs About Your City, Mapped

Music about your metro is a click away.

If Nepal Says It Has Too Many Health Workers, the World Should Listen

It's time for the international aid community to take stock of what the country really needs.