Tanvi Misra

Library of Congress

Making a Real Underground Railroad

The novelist Colson Whitehead talks about the truth behind his alternative history of the pre-Civil War South—and why he can’t stop writing about trains.

Ross D. Franklin/AP

The Persistence of Private Prisons for Immigrants

The Department of Justice plans to phase out private prisons. Too bad this won’t affect the civil detention centers that are run by the same for-profit companies.  

Lucy Nicholson/REUTERS

Are There Really Any Safe Spaces for Immigrants?

Immigration agents are forbidden from conducting operations in “sensitive locations.” But recents raids appear to defy the policy.

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Racial Segregation, Not Economic Hardship, Explains Trump

A Gallup economist finds little evidence that low income, unemployment, or loss of manufacturing jobs are behind the candidate’s popularity.

PlanPhilly/Shrobona Karkun

Here Are Ten Years of Philly Block Parties, Mapped

PlanPhilly visualized a decade of city data showing street-side bacchanalia.

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We're At Peak Multigenerational

A record 60.6 million Americans are living with grandma and grandpa.

Anthony Denaro

Finally: A Map of NYC Transit That Includes Bus Routes

“One complex transit map, for one complex transit-reliant city.”

Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

It Could Take 2 Centuries For Racial Wealth Disparities to Dissipate

And that’s the most optimistic estimate.

Cairo, Egypt, 2002. (Akinbode Akinbiyi) ​

Seeing African Cities in Transition

An exhibition showcases the works of three photographers who capture the chaos of a rapidly urbanizing continent.

Google/ Beyond the Map

From the Favelas, a Glimpse of Rio's Humanity

A Google web documentary takes a look inside the city’s informal settlements.

Olalekan Jeyifous

Skyscrapers Rising From Shantytowns: A Futuristic Vision of Lagos

A Nigerian-American architect imagines one of the densest, fastest-growing cities in the world.

Jason Wright

Build Your Own NYC Subway

A new game lets players and transit wonks tailor the city’s extensive but imperfect system to their needs—or overhaul it completely.


How Nighttime Darkness Illuminates the Rural Poor

University of Oxford researchers are mapping unlit areas around the world in an attempt to measure global poverty.


The Impact of Brooklyn's L Train Shutdown, in 4 Maps

Cartographers visualized the neighborhoods that will suffer most—and worked out the best alternative routes into Manhattan.

Courtesy of the Renzo Picasso Archive

An Italian Architect's Wild American Dream

Renzo Picasso wanted to build seven-layer "superstreets" through American cities.

What On Earth:What on Earth! The Automobile Inherits ...

A 1960s Cartoon Hilariously Mocks America's Car Obsession

When aliens visit Earth, they naturally assume cars run the world. It’s not such an outlandish idea anymore.

New York City Transit/Governor Andrew Cuomo

A Peek Inside New York's Subway Redesign Plan

Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed details of his plan to make over the city’s aging transit system.

Reuters/Tumay Berkin

Turkey Coup Attempt: What We Know So Far

A military coup is unfolding in Turkey.