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Why the Supreme Court's Tie on Immigration Is a Blow for Cities

Thursday's deadlock on DAPA leaves the families of 10 million U.S. residents in limbo.

Johnny Miller

Apartheid's Urban Legacy, in Striking Aerial Photographs

An American used drones to capture the color lines still stark in South African cities.


A Real-Time Map of Earthquakes Around the World

Track them as they happen.

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Dot to Dot NYC by Narae Kim, published by powerHouse Books.

A Sketch-by-Numbers Coloring Book for Urbanists

Paint the town red—or any other color you want.

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How to Build Inclusive Cities

“Economic growth is easy, but inclusion is harder.”

Pew Research Center

How the Migrant Crisis Has Changed Europe, in 1 Map

A Pew Research Center analysis shows that the influx of refugees has dramatically increased the share of immigrants in many countries.

Max Galka/Metrocosm

Watch 6,000 Years of Urbanization in 3 Minutes

Max Galka at Metrocosm has taken the most comprehensive dataset on cities and made it come alive in a new video.

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The Importance of Queer Muslim Spaces

“Actually, we exist. We are not a contradiction. If we contradict your narrative, there’s something wrong with your narrative, not with us.”

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Immigration Is Absolutely an Urban Issue

Why do we write so much about immigration? Because it’s immigrants who will build and live in our cities of the future.

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The 'Browning' of the U.S. Working Class

People of color will be a majority in the American working class by 2032, according to a new analysis. 

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Mapping 6,000 Years of Urban Settlements

A new study by researchers at Yale University maps urban centers from 3700 B.C. to 2000 A.D. 

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The U.S. High-Schoolers in Immigration Limbo

The impending deportations of six Central-American youth have their North Carolina communities up in arms. 

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A Startling Map of How Sea-Level Rise Will Affect NYC

A 5-foot rise could affect nearly 300,000 people and 30 schools. Will the city adapt its infrastructure in time?

Liam Wong

The Night Streets of Tokyo, Captured 'Blade Runner'-Style

By day, Liam Wong is an art director for a video game company. By night, he photographs the color and chaos of the largest city in the world.

(Mel Rosenthal/Museum of the City of New York)

Finding Humanity in a Burning South Bronx

Intentional neglect of the neighborhood reduced it to rubble in the 1970s and 1980s. Mel Rosenthal photographed those who lived through it.

National Low Income Housing Coalition

The Hourly Wage Needed to Rent a 2-Bedroom Apartment Is Rising

A new report maps how much the average American has to earn to comfortably afford a modest rental in every U.S. state.

Mark Evans

Watch Colorful Bursts of Commuters From Each U.S. County

A new visualization makes daily work travels look fun.

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Gentrification Is Not Philly's Biggest Problem

It’s actually economic decline, a new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts finds.