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How Psychology Explains the Tamir Rice Shooting

People attach violent stereotypes to images of black boys as young as 5 years old, new research finds.


Mumbai's Massive Trash Fire Highlights Its Inequality

The city’s most privileged residents are largely shielded from the environmental hazards that plague those living on the outskirts.

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The Host City Always Loses the Super Bowl

Historically the event has hurt local taxpayers and the poor, and Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco is shaping up to be no different.

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Mapping Countries By Connecting Postal Codes

The U.S. “Scribble Map” links every ZIP code in ascending order.

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Which Political Party Looks Out for the Middle Class?

One side does slightly better than the other, in the eyes of the American public.

Google Fiber

High-Speed Internet Launches in Kansas City Public Housing

And soon maybe expand across the U.S. thanks to a partnership between Google Fiber and HUD.

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How Iowa's Demographics Explain the Caucus Results

The state is racially homogenous but politically complex.

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Are Poor Neighborhoods Worse for Boys Than Girls?

A new analysis of social mobility by economist Raj Chetty reveals how childhood environment impacts adult gender gaps.

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The Case for Keeping Immigrant Newspapers Alive

They’re a crucial way to engage an already hard-to-reach group of city residents.

The Antiquities Coalitio

Mapping the Terrorist Threat to Middle Eastern Architecture

Culturally significant monuments and museum are being razed to the ground.

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The Results Are in From Delhi's Partial Car Ban

Air quality didn't improve—but that doesn't mean it was a failure.

India Lights

Mapping India's Electricity Deserts

A project uses satellite imagery to show how access to power has improved in villages across the country.

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Harsh Policing of Immigrants Is Bad for Everyone

A new study finds that deportation profiling can lead to a decline in local economic activity, among other problems.

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Mapping Snow Plow Activity in Washington, D.C.

Winter Storm Jonas has come and gone. Has your street recovered?

Waves '98

Hope and Disillusionment in Beirut

Filmmaker Ely Dagher explores a love-hate relationship with his hometown in this surreal short film.

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The Direct Link Between Income Inequality and Affordable Housing

A new Brookings report shows where economic disparities are rising in U.S. urban areas.

1 Point 21 Interactive

Mapping the Sale of Firearms vs. Frappuccinos

A new data viz compares two easily accessible items in the U.S.

Katia Kelly, Pardon Me For Asking

Why Do 56,000 People Want to Move Next to the Gowanus Cesspool?

Affordability, for one.