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The Remaking of Martin Luther King Streets

They’ve been languishing for a long time but are finally becoming sites of urban intervention.

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A Special ID for Muslims Is Trump's Most Dangerous Idea Yet

The Donald’s Nazi-era suggestion is a cause for immense concern.

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Where U.S. Metro Economies Are Growing or Shrinking

America's national GDP grew 2.3 percent in 2014, but not every city fared equally well.

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More Mexican Immigrants Have Been Leaving the U.S. Than Entering It

The post-recession trend reverses decades of steady arrivals, according to a new Pew report.

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Where Sleep Is a 'Matter of Life and Death'

A new film tracks India's homeless as they struggle to find a place to rest.

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Tiny Houses for City Birds

A London design firm is trying to get urban citizens to make the city more bird-friendly.

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All the Single Ladies Are Living With Their Parents

Well, not all. But young women are more likely to be at home today than they were in 1940.

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How Satellites Can Help Us Understand Global Poverty

The World Bank has partnered with tech companies to pilot an analysis of visual cues in photos taken from space.

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Why Poor Boys Who Move to Rich Neighborhoods Still Face Risks

New research finds an increase in delinquency for young boys (though not girls) if the surrounding areas remain disadvantaged.

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Beijing's Migrant Workers Are Still Living in Storage Basements and Bomb Shelters

Government promises haven’t changed much for the city’s underground-dwelling underclass.

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Monday Is Lovesick Day

According to a data viz of Craigslist’s ‘missed connections’ forum for urban romantics.

Census Bureau

A Complete History of Census Race Boxes

A new data viz shows all the racial and ethnic labels from 1790 to 2010.

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The Economic Case for Undocumented Immigrants

A comprehensive reform bill could generate $2.2 billion in local tax revenue.

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These Jim Crow-Era Guides for Black Travelers Are Sadly Still Relevant

The “Green Book,” which helped African Americans navigate a segregated country, has been almost fully digitized.

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Ending China's One-Baby Policy Won't Fix Its Aging Economy

It may be too late to avert the slowdown it contributed to in the first place.

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The Benefits of Housing Vouchers Have Been Grossly Understated

Especially for single mother-led households.

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The Great American Craft Beer Road Trip

A 12,299-mile journey through 70 of the best breweries in the U.S.


Mapping the Frenzy of Europe's Migrant Crisis

A new interactive data viz shows flows of refugees seeking asylum as whizzing dots.