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New York City Apartments Are Getting Even More Crowded

Residents are packed like sardines, a new report by the city comptroller’s office says.


We're So Close to Alleviating Global Poverty, and Yet So Far

The world’s extremely poor population will drop below 10 percent this year, but some areas are still struggling.

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March of the Young White People

America’s largest cities saw big gains in their white population from 2010 to 2014—with Millennials leading the way.


Pulsating Noise Maps of Seattle, New York, and San Francisco

Trulia tracks five years of noise complaints in the three big cities.

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A State-by-State Map of Where Immigrants Came From

The new Pew interactive covers 1850 to 2013.

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For Immigrants, the 'Melting Pot' Is a Mixed Bag

An extensive new report looks at the positive and negative outcomes of assimilation.

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Surreal Mash-Ups of Daily Life

An Italian Instagrammer creates fantasy out of reality.

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How the 1965 Immigration Act Shaped America's Population

The law triggered long-lasting demographic shifts that persist today.

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The Harrowing Conditions of U.S. Immigrant Detention Centers

A new government report details the rights violations in government-run and private facilities.

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Today's Immigrants, Yesterday's 'Welfare Queen'

Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has roots in other racially loaded political campaigns.


America's Digital Divide Has Decreased, but Not Nearly Enough

A new White House report outlines recommendations to further expand broadband access.

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The Children of Deportation

A new report details the devastating psychological and economic impacts.

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Obama's Message to Immigrants: Citizenship Leads to Better Jobs

A new White House PSA touts the benefits of becoming naturalized.

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Why Politicians Don't Level the Playing Field

The American elite tend to trade equality for efficiency.

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More Jobs Aren’t Making Americans Richer

And other key takeaways from new Census reports on the economy, poverty, and health care.

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Where America's Obese Live

When it comes to this condition, place matters.

The Brookings Institution

The Sharp Rise of the Upper-Middle Class

Income inequality isn’t just about the 1 percent—wealth is increasing for the next 19 percent, too.

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The Number of 'Anchor Babies' in the U.S. Is Actually Decreasing

A Pew report estimates 295,000 babies born to unauthorized immigrants in 2013—much lower than the Trump campaign suggests.

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Where America's Poverty Has Shifted

Rural-to-urban population moves have changed the landscape of the poor in the last 50 years.