Tanvi Misra

The Youth Culture of Cairo

Cairo Youth Protest Urban Dysfunction With Hip Hop

A short documentary shows how warehouse dance parties, rooftop pop-and-lock sessions, and motorcycle stunts help young Egyptians reclaim neglected spaces.

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The Moral Baggage of 'Wastelands'

“An act of transforming the wasteland is seen as a redemptive activity that’s going to save the individual, the society, and the nation.”

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Using Algorithms To Predict Gentrification

Data analysts are trying to give community development advocates the tools they need to fight displacement and economic decline.

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Lessons From the 'Sanctuary Cities' of the Slavery Era

Before the Civil War, Northern states opted out of enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act—and the Supreme Court backed them up.

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Are Refugees Dangerous?

In nine out of the ten cities that accepted the largest number of refugees, crime went down—sometimes dramatically.

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San Francisco Is So Expensive Even Renters Can Be NIMBYs

Rent anxiety and fears of displacement fuel support for obstructing market-rate housing in pricey cities.

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How Immigrants Changed the Geography of Innovation

A new report shows how immigrants fueled regional inventiveness, bolstered creative momentum within their industries, and drove long-term technological growth.

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Fair Housing Faces an Uncertain Fate

Two bills have already proposed doing away with a new HUD rule, following a long tradition of opposing proactive desegregation.

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Cities vs. Trump: Round 1

The city attorney of San Francisco, Dennis Herrera, just filed a lawsuit against the administration, citing a constitutional provision limiting federal power over states and localities.

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'We Are In It For the Long Haul'

A conversation with refugee attorney Mark Doss on the legal struggle against President Trump’s latest executive order.  

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The Power of the Airport Protest

President Trump’s ban on immigration from several Muslim countries triggers mass demonstrations at airports nationwide.

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Sanctuary Cities Are Safer and More Productive

New research contradicts President Trump’s claim that these areas do "immeasurable harm" to their residents.

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What Trump's Executive Orders on Immigration Mean for Cities

A wall using taxpayer money, revival of a draconian policy of policing immigrants, and punishments for “sanctuary cities” have widespread implications.

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New York City Has Been Zoned to Segregate

A new book argues that poor communities of color are hurt by the city’s zoning and housing policies.

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The Right to Public Protest Is Still Divided

To achieve its goals, any mass movement needs to recognize the disparate ways in which different people are treated in the same public space.

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The Local Resistance to President Trump Begins

In hopes of thwarting the new administration, citizens and activists in towns around the country are reverse engineering the tactics of the Tea Party.

U.S. Conference of Mayors

'The First Term of Donald Trump Will Be Judged by Job Creation'

The Republican mayor of Oklahoma City, Mick Cornett, talks to CityLab about streetcars, immigration, and the nation’s 45th president.

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X-Ray Your City's Street Network, With a Bit of Code

A new open-source tool lets users compare the structure of cities around the world.