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Living Near a Transit Line Might Be Good for Your Mental Health

A new study finds a link between bus or rail access and fewer antidepressants in older residents of Turin, Italy.

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The Invention of Telecommuting

Working remotely long predated third-wave coffee shops and sleek co-working spaces.

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The High-Stakes Race to Rid the World of Human Drivers

The competition is fierce, the key players are billionaires, but the path—and even the destination—remains uncertain.

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Fat-Shaming on the London Underground

The cards Overweight Haters Ltd. is handing out to passengers on the Tube aren’t just cruel; they’re ineffective.


A Toronto Subway Station Gets Its Old Tiles Back, for Now


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Mexico City Looks to Gondolas to Relieve Traffic Congestion

Gliding at 15 km per hour, the proposed elevated transportation system could be a lower cost option in many corridors.

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Bad Drivers Are Forcing an English Town to Paint Its Ponies

Reflective paint is part of the latest plan to save the animals’ lives.

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Why Laws Banning Cyclists From Wearing Headphones Miss the Point

They may actually work against city goals to encourage more riding.

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No, U.S. Driving Has Not Hit an All-Time High

At least not if you take population growth into account.

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London's Proposed New Pedestrian-Cyclist Bridge Is Shockingly Sensible

The price is reasonable, the design is practical, and the link is one the city genuinely needs.

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Greece's Roadside Shrines Remind Drivers to Take It Slow

These elaborate mini-chapels abound on twisty highways off the mainland.

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Mapping America's Fight Against Excess City Parking

It’s gaining ground—from Seattle to Miami.

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Moscow Drivers Are Still Crazy

Meet the activist group that risks life and limb to keep them in line.

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Why Most Northeast U.S. Intercity Travelers Still Drive

The price is just too right.

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Gorgeous, Floating Lanterns Ground Flights in Thailand

It’s candlelit lanterns versus planes during northern Thailand’s annual Loy Krathong festival.

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How to Reduce Cyclists' Exposure to Air Pollution

Bike lanes aren’t enough, according to a new Fort Collins commuting study.

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A 3-Day, 30-Mile Traffic Jam Stalls Kenya

Travelers have been stranded without water or food, miles from any shops.

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Every Town Needs a Huge Cat Directing Traffic

Well played, Sebastopol, California.

Courtesy of Oregon and SW Washington Families for Safe Streets

Portland’s Ghostly Tribute to Traffic Victims

Plastic silhouettes pay tribute to 135 Portlanders killed on the roads between 2004 and 2014.