Will Geary

Visualizing a Full Day on the New York City Subway

Except as something really fast and elegant.

Paul Beaty/AP

Why Homeless Kids Can't Get to School

Antiquated procedures and limited resources prevent many homeless children from having a stable education experience.

Nelson and Rae, 2016

How 4 Million Commutes Shape America's 'Megaregions'

New maps use math to define the amorphous term.


Meet the High-Tech Buses of Tomorrow

They’re zero-emissions. They drive themselves. And they’re longer than a blue whale. Can the humble city bus get a modern makeover?


London Will Double Its Spending on Cycling Infrastructure

That money will pay for more bike lanes and bridges. Can it also buy a genuine cultural change?

Brian Snyder/Reuters

The Joy and Terror of Urban Snow Driving

Most Americans don’t bother with snow tires. Here’s your annual reminder that sometimes you really need them.

Chris Helgren/Reuters

How Vancouver Became North America's Car-Free Capital

The city hit a 50 percent “active transit” target, 5 years ahead of schedule. A short film shows how they did it.

Andrea Comas/Reuters

Madrid's Christmas Present to Itself: A Car Ban

The city center will be nearly car-free for nine days.

Hannah Schafer/PBOT

Portland Says Goodbye to Its Last Old-School Parking Meter

Dating from the 1930s when parking cost a nickel an hour, the city’s single-space meters are now a thing of the past.

Noah Berger/Reuters

The Surprisingly Unequal Benefits of Electric Vehicles, Mapped

There’s been a urban/rural divide on who gets cleaner air.

Henry Romero/Reuters

4 Major Cities Agree to Ban Diesel Vehicles

They hope to reduce the roughly 3 million yearly deaths tied to outdoor air pollution.

Courtesy Adam Shumaker/MARTA Army

Why Is This Citizens Brigade Taking Over Atlanta's Bus Stops?

“People are realizing that great transit will not come from the sky,” says the co-founder of the MARTA Army.

Charles Platiau/Reuters

Paris's Groundbreaking Car Bans Face a Backlash

Mayors of neighboring cities say they’re suffering from plans to turn a major roadway into a car-free zone.

Norman Garrick

Reimagining the Urban Freeway Holding Back Providence

The 6-10 Connector has suppressed the city’s economic and social potential for decades. It can't wait much longer.


SFMTA 'Never Considered' Paying Ransom to Hackers

The feds are investigating a demand of 100 bitcoins to release the transit agency’s encrypted files.

Jerry "Woody"/Flickr

Why Don't You Need a Bicycle License?

Short answer: Because it’s pointless and expensive. But that hasn’t stopped a few intrepid cities from trying.

Britain's Totally Fake Roundabout Is Driving Locals Crazy

A road in Cambridge was redesigned to actively confuse drivers.

Jim Bourg/Reuters

What Does Trump Mean When He Says 'Infrastructure'?

Maybe the president-elect is talking about subsidizing profitable real-estate projects that would get built anyway.

Fred Tanneau/AFP/Getty Images

In France, a Fix for the Urban Gondola's Privacy Problem

No more aerial transit riders staring through your bathroom window.