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China's 50-Lane Traffic Jam Is Every Commuter's Worst Nightmare

What happens when a checkpoint merges 50 lanes down to 20.

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The Chart That Explains Why D.C.'s Metro System Has No Leader

Who would want this gig?

LA Metro

Public Transit Does Not Have to Reduce Traffic Congestion to Succeed

There are plenty of other benefits that have nothing to do with drivers.

Cycle Enfield

Here We Go Again With Retailers Hating Bike Lanes

The London borough of Enfield is the latest to raise a widely debunked concern over sales.

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Tech Buses Are Not to Blame for San Francisco's Housing Crisis

On the contrary, according to a new Muni review, they’re great for the city’s transportation system.

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Should Cyclists Have to Stop at Stop Signs?

A proposal to make San Francisco the first major city to adopt the so-called “Idaho stop” is under intense debate.

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Paris's 'Day Without Cars'

The radical experiment to cut smog appears to have worked.

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What It Will Really Take to Fix India's Railways

Google and Japan will bring WiFi and odorless toilets to India's trains, but the South Asian country has a much bigger problem it needs to fix first.

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Preparing for 'Transportation Armageddon' on the Hudson

Mayors of Jersey City and Hoboken discuss contingency plans for a tunnel closure coming soon to the New York metro region.


China Rolls Out the 'World's First Driverless Bus'

Not sure why there’s a driver right there, though.

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Bike Commuting: Still on the Rise

New numbers from the League of American Bicyclists show that if you build the lanes, cyclists will come.

Case Studies in Transport Policy

The Benefits of Slower Traffic, Measured in Money and Lives

An unfortunate case study in political inaction.

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What Effect Will Shuttering Alabama DMV Offices Have on Black Voters?

The state has a strict voter ID law, yet more than 30 offices, many of them across the “Black Belt,” are set to close.

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Your Next Fare Card Won't Fit in Your Wallet

Wearable payment devices like wristbands and rings could streamline your daily commute.

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Don't Fret, Russia—America Has Some Pretty Sad Bus Stops, Too

There’s a lesson in this misery: transit agencies and cities forget about rider comfort at their own peril.

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You Know It's the MLB Playoffs When Transit Agencies Are Brawling on Twitter

L.A. and New York are going head to head … through their respective MTAs.

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Should People Jog in Bike Lanes?

The Washington Post wonders.

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A Texas County Just Sued VW for $100 Million Over Its Emissions Scandal

The “first” local government action against the carmaker surely won’t be the last.


Self-Driving Cars Could Save 300,000 Lives Per Decade in the U.S.

Automation on the roads could be the great public-health achievement of the 21st century.