To Promote Traffic Safety, Oregon Brings in... Bigfoot?

Because when you think about pedestrian right-of-way, you think “Sasquatch.”

Michael Raines

Meet the Latina Bicycle Brigade Fighting Against Gender-Based Violence

The Ovarian Psycos of East L.A. are an all-woman-of-color cycling collective carving out space for themselves in a hostile urban environment.


Could the Dutch Be Even More Bike-Friendly?

Amsterdam’s new “bike mayor” thinks so, and Anna Luten also wants her fellow cyclists to clean up their etiquette.

AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek

Navigating Philadelphia's Antiquated Mass Transit System: A Delegate's Guide

Good luck figuring out the bus schedules, using the concourses, and holding on to your tokens.

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Charles Platiau/Reuters

End of the Line for France's Night Trains?

Half the country’s domestic night routes will be scrapped this autumn.

Siu Chiu/Reuters

With Every Heatwave, an Excuse for Londoners to Curse Boris Johnson

The former mayor’s pet project is currently driving bus passengers mad.

Robert Taylor/Flickr

Toronto's Questionable Plan to Add a Single Subway Stop

The politics behind why a fully-funded light rail line is being rejected in favor of a limited and more expensive one.

REUTERS/Mike Blake

Here's How Many Cars This Car-Sharing Service Killed

According to a new study, every car2go vehicle removes as many as 11 personal cars from city streets.

Janson Chang, Gui Curi, Cameron Hanson/Mobility Speculations

Redesigning Commuting With the 'Stillness Bus'

Students at the Parsons School of Design offer fantastical solutions to urban travel problems with “Mobility Speculations.”

Chris Forsyth

Dreamy, Colorful, Empty Subway Stations

Chris Forsyth’s camera brings out the best in transit platforms from Canada to Germany.

What On Earth:What on Earth! The Automobile Inherits the Planet/National Film Board of Canada

A 1960s Cartoon Hilariously Mocks America's Car Obsession

When aliens visit Earth, they naturally assume cars run the world. It’s not such an outlandish idea anymore.


A City-Wide Bike Lane That Wants to Be a 'Piece of Copenhagen in Berlin'

The Radbahn, a proposed five-and-a-half mile protected route under a U-Bahn bridge, would connect the east and west sides of the German capital.

Na Son Nguyen/AP

A Hanoi Without Motorbikes?

The Vietnamese government has announced a plan to ban millions of motorbikes from the city center by 2025. It already faces opposition from residents.

Illustration by Amelia Opdyke Jones, New York Transit Museum Collection

How Transit Shaped Coney Island

A century of mass transportation transformed the beach attraction from a rich-man’s playground to a more universal park.

Keith Barry

All Aboard the DMZ Train

Dorasan Station could one day become a stop on a proposed Trans-Asian Railway. Until then, the sorely underused stop is a reminder of ongoing tension between North and South Korea.

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

How Prosecutors Buried Tamir Rice: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the past seven days.

Luke MacGregor/Reuters

The World's 'Most Polluted Street' Will Go Pedestrian-Only

London’s Oxford Street will ban cars, buses and taxis starting in 2020.

Stephane Mahe/Reuters

What's Keeping Tourists Away From Paris?

Visitors are down 11 percent, and now an emergency committee is asking why.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

The Northeast Officially Has America's Angriest Drivers

The region’s motorists are more prone to screaming, honking, and throwing out rude gestures, according to a new survey.