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D.C. Mayor: 'We Cannot Grow With Gridlock'

What traffic congestion on city streets has in common with the U.S. Congress.

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Downtown as a Template for Miami's Future

One of the city’s most walkable neighborhoods is leading the way, but also wrestling with challenges.

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The Rise of the City Geek: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A round-up of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.

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America's Most Dangerous Highways

Why are Southern interstates so deadly? It could be a lethal mix of high speeds, distracted driving, and lax regulations.

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Why Swedish Commuters Are Suing Their Own Government

A cautionary tale of the limitations of international metro areas.

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You Should Be Cycling With a Boombox

The joys, pitfalls, and etiquette of cycling with a portable stereo.

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Visualizing the Brutal Commutes of Colombia's Poorest

New research maps mobility rhythms of rich and poor workers, revealing barely overlapping worlds.

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San Francisco's Most-Wanted (Nonexistent) Subway Lines

The city asked people to sketch out their dream lines; here are the results.


Most Airport Noise Complaints Come From a Handful of Cranks

The vast majority of airport-noise complaints come from only a few affected households—and some that aren’t affected at all.


Should Bike Helmets Be Equipped With Airbags?

Scientists say a self-inflating, Swedish helmet could prevent brain injuries.

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Why Electric Vehicles Are Only One Part of Solving Manila's Traffic Woes

The Philippines wants its “jeepney” buses to go from diesel to electric. Critics say business practices must change, too.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Momentous Habitat III

A beginner’s guide to what will take place at the United Nations conference, and why it matters for the future of cities.

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Inventing a Better Ticketing Machine

The transit authority in Sweden’s southern region of Skåne wants to make the boarding process easier through tech.

Tomáš Moravec

This Slovakian Transit Hacker is a Streetcar of One

A tactical urbanist trick that you shouldn’t try at home.

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What Cities Have the Most People Living Near Rapid Transit?

It depends on how far out you look.

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In the Bike vs. Truck Showdown, London Sides With Cyclists

A new proposal will make roads safer by banning low-visibility trucks in 2020.

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D.C. Metro's Latest Fix: Disinvest in the City's Poor, Black Neighborhoods

Slashing services may help the system with operational costs, but at a profound cost to the city in terms of social equity.

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Could Self-Driving Cars Speed Hurricane Evacuations?

The case for a fully autonomous escape plan.


San Francisco Makes a Guerrilla Bike Lane Permanent

Score a victory for the city’s anonymous league of cycling-safety advocates.