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London's Dangerous Non-Response to Extreme Pollution

As residents breathe in the worst air in decades, the city is taking almost no meaningful action. To clear things up, officials should follow the examples of Paris, Madrid, and other European cities.

Lucas Jackson/AP

Here’s What’s Wrong With That 'Peak Millennials' Story

The number of young adults is increasing, not declining, and a larger share of them are living in cities.

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The Limousine: Dividing Us for Over a Century

The preferred ride of the wealthy and powerful is an equally powerful cultural symbol.

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Mass Transit Mobilizes Women. Why Don't Women Mobilize for Transit?

Voting against transit might save some people tax dollars, but it hurts women of color the most.

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Support Grows for a City-Wide Bike-Share Expansion in New York

A survey shows locals want more bike sharing and protected lanes, and most city council members are on board, too.

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Barcelona’s Car-Taming ‘Superblocks’ Meet Resistance

The plan to ban through traffic from much of the city could still be a game-changing model.


New York's New Weapon in the Battle Against Subway Trash

The city hopes to declutter its 662 miles of track to prevent train-delaying debris fires.

Colorado Department of Transportation

A Green Light for Denver's Controversial Highway

The FHWA’s decision on ‘Central 70’ came on the eve of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, which is surely no coincidence.

Felicity Mackay/PBOT

Portland's New Bike Share Marks Some Early Triumphs

More than a quarter of Biketown’s users say they’ve turned to the service for trips that would otherwise have been taken by car.

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Has Louisville Figured Out How to Eliminate Traffic Congestion?

Traffic camera snapshots seem to show that the modest tolls charged on the city’s controversial highway bridge keep commuters away and traffic light.

Tags and the City

The New York Subway System, According to Instagram

What if the city’s transit stops were renamed according to their most popular hashtags? Next stop: #cronut.

John Dudley/CityLab

The Uncanny Power of a City Without Cars

Europe’s largest pedestrian-only urban space is also one of its most fragile. But Venice may hold lessons for other cities struggling to adapt to a changing world.

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Why Does Florida Have America's Most Lethal Roads?

There’s no simple solution, but the Sunshine State is trying to tackle its astonishing rates of pedestrian deaths.

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The Fading Dream of a Borderless Europe

Six states in Europe’s normally passport-free Schengen Area have brought back passport controls. So what’s coming next?

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In Divided Denver, a Highway Promises Reconnection

In working-class north Denver, a $1.2 billion cut-and-cover project may transform the neighborhood that the highway once isolated. But some residents fear they'll be left behind.

L.A. Metro

The L.A. Metro Gets a First-of-Its-Kind Sexual Harassment Hotline

The 24/7 call center, staffed by professional counselors, is meant for riders who’ve experienced groping, fondling, and indecent exposure.


Finally, Uber Releases Data to Help Cities With Transit Planning

But it’s not the highly coveted numbers cities need. How helpful is the company’s new data tool?


Citi Bike's New Safety Feature: Bike-Shaped Laser Projections

Gleaming icons appear on the pavement well ahead of cyclists, giving them enhanced safety in blind spots.

Paso Del Norte Streetcar Preservation Society

The Legend of El Paso's Transnational Streetcar

From the mule-drawn trolley of the 19th century to the rails ripped out by Mexico in the 1970s, tales of the El Paso–Ciudad Juárez streetcar still echo today.