Finnish Hockey Fans Are So Excited About Beating Russia They're Willing to Pay $5,500 for a Used Bicycle

Now you know what to buy the Olympics-loving bike enthusiast in your life.

Finland's men's hockey team eliminated Russia from the Winter Olympics earlier today, a crushing blow for the hockey-loving host nation. Their fans back home can celebrate the occasion by bidding on one of their bikes. 

Finland's players have been jetting around Sochi's Olympic Village on blue bikes, created specially for them by Finnish company Jopo. If the stylish rides don't get destroyed by angry locals during the rest of their stay in Russia, they'll be autographed by the players who used them and delivered to the highest bidder after the Games end.

The auction started earlier this week on Finland's eBay equivalent, Huuto. The money will go to a Children's Hospital back in their home country.

The priciest cycle by far belongs to national icon Teemu Selanne (above), who also scored today's game-winning goal. He has represented the national team in the Winter Olympics since 1992 and his bike is currently going for $5,574 (4051€).

The bike used by goalie Tuuka Rask (above), who started against Russia today, is currently going for $1,032 (750€).

For those on a budget, there are some affordable options (courtesy of the team's less famous players); bids on their bikes start in the $400 range (for now, at least). Don't let the above poses fool you, these guys really have been putting their bikes to use. Team members have been spotted riding around the Olympic Village as a pleasant, Finnish bike gang of sorts. That must surely add some value for nationalistic bike enthusiasts looking for a new ride:  

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