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In the Twin Cities, Commute Times Vary Dramatically by Race

People of color spend nearly 160 additional hours a year commuting on transit compared to whites who drive to work alone.

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How Congress Failed to Stop the Fatal Amtrak Crash

Positive Train Control could have prevented Tuesday’s crash. Congress made it mandatory in 2008. But it also continues to cut funding needed to fully implement it.

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Confirmed: A High-Speed Turn Led to Amtrak's Derailment in Philadelphia

The National Transportation Safety Board’s preliminary investigation reveals that the D.C.-NYC train entered a turn going twice the posted speed limit.

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Next Steps in the Amtrak Investigation: Was Speed a Factor?

The National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation of the crash will consider whether the train was exceeding speed limits as it approached the derailment site.

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Debunking the Myth That Only Drivers Pay for Roads

Landing on the moon was still a wild dream the last time gas taxes paid nearly the full cost of our roads.

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'An Absolute Disastrous Mess'

The latest images from Philadelphia, where Tuesday night’s Amtrak derailment has left at least six dead and dozens injured.

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They're Turning 'Truck Nuts' Into a Bike Light

This world is hell.

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An Amtrak Train Derails in Philadelphia, Killing at Least 8

Hundreds more were injured on Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188, which was traveling north from Washington, D.C., to New York City.

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New Balance Bought Its Own Commuter Rail Station

Instead of asking Boston’s cash-strapped public transit system to add a stop, the company simply paid for one itself.

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India's Ancient Railways Meet High-Tech Scheduling

Google Transit’s new e-scheduling service fits with India’s digital-foward plans. But the nation’s transportation infrastructure needs to catch up.

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The High Cost of Residential Parking

Every time a new building includes space for cars, it passes those costs on to tenants.

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The Danger of the Left Turn Lane: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.


Watch New York Subway Trains Run Their Routes in Real Time

LiveTrain NYC maps eight lines using actual train location data.

Salt Lake City

Why Salt Lake City Chose to Build the First Protected Intersection for Bicycling in the U.S.

“We looked at the entire range of possibilities, and this just made so much sense.”

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No, the Feds Are Not Requiring Times Square to Remove Its Billboards

But why are Broadway and 7th Avenue now classified as national highways?

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The Weird, Wonderful Science of How Bicycles Balance Themselves

There's a whole line of study into how a moving bike can stay upright without a rider.

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A New Strategy in NYC's War on Rats

Mayor de Blasio announces a $3 million assault on the city's ever-present vermin.

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Houston's Urban Interstate Debate: Transform, or Tear Down?

Some locals want their own High Line; others want a fresh start.