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More and More Towns Are Falling in Love With Golf Carts

From the Atlanta suburbs to Palm Springs, golf carts and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) are increasingly found off the links.

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Drivers Have the Most Stressful Commutes

Transit riders and walkers, who avoid the “unexpected delays” of traffic, stack up better in a new survey.

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An Unusual Objection to Less Parking: It Will Make Our City Too Nice

Opposition to Champaign’s new relaxed parking requirement is actually a powerful case in its favor.


The Simplicity of the Walking School Bus

Or, why we had to invent a name for a group of children walking to school with one or more adults.

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Portland Ranks First Among Major U.S. Cities for Biking to Work

The city’s rate of cycle commuting is the highest it’s ever been.

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What It's Like to Be Hearing Impaired in a Big, Dense City

An artist tackles the challenges of navigating dense urban areas with hearing loss.

Transport for London

Do You Want Your Subway Map to Look Pretty, or to Reflect Reality?

Londoners recently got the chance to find out.

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How San Francisco Got More Drivers to Yield to Pedestrians

The data-driven solution was part marketing, part enforcement, and part community outreach.

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America's Diverging Migration Patterns

Not all of us are moving west.

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What's More Important to Non-Car Commuters: Living or Working Near Transit?

In metro Denver, office proximity leads to higher transit commute shares.

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A Before-and-After Photo Archive of the World's Best Street Designs

It’s a walkable feast.

California High-Speed Rail Authority

There's an Awful Lot of Parking Near This California High-Speed Rail Station

If a goal of the train is to reduce car-reliance, why does a new rendering show a big surface lot?

MIT AgeLab

Prototyping the Age-Ready City

At MIT’s AgeLab, researchers work on autonomous wheelchairs, neighborhood design for the cognitively impaired, and a host of other strategies to prepare for the “silver tsunami.”


This Glowing Water Bottle Doubles As a Bike Light

The $30 Candea bottle glimmers as if filled with nuclear waste.

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Portland’s New Car-Free Bridge Is a Symbol of U.S. Mobility Goals

Tilikum Crossing allows walkers, cyclists, and transit riders—but not drivers.


Hoping Men Can Behave, a Mexico City Bus Line Aims for Better Than ‘Women-Only’

Using a smartphone app, riders can report incidents and trigger an onboard announcement warning that sexual abuse will not be tolerated.

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7 Fun Facts About the New York Subway’s New 7 Train Extension

Everything you need to know about the city’s first new full station to open since 1989.

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Milan Abruptly Suspended Congestion Pricing and Traffic Immediately Soared

Pollution skyrocketed, too.