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Chicago's 'Predictive Policing' List Isn't Preventing Violence

A new study finds that the program has failed to prevent gun violence, but has helped identify perpetrators retroactively.

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Baltimore Police Say Aerial Surveillance Is Not a 'Secret Spy Program'

The department has been using technology developed for Iraq war operations on the city since January, and failed to tell the public.


The Bay Area Takes the Fight to Elevator Urinators

BART is installing a new kind of anti-pee floor coating, as well as a “bacteria-eating enzyme misting system.”

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The Battle Over Voting Rights for Former Felons in Virginia

Governor Terry McAuliffe just made it possible for 13,000 former felons to vote. Will they actually be able to?

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The Persistence of Private Prisons for Immigrants

The Department of Justice plans to phase out private prisons. Too bad this won’t affect the civil detention centers that are run by the same for-profit companies.  

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Sex Toys and Gun Laws Collide on Campus in Austin

What started as a protest over campus-carry gun laws at the University of Texas at Austin has exploded into a college culture war.

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Mapping 'Pre-Crime' in Rio

CrimeRadar is the world’s first publicly available crime-forecasting tool based on open-access data. But will it work?

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How Chicago Youth View Police, From School to the Streets

In her new book, the sociologist Carla Shedd explores how kids' perceptions are influenced by the city’s hyper-racial segregation and carceral school policies.

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Are There Really Any Safe Spaces for Immigrants?

Immigration agents are forbidden from conducting operations in “sensitive locations.” But recents raids appear to defy the policy.


Netflix's 'The Get Down' Shows What a Community Without Police Looks Like

The new six-part series is a testament to both the social limitations and successes of hip hop.  

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How Wisconsin Became the Home of Black Incarceration

The unrest in Milwaukee cannot be separated from the historic mass incarceration of black residents there and across Wisconsin.

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The Milwaukee Police Department Knows It Needs Help

Months before this weekend’s protests, the city’s mayor and police chief sought out a voluntary review from the U.S. Department of Justice.


Florida Idiots Can't Stop Painting Wild Animals

It does not help the health of birds to paint them orange.

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How the Voting Rights Act Could Be a Path to Police Reform

A successful template for providing meaningful protection to black voting rights already could work to hold police departments accountable.

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Oregon Police Destroy Huge Stash of Weed Found in Porta-Potty

“It is now green mulch,” say the cops.

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France Gets Its Eric Garner

Near Paris, the suspicious death in police custody of Adama Traore spawns a French Black Lives Matter movement.

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Will New York City Flunk on School Discipline Reform?

Mayor de Blasio’s proposed “ban” on kindergarten suspensions may not be a ban at all.

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It's Official: Racist Police Practices Are Endemic in Baltimore

A Department of Justice audit of the city's police department shows a disturbing culture of racism among the force.


Here's Why You Don't Lock Your Bike to a Tree

A criminal lumberjack can steal it in seconds.