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Why Gated Communities Are Still Booming in Buenos Aires

Pricey downtown real estate and safety concerns are among the factors.

Marko Plahuta

Mapping Manhattan's Parking Tickets by Type of Car

Who knew Fords got ticketed so much in New York?

Mike Rosenberg

San Francisco's Super Bowl 50 Statues Are Being Utterly Annihilated

It looks like it’s going to take a small army to protect these things from vandals.

REUTERS/Kevin LaMarque

Virginia's New Concealed-Carry Gun Restrictions Lasted Just One Month

The state stopped honoring permits obtained in states with weaker gun laws, but not for very long.

Wikimedia Commons/Andrew Choy from Santa Clara, California

How Airports Could Help Stop Human Trafficking

San Francisco cites the upcoming Super Bowl as an impetus behind employee training programs—though trafficking happens everywhere and anytime.

SF Citizen

San Francisco's Super Bowl Statues Keep Getting Vandalized

They’ve been painted, ripped apart, and had letters rearranged to read “SUPERB OWL.”

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Harsh Policing of Immigrants Is Bad for Everyone

A new study finds that deportation profiling can lead to a decline in local economic activity, among other problems.

REUTERS/Sean Gardner

The Link Between Housing Vouchers and Gun Violence

A new report out of New Orleans shows that children living in voucher-assisted households are more likely to live in violent neighborhoods.

REUTERS/Frank Polich

This App Tells You Whenever U.S. Police Officers Kill Somebody

“Archives + Absences” might make you never want to get a push notification again.

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Why the ACLU Is Suing the New Orleans Public Defenders Office

The real target is the Louisiana state legislature.

Wikimedia /Achim Raschka

The Uncertain Future of Berlin's Squat Houses

Following a major police raid last week, the city’s former alternative centers seem more fragile than ever.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

New Orleans to Poor Criminal Defendants: We Can't Defend You

Budget constraints have forced New Orleans’ public defender’s office to start turning away indigent clients accused of serious crimes.

1 Point 21 Interactive

Mapping the Sale of Firearms vs. Frappuccinos

A new data viz compares two easily accessible items in the U.S.

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A Police Department's Secret Formula for Judging Danger

What causes a private company’s algorithm to label some people and addresses as more threatening than others?

REUTERS/David Becker

A Las Vegas Case Shows Why Police Body Cameras Are So Important

Video footage helped bring federal charges against a former officer who beat up a woman he accused of being a prostitute.

REUTERS/David Ryder

Does Seattle's Police Chief Deserve a Seat at the State of the Union Address?

Chief Kathleen O’Toole’s department has shown progress over the years. But is it a model for policing nationally?

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Istanbul Explosion: What We Know So Far

Turkish officials have identified the attacker as a Syrian.


West Baltimore Will Get a $700 Million Makeover—Just Not the One It Needs

Advocates have been planning a Red Line light rail for years to increase access to jobs. Governor Hogan has other plans.