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The Most Important Case for Civilian Police Oversight: Protecting Children

The DOJ’s civil rights chief addresses aggressive police actions aimed at one of the nation’s most vulnerable populations.

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An Artist Built a Jail Outside Philadelphia's City Hall

“Labyrinth” is a 40-by-40-foot explorable sculpture about mass incarceration.

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As a Start to NYC Prison Reform, Jail Data Will Be Made Public

Under a new law just signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio, the city will have to cough up stats on its courts and jail systems.

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Should Cyclists Have to Stop at Stop Signs?

A proposal to make San Francisco the first major city to adopt the so-called “Idaho stop” is under intense debate.

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New Orleans Has a New Jobs Program. But Can It Stop Bullets?

The city council has granted the mayor’s wish requiring local hiring for city-contracted projects. Will more jobs really mean less violence?


A Growing Problem for 9-1-1 Dispatchers: Butt-Dials

Getting rid of accidental emergency calls could save San Francisco more than $2 million yearly, says an official.


Law Enforcement Really Doesn't Like Civilian Oversight

In New Orleans and Chicago, police officials continue to butt heads with independent monitors while the NYPD takes some steps toward accountability.

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The High Cost of Fear in America

We’ll never craft appropriate policies until we stop worrying about random acts of violence.

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A Texas County Just Sued VW for $100 Million Over Its Emissions Scandal

The “first” local government action against the carmaker surely won’t be the last.

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When Independent Police Oversight Becomes Too Independent

New Orleans’ independent police monitor released videos of police violence. Now her job is in danger.

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Violent Crime Rates: Still Declining

Nationwide, there were no signs of a violent crime wave in 2014. Quite the opposite.

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The Rise of Law Enforcement on College Campuses

The number of officers has continued to expand despite plateauing crime rates at universities.

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5 Examples of How Housing Background Checks Reveal Systematic Discrimination

A new audit out of New Orleans shows that, for people with criminal records seeking housing, success really depends on your skin color.   

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How Global Warming Makes Overcrowded Prisons Even More Dangerous

As the world’s climate heats up, so do unconstitutional (and deadly) conditions in prisons.

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The Study That Brought Down Volkswagen

A closer look at the West Virginia report at the center of the VW emissions scandal.

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In L.A., Homeless Advocates Are Unimpressed With Their City's 'State of Emergency'

"Right now we have a Hollywood moment.”

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What Pope Francis Should Know About the Philly Jail He's Visiting

I started covering guard abuse at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility last fall. Here’s what I would tell Francis.

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The Many, Many Problems With New Orleans' Public Defender System

The city’s chief public defender discusses persistent hurdles to adequately defending the poor in court.

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The Short Distance Between Attica and Ferguson

44 years ago this month, inmates seized control of Attica over prisoners’ rights issues—which are still flashpoints today.


Inside New Orleans' 'Debtors' Prison' System

City courts have been banking on fines levied against defendants who can’t afford to pay them. A federal class-action lawsuit calls this illegal.