Ne Davimo Beograd

How an Entire Street Gets Illegally Knocked Down Overnight

Police in Belgrade colluded in plans to make way for a controversial new waterfront development, says Serbia’s ombudsman.

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

New York City Announces New Initiatives to Ease Bail Burdens

The city will place more ATM machines in courthouses, and explore allowing bail payment with debit or credit cards.


Where the NYPD Has Been Wrongly Ticketing Drivers, Mapped

An IQuantNY open-data analysis reveals that police officers have been issuing tickets to legally parked cars.


Munich to Residents: Start Snitching on Your Neighbors Who Illegally Rent to Tourists

The city’s ruling party wants to launch a website for anonymously informing on law-breaking landlords.

Yannick Read

This Bike Alarm Literally Explodes in Thieves' Faces

For people who are really, really sick of having their bike stolen.

Antonio Calanni/AP Images

Chinese Police Are Patrolling the Streets of Italy

The experimental plan is the first of its kind in the world.

REUTERS/David Ryder

Raise the Minimum Wage, Reduce Crime?

A new White House report links higher hourly incomes to lower rates of law-breaking.


China Debuts a Riot-Quelling 'Security Robot'

The robot performs automatic patrols and can shock people with an electric prod.

REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

What Burglars Can Teach Architects

A new book uncovers what breaking and entering can reveal about buildings.

Oleg Cricket

Watch a Daring Hoverboard Ride on a Skyscraper's Edge

Russia’s urban climber “Oleg Cricket” takes a hoverboard where no hoverboard has been before.

Tony Dejak / AP

Will a $6 Million Tamir Rice Settlement Help Reform Cleveland Cops?

The city agreed to the payout in the 2014 death of the 12-year-old boy, but civil lawsuits are a blunt tool to bring about departmental changes.


Restoring Voting Rights to Former Felony Offenders

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe takes a historic step, giving the vote back to those previously banned from participation.

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

In San Francisco, Hog a Train Seat and Get a $100 Ticket

A new ordinance punishes manspreaders and luggage-hoarders, though police worry it could penalize the homeless.

Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition

New Orleans Continues On a Path of Decarceration

A new $1.5 million MacArthur Foundation grant could give New Orleans’ public defenders, and its incarcerated citizens, some relief.

Chicago Police Department/AP

Rahm Emanuel's Task Force: Chicago Police Have 'No Regard' For Minority Lives

A scathing new report confirms what Chicagoans have known for a while.

Flickr / Mike Linksvayer

Another Reason to Love Urban Green Space: It Fights Crime

A new body of evidence suggests that adding greenery in vacant or gray settings reduces criminal activity nearby.


These Designers Want To Put Rikers Island on the Map

The guerrilla #SeeRikers campaign aims to correct a New York subway map oversight—and highlight the corrections crisis.

Orleans Public Defenders

New Orleans Begins Freeing Inmates Who Can't Afford Lawyers

A judge has ruled that the constitutional rights of seven men held in jail for violent crimes have been violated because the state can’t afford defenders.


Rome's Police Are Fighting in the Streets With... Ancient Roman Soldiers

The costumed centurion impersonators have become a nuisance to tourists outside the Colosseum.