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Confederate Flags Are Falling, But What Will That Change?

Southern cities are lowering the flags and considering bringing down Confederate memorials, too. But the character of a city is harder to transform.


A Global Geography of Peace (and Violence)

Will rapid urbanization in developing nations make their cities more violent?

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The 'Great Migration' Was About Racial Terror, Not Jobs

“The North and the Congress basically gave up on equality for African Americans, and that set us on a course that we have not yet recovered from.”

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How Can We Understand the Charleston Shootings? With This Syllabus

A group of professors have created the #Charlestonsyllabus to illustrate the histories of faith, race, and violence that collided in a mass murder.

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America's Most Promising Pro-Jobs Policy

More than 100 U.S. cities and counties have now adopted some type of “ban the box” law, which prohibits employers from asking job candidates about criminal convictions before the first interview.

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Seattle to Law-Abiding Drivers: Here's a Gift Card

As part of its Vision Zero plan, the city is rewarding everyday acts of safety.

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Texas Built a Confederate Memorial on a Street Named for Martin Luther King Jr.

Short of removing existing Confederate symbols, maybe we could stop building new ones?

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Did the Louisville Police Union Just Threaten City Residents?

An open letter reads: “To the sensationalists, liars and race-baiters—we are done with you.”


Black Charleston Residents Were Targeted Well Before the Tragic Shootings

“You have to go,” the alleged killer reportedly said to black church members. That’s not the first time they’ve heard that.

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How New Orleans Stopped Making Jailing a Business

A new report details how the city reduced its local inmate population by 67 percent since Hurricane Katrina struck.

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What We Know About the Charleston Church Shooting

A white man opened fire Wednesday evening inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, killing nine.

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Busting the Myth of 'The Ferguson Effect'

Pundits are fanning fears of new “crime waves” across cities. Criminologists aren’t buying it.

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The Paranoia of Police Unions

With departments facing scrutiny across the nation, police unions are lashing out at the cities they serve.


In Arlington County, Virginia, Public Profanity Will Cost You $250

There’s a racial history behind these types of laws that connect with disparities in enforcement overall.

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Why Philadelphia Is Commissioning Skateable Public Art

The city hopes to engage young people in its downtown parks and museum plazas by installing skateable sculptures.

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The FTC Finally Cracks Down on Never-Completed Kickstarters

It’s the first time the consumer-protection agency has waded into the murky waters of crowdfunding.

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The Origins of the Phrase 'Black-on-Black Crime'

How the term got hijacked, politically loaded, and calcified into America’s racial consciousness.

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Buenos Aires Wants to Outlaw Street Harassment of Women

Officials in Argentina, and beyond, are finally taking catcalls more seriously.