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How Urban Beekeepers Safeguard Their Hives

Across the country, the fuzzy flyers are dying off or being snatched. Apiarists share their tips for keeping hives alive.


Hybrid-Vehicle Batteries Are Disappearing in San Francisco

Inventive, no doubt muscular thieves have found a new target.

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The Problem With the Police Response to the Waco Shootout

Why were the strategies used by police leading up to a biker-gang battle in Waco and the recent unrest in Baltimore so different?

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Obama to Police: Less Call of Duty Weapons, More Call of Data

The White House is pushing police departments to share more information on officer behavior.

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Apparently, Young People Are Moving to Brooklyn: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.


Why Oscar Grant's Mother Still Celebrates His Birthday

“The hardest part is Oscar not being here with us to see that, you know what, his life mattered.”

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Dzokhar Tsarnaev Gets the Death Penalty

On Friday, a federal jury applied six of the 17 capital counts to the surviving Boston Marathon bomber.

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It's Too Damn Hard to Convict Awful Cops

The latest outrageous acquittal, this time in Philadelphia.


This New York Woman Has 620 Roommates

They’re tiny turtles, confiscated in a warehouse raid.

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Where Sidewalk Chalk Laws Clash With Free Speech

A federal court has ruled that a Las Vegas ban on street chalking can’t be enforced selectively. Across the country, there’s more at stake than hopscotch.

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The Jail Cell or the Ambulance?

In a three-year stretch, Baltimore central booking turned away 2,600 people arrested by police, but found by corrections officers to have serious injuries or illnesses.

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A Federal Civil-Rights Probe in Baltimore

Attorney General Loretta Lynch announces a formal investigation into whether police practices violate the Constitution.

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Warriors vs. Guardians

Trust in local law enforcement is waning across the U.S. That's unlikely to change before policing culture does.

Reuters/Eric Thayer

There Are Plenty More Baltimores

In truth, Baltimore’s economy has weathered the post-industrial transition better than most.

Josh Sisk/CityLab

Baltimore's Weekend in Protests

Scenes from Saturday's march and rally against police brutality.

Reuters/Eric Thayer

Grading Baltimore's Mayor on Her Own Advice for Police

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and other mayors put together a January set of guidelines for cities on improving police-community relations. She's followed few of them herself.

Reuters/Chris Helgren

Baltimore's Police Union Chief Calls for a Special Prosecutor in Gray Case

In an open letter, Gene S. Ryan cites concerns over "conflicts of interest" with Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby. But Mosby comes from a long line of police.


'We Have Probable Cause to File Criminal Charges'

A statement of arrest has been issued for officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray.