Exploratorium/Theo Jansen/Lena Herzog

Huge, Wind-Propelled 'Strandbeests' Arrive in San Francisco

The kinetic sculptures are part sailboat, part stick insect, and seemingly possessed with animal intelligence.

Courtesy of Greg Lynn/FORM

On a World Stage, Architects Imagine Detroit as the City of the Future

At this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale, 12 designs envision how “the capital of urban ruins” can move forward from crisis.

News Oresund/Flickr

Troubled Bridges Over Danish Waters

In Copenhagen, a major new bridge won’t close—while another may never open.

Daniel Knieper/Flickr

Is Tourism Spoiling Iceland?

The island nation’s visitor boom is putting its infrastructure under heavy stress, but some answers are on the way.

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Data Cuisine/N&B Photographie Culinaire

'Data-Cuisine' Chefs Serve Another Round of Informative Treats

These tasty dishes tell stories about gender inequality, unnatural deaths, and Fukushima.

Consumer Data Research Centre

Mapping Where Immigrants Settle in London, Street by Street

There are more American-heavy neighborhoods than you might expect.


The Undervalued Simplicity of Bob Noorda's Vision for Milan's Metro

Transit officials haven’t given his first metro project the respect it deserved.

Courtesy of the Vatican Observatory

The Nuns Who Helped Map the Night Sky

At the Vatican Observatory, four little-known sisters contributed to an international astronomy project.


Paris Rents, Mapped by Metro Station

Want something cheap(er)? Then go east.


A Campaign to Restore Italy's Lesser-Known Historic Structures

Which one would you choose?

Andy Woodruff/Tim Wallace

Busty Usher, Pooh Mutants, and Other Towns in Anagrammed Massachusetts

Two cartographers took years making a rude map for “our inner 12-year-olds.”

Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze

Capturing Hong Kong in the 'Blue Moment'

For just a few minutes a day, the sky cloaks the entire city in a glowing, azure tint.

© Pierre Antoine

Paris Museums Are Papering a Subway Station With Cheeky Recreations of Famous Art

A new campaign aims to help infrequent museum goers feel more inclined to pay a visit.


A Bloomin' Good Map of U.S. State Flowers

Take a moment to lavish in the beauty of America’s chosen petals, and laugh at Maine for choosing “pine cone.”

Iriana Shiyan/

How One Colorado City Instantly Created Affordable Housing

Relaxing rules on “Accessory Dwelling Units” drastically increased affordable housing stock in the small city of Durango.

Ron Miriello/Soviet Poster Show

Posters of City Life in a Fading USSR

A traveling design show toured the U.S. 25 years ago to shed light on Soviet city life under a failing but reforming government.

Philip Ashforth Coppola

One Man's Decades-Long Quest to Draw Every Subway Station in New York

Philip Ashforth Coppola documents the transit system’s oft-overlooked mosaics in painstaking detail.

Keep Britain Tidy

London's Nasty Sidewalk Grime Inspires Lovely Environmental Art

Street artist “Moose” power-washed dirty sidewalks to create a portrait of imperiled ocean life.

Alex Fradkin/Cornelia Parker

Why the 'Psycho' Mansion Is Now on the Roof of the Met

British sculptor Cornelia Parker draws inspiration from two masterworks for her installation—and apprehension about urban progress.