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This Thanksgiving, Detroit Is Overrun by Gigantic Papier-Mâché Heads

The painted busts march down Woodward Avenue as part of the holiday parade.

ABMS Architects

The Unlikely Home of the World's Next Tallest Skyscraper

The Bride of the Gulf will spring from the site of the Iraq War’s first major battle.

WSP / Parson Brinkerhoff

10 Ideas for Improving London's Affordable Housing

From building atop canals to encouraging backyard cottages.

Juust Design

Cram All Your Worldly Possessions Into This Compact 'Travelbox'

The “portable” container is meant for folks who like to uproot themselves lightning-quick.

REUTERS/Eric Thayer

Study: North Carolina's Black Voters Live in a State of 'Electoral Apartheid'

For one, the distance black voters must travel to the polls has increased since 2012.

Public Work

Toronto Wants to Turn the Underpass of a Highway Into a Major Public Park

Project: Under Gardiner would transform an elevated highway into a public park space with dozens of uses.


Why China Wants to Build Something Called 'Sponge Cities'

China’s central government has an ambitious green infrastructure plan. But will the results live up to the rhetoric?

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Meet the Fearsome Imaginary Monsters of Japan

There’s one for every prefecture.

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How Washing Machines Could Use a Lot Less Water

Three MIT grad students have invented a washing-machine filter that cleans wastewater and reuses it over and over again.


The Jonestown Massacre And the Seduction of the 'Racial Utopia'

The 37th anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre this week invites an examination of what the people it attracted were running from in the first place.

Steven Holl Architects

Of Course Copenhagen Is Building a Bike Lane in the Sky

The city’s new pedestrian and cycling bridge will hang between two towers.

Courtesy of Simon Beck

Dazzling Land Art, Etched in Snow

Snowshoe artist Simon Beck’s canvas is the French Alps.


Beijing Replaced This Huge Bridge in Only 43 Hours

Using traditional construction methods would have taken months, so China got crafty.

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

How 'Parks Without Borders' Aims to Make New York Parks Safer

NYC Parks seeks to lower barriers to accessing the city’s green spaces, with major revisions planned and a new design philosophy going forward.

Emily Anne Epstein / The Atlantic

This Doll House Costs $24,425 Per Square Foot

There's an affordability crisis in playland, too.

Taco Bell

The Original Taco Bell Has Been Saved From Demolition

Watch live on the web as the 1960s Mission-style building gets relocated to corporate headquarters for safekeeping.

Laura Bliss

Explore the Creepy Underground Pedestrian Tunnels of Downtown L.A.

This network of concrete passageways has an eerie past.

Data Cuisine Leeuwarden at MAF

More Delicious Dishes From the Masterchefs of 'Data Cuisine'

On tonight’s menu: smoked kale joints whose ingredients are based on data about cannabis consumption.


The Battle Over Tree-Shaped Air Fresheners

Two car-scent companies are duking it out in court.