Chicago History Museum

Why Don't All Schools Look Like This One?

When it opened 75 years ago, Crow Island School revolutionized school design. It’s had many imitators since, but few can match its vision for experiential, child-centered learning.

Airbus/European Patent Office

Yet Another Awful Design for Airline Seating

Airbus looks into stacking passengers on each other like cargo.

InavanHateren /

Making the Case for Symmetrical Cities

The architect Ann Sussman argues urban design should pay more attention to cognitive science.

Steve Weinik/Mural Arts Program

An Artist Built a Jail Outside Philadelphia's City Hall

“Labyrinth” is a 40-by-40-foot explorable sculpture about mass incarceration.

Billy Hathorne/WikiMedia Commons

Turns Out Tiny Houses Aren’t Just a New Thing

Check out these wee historic homes going back to the 1600s.

Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Plc

How a Manmade Tidal Lagoon Could Change the Future of Clean Energy

The planned Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon in the U.K. is poised to become one of the most innovative power plants ever constructed.


The Future of U.S. Voting May Be U.K. Technology

British voting expert Lord Mark Malloch-Brown comes to America this week for a hard sell on Internet-based balloting.

James Marvin Phelps/Flickr

What Does the Mojave Desert Sound Like?

It’s not desolate. The sky is streaked with planes hurtling to and from Los Angeles.

jennyrotten / Flickr

Should Cyclists Have to Stop at Stop Signs?

A proposal to make San Francisco the first major city to adopt the so-called “Idaho stop” is under intense debate.

Michael Walmsley/Vulcan Real Estate

The Newest Odd Couple: Real Estate Developers and Urban Farmers

It's an unexpected romance that's blossoming in surprising ways.

REUTERS/Lee Celano

New Orleans Has a New Jobs Program. But Can It Stop Bullets?

The city council has granted the mayor’s wish requiring local hiring for city-contracted projects. Will more jobs really mean less violence?

Case Studies in Transport Policy

The Benefits of Slower Traffic, Measured in Money and Lives

An unfortunate case study in political inaction.

AP/Tamir Kalifa

What Effect Will Shuttering Alabama DMV Offices Have on Black Voters?

The state has a strict voter ID law, yet more than 30 offices, many of them across the “Black Belt,” are set to close.


Law Enforcement Really Doesn't Like Civilian Oversight

In New Orleans and Chicago, police officials continue to butt heads with independent monitors while the NYPD takes some steps toward accountability.

Knight Foundation

The Knight Cities Challenge Returns

The Knight Foundation is inviting literally anyone to come up with the best project ideas for enhancing civic life.

Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters

Ikea's Possible Solution to Shrinking Apartments: Movable Walls

Just conjure up a bedroom at night, and then make it disappear.

Pierre Ciret

More Libraries Should Have Indoor Gardens

A French redesign of a train station would put in bookshelves, grass, and palm trees.

Welikia Project

Explore the Lush, Overgrown Ecology of 1600s Manhattan

Search block-by-block for the animals, plants, and Native Americans who occupied the island before European settlement.

Colin Ellard

How Our Evolving Brains Can Shape Cities

A neuroscientist takes his lab on the road to explore the psychology of the streets.

China Daily / REUTERS

This Suspended Glass Bridge in China is Stunning—If You Dare to Walk on It

“Brave Men’s Bridge” in the Hunan Province hovers 590 feet in the air.