Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

How a Museum Reckons With Black Pain

The Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture is at once triumphant and crushing.

Katie Martin/CityLab

The Unlikely Trick of the Smithsonian's New African American Museum

The Smithsonian's newest museum—and the last on the National Mall—is deceptively large.

Andrew Nelles/Reuters

The Heavy Hand of Early-20th Century Zoning Codes

For better or worse, the shape of modern Chicago has a lot to do with decisions made in the 1920s.


Floating Containers as an Affordable Housing Solution

Copenhagen tries out a novel concept for a bleak-looking future.


Could This Scanner Take the Hell Out of Airport Security Checks?

Say goodbye to trays and conveyor belts.

Rebecca Blackwell/AP

Rethinking the Refugee Camp

As displacement rises from crises around the globe, the need to provide meaningful and sustainable communities for migrants grows.

Micah Bozeman/Courtesy Public Art Fund, NY

A Miniature Redwood Forest Grows in Brooklyn

A new installation recreates a section of Humboldt County, California, at a 1:100 scale.

Alex Brandon/AP

Can Self-Driving Cars Protect Black People From Police Violence?

If automated vehicles can change and save so many lives, we should talk seriously about how they can protect black lives.

Jakub Marian

Europe's Disposable Income, Mapped

A striking visualization shows how much buying power average Europeans really have after tax.

Norman B. Leventhal Map Center

Mapping How Shakespeare Saw the World

A new exhibit at the Boston Public Library looks at the Bard’s plays through maps from the 16th century and beyond.

Kriston Capps/CityLab

Detroit's 'Alley Project' Creates a Street-Level Commons

“What are some alternatives for the young people on our block between the porch and the corner?”

Gehry Partners/Eisenhower Memorial Commission

Is the Eisenhower Memorial Moving Forward Without Frank Gehry?

The Eisenhower family and the memorial commission have reached a compromise—without its famed architect.

Penguin Random House

The Life That Shaped Jane Jacobs

A conversation with Robert Kanigel, author of the new Jacobs biography, Eyes on the Street.


The Mighty, Ever-Sucking Maw of the Mississippi River

NASA created this animation showing all the rivers that flow into the Mighty Mississip’.

Illuminate the Arts

A Street Light Installation Reveals Train Traffic Under San Francisco's Streets

A nearly 2-mile-long installation would visualize the real-time passage of underground trains.

Crystal Bennes/Development Aesthetics

Keeping Track of London's Worst Construction Site Ads

It can be hard to avoid such street-level marketing campaigns for new developments in the U.K. capital.

Fernando Romero Enterprise

Instead of Trump's Wall, Why Not a Binational Border City?

A Mexican architect has a utopian vision for a walkable city straddling the U.S.-Mexico border.

Toshiyuki Togashi/Archi-Depot

A Museum for Scale Models Aims to Preserve Japan's Architectural Legacy

Part warehouse, part gallery, Archi-Depot is Tokyo’s first museum dedicated to storing and exhibiting tiny building mockups.

Cooper Copter

Meet the 'Pollockocopter,' a Drone That Throws Paint Bombs

At walls or people, your choice.