Atlas of Emotions

An Atlas of Emotions, Inspired by the Dalai Lama

Explore the “continents” and “states” of universal feelings with this new geography-inspired interactive.

Courtesy of Erica Hauser

Making Art Out of Mid-Century Pitstops

Erica Hauser paints nostalgic snippets of roadside attractions and ephemera.

Reuters/Arko Datta

A Brainstorming Session to Save the World

With the goals finally agreed on, this year’s COP22 climate conference will turn to finding solutions.

AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko

Moscow's Huge Subway Expansion Is Actually Ahead of Schedule

The Russian capital is on pace to see 76 new metro stations open by 2020.


The Architecture of Displacement

The Museum of Modern Art will host a new show on the global refugee crisis.

© 2015 The City of London, London Metropolitan Archives

The Bomb Damage Maps of 1940s London

Wartime surveyors charted the city’s ruined buildings in vivid color.

Juan Novakosky /

What Would Jane Jacobs Do?

Why the question remains so vital today.

Mark Byrnes

Boris Johnson's Most Important Legacy May Be a Particular New Housing Style

Forget Boris's bridge, buses, or even his bikes. In a century's time, London’s outgoing mayor may be best remembered for his buildings.

Frank Lennon/Toronto Star via Getty Images

The Jane Jacobs Century

On the occasion of what would have been her 100th birthday, a look back at just how and why Jacobs’ insights on cities have proved so enduring.

Guido van Helten/Facebook

A Haunting Work of Street Art Comes to Chernobyl

The somber mural pays tribute to the longtime disaster photojournalist Igor Kostin.

Patralekha Chaterjee

Street Art's Unusually Vital Role in India's Cities

Bright new murals are helping reduce litter, increase commerce, and encourage reading.

Mark Reigelman II

A Cozy Cabin Pops Up to Replace New York's Steaming Manholes

Artist Mark Reigelman II says he will install the wee house throughout the year, “assuming I don’t get arrested or the cabin confiscated.”

Wikimedia Commons

Cities Have Had It With Their Ugly Flags

A graphic designer in Milwaukee takes action after his city’s flag is called “one of the biggest train wrecks.”

wHY + Civitas

What Should L.A.'s Central Park Look Like?

The four final designs for Pershing Square range from urban tech-scape to flexible garden park.

Amy Fallon

In Uganda's Small But Fast-Growing Cities, 'One Planner Is Not Enough'

The coming decades will bring massive population growth, but resources to plan for that growth are scarce.

Bence Bakonyi

Photographing China, Without the Crowds

A photographer’s solo journey leads to an uniquely beautiful take on the country’s landscapes.

Toby Melville/Reuters

London's Big Ben Will Fall Silent in 2017

The iconic clock needs a rest — and a makeover.

City of Phoenix

Phoenix's Incredibly Gruesome Graphic Novels Emphasize Bike Safety

“You can see his brain!"


A Bittersweet Street-Art Tribute to Palestinian Refugees

Barcelona’s Pejac made these haunting works by painstakingly etching away wall paint.