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The Female-Hairdo Bike Helmet That Never Really Caught On

Can anybody explain why this wig-topped, heavy-plaster helmet didn’t last?


A Gamer Spent 200 Hours Building an Incredibly Detailed Digital San Francisco

This might be the most realistic video-game version of the city in existence.

Johan Wieland/Flickr

The Netherlands Will Increase Its Forests By a Quarter

To slash the country’s carbon footprint, the Dutch are going on a tree-planting binge.

Eric Theyer/Reuters

Pretty Vacants: The Coolest Empty Buildings in America

They’re weird, amazing, and available. Behold the nation’s most impressive vacant structures.

National Equity Atlas

This Atlas of Racial Equity Just Keeps Getting Better

Looking for neighborhood-level maps of our second Gilded Age? This is the place.

C2 Photography

What a Theater Means to a Refugee Camp

Lessons from the founders of the Good Chance Theatre, a temporary performing arts venue at the Calais “Jungle.”

SF Public Works

San Francisco Workers Dig Up a Relic of the 1939 World's Fair

“It’s amazing what they did in the past.”

Columbia GSAPP/CC BY 2.0

The Rise of the City Geek: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A round-up of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.

Big River Strategic Initiative, LLC

Say Hello to America's Longest 'Rails-with-Trails' Bridge

After nearly 60 years unused, the Harahan Bridge’s wagonways have been converted into pathways for bikes and pedestrians.

Colin Kaepernick Murals Pop Up in the Bay Area

The controversial 49ers quarterback gets some love from local artists.

UC Press

Mapping 26 Kaleidoscopic New York Cities

Rebecca Solnit’s third and final urban atlas reminds the reader that maps are not facts, but starting points.

Connect SF

San Francisco's Most-Wanted (Nonexistent) Subway Lines

The city asked people to sketch out their dream lines; here are the results.


Turning Detroit's Abandoned Homes Into Greenhouses

A design collaborative is putting down roots on a blighted lot.


Should Bike Helmets Be Equipped With Airbags?

Scientists say a self-inflating, Swedish helmet could prevent brain injuries.

Ideas That Stick

Forget the Car Boot, Now There's a Car 'Barnacle'

It sucks onto the windshield and can’t be removed until drivers call to pay a fine.

Blue Crow Media

A Map for Exploring D.C.'s Brutalist Landscape

From the concrete vaults of Harry Weese’s Metro to Gordon Bunshaft’s doughnut-shaped Hirshhorn Museum, there’s no lack of heroic architecture to see in the nation’s capital.

Anindito Mukherjee/Reuters

Everything You Need to Know About the Momentous Habitat III

A beginner’s guide to what will take place at the United Nations conference, and why it matters for the future of cities.


Britain's New Parliament Could Be This Giant Floating Glass Blob

While London’s Houses of Parliament are being restored, the MPs will need a place to work. How about this thing?

Robert Galbraith/Reuters

Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize Might Be the Most Swedish Thing Ever

How did a 60s rock star score the world’s top literature prize? Because Scandinavia is in love with American counterculture.