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Postcard From Venice

Frozen canals, a fake holy water racket, and more news from the "City of Water."

In Venice:

  • Europe's deep freeze has had quite the impact on Venice. Temperatures have gone as low as -10C and with the canals freezing over, water buses have been stranded.
  • A fake holy water ring has been broken up. Doctors offices in Venice and three other Italian cities were allegedly creating and distributing the product, claiming it was obtained from scared religious sites and could treat a wide range of illnesses. 
  • The grounding of the Costa Concordia cruise ship has amplified local animosity toward the cruise industry and the environmental damage they have caused.
  • A preview for the world famous Carnival of Venice took place earlier this week. The actual event will be this Saturday.
Photo by Manuel Silvestri of Reuters. This week, we're looking for pictures of love in cities. Email your best shots to

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