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A Citywide Party for the Queen's Jubilee

Londoners prepare for a weekend of festivities.


London has spent the last year decking itself out for the Olympics. But the city is also preparing for a party of a different kind - a jubilee in honor of Queen Elizabeth II. The "diamond jubilee" - celebrating 60 years on the throne - will kick off this weekend. There will be a derby, a Thames boat parade ("expect to see lots of red, white and blue on bridges and buildings along the river bank and hear church bells, fireworks, music and foghorns as hundreds of boats from all over the UK," explains the BBC), a special concert with Paul McCartney and Elton John, and a service of thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral.

Then, there are the unofficial parties. Drummer Matthew Bick from Bleech, for example, throw a "Jubilee meets Mad Hatters Tea Party" in honor of the queen. Here's a photo. courtesy of Russell Boyce of Reuters:

About the Author

  • Amanda Erickson is a former senior associate editor at CityLab.