In Bolivia, a Salute to the Sun

A winter solstice celebration gets Bolivia's Aymara Indians up before dawn to salute the first rays.


No one on America's steamy East Coast is celebrating the sun these days.

Not so south of the equator. In Tiahunaco, Bolivia, the Aymara Indians are hosting their annual winter solstice event. Participants wake up early to salute the first beam of sunlight. They also give offerings (including llama fetuses, seen below) to mother earth and pray for a good harvest.

Photographs by Reuters photographer Gaston Brito.

Llama fetus are seen as part of an offering during sunrise of the winter solstice ceremony.
Bolivia's Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera (centre L) and his fiancee Claudia Fernandez (centre R) participate in the winter solstice ceremony
A Bolivian indigenous woman participates in the winter solstice ceremony.
A Bolivian priestess makes offerings to Pachamama, Mother Earth.

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