Dragons Race at China's Annual Competition

Images of this weekend's Dragon Boat Open, and other competitions throughout the years.


This year, 16 teams competed in the final match of the Dragon Boat Open on Saturday, which took place on the Beijing-Hangzhu Grand Canal. They aren't the only ones. In the last couple of weeks, rowers around the world competed in dragon boat events. Below, scenes from races past and present, courtesy of Reuters.

Onlookers for this year's event. (Reuters)
Participants compete during a dragon boat race in Sanya, 2005. (Reuters)
China's dragon boat team paddle on their way to win their heat in Macau, 2005. (Claro Cortes/Reuters)
Dragon boat team celebrates after winning boat race competition on Jinji Lake during the third All-China Games in Suzhou, 2006. (Aly Song/Reuters)

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