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Where India Meets Tibet

See Bhaktapur, an ancient city on the edge of Kathmandu.


Bhaktapur, an ancient city on the edge of Kathmandu, was once at the center of a trade route between Tibet and India. A myriad of cultures are reflected in its winding roads and architecture. Even today, the ancient city remains largely intact, a testament to history. UNESCO has labeled the city a World Heritage Site. Below, photos of the city.

A woman carries a sleeping child as she walks through a small alley in the ancient city of Bhaktapur, near Kathmandu . (Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters)

 gets a bath in a bucket outside his house in the ancient city of Bhaktapur, near Kathmandu. (Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters)

A woman waits for customers at her shop along the streets of Bhaktapur. (Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters)

A man carrying roosters heads home from a livestock market in the ancient Nepalese city of Bhaktapur. (Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters)

People carry an effigy of demon Ghantakarna as another effigy of the demon is burnt to symbolize the destruction of evil, during the Ghantakarna festival in the ancient city of Bhaktapur. According to legend, the demon is believed to "steal" children and women from their homes and localities. (Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters)


About the Author

  • Amanda Erickson is a former senior associate editor at CityLab.