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Amazing Bathroom Fixture of the Day: The Street Map Sink

Haven't you always wanted to brush your teeth over the streets of London?

When I was a kid, I would build elaborate city streets and skylines in my sandbox only to turn around and flood the whole thing with the hose. Perhaps this Ukrainian designer played a similar game. 

Julia Kononenko shaped her Water Map sink basin after the London streets surrounding Trafalgar Square, creating wooden channels in place of the street grid.

One astute commenter on MoCo Loco (H/T) notes: "Where does the water go when it reaches the end of the map? it looks like it just falls down on the floor leaving behind a total mess." Kononenko notes in an email that the photos are just "the conceptual layout," and the technological specs are in drawings and calculations. In other words, take these photos as what they are: an idea.

Kononenko says she is looking for places to produce a series of these sinks, along with other cities including New York, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, and Kiev, Ukraine. She's also considering using ceramic or stone.

While she says these could work well in hotels, I can also imagine some urban apartment-dweller washing up over this sink, and then snuggling under a city quilt for the night.

Images by Andrew and Ivan Avdeenko/courtesy of Julia Kononenko.

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