Gratitude Map of the Day: Thank You London

Something to be thankful for, from Mitcham to Highgate Hill.


Feeling bummed out about life in London? Check out this ThankYouLondon map displaying thank you messages for random acts of kindness. It's a work in progress, but so far, London's best is coming through.

In Regent's Park: "Best football game ever thanks guys."

On the Tube: "Thank you to the lovely guy at the Marble Arch Tube ticket office who got the money back off my lost OysterCard."

In Notting Hill: "Thanks for the beans."

In St. James's Park: "Thank you to the two older ladies who invited me to sit and listen/watch the Diamond Jubilee concert last summer when I was completely alone."

Elsewhere, thanks are given for restaurants, favors, family members, and even to a local hospital for doctors' calm during the poster's 1991 birth.

HT: Google Maps Mania.

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  • Henry Grabar is a freelance writer and a former fellow at CityLab. He lives in New York.