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Beastie Boy Commemoration of the Day: Adam Yauch Park

No sleep til Brooklyn.


The pilgrims descended on this small corner of Brooklyn Heights with tributes large and small -- a boombox, "New Yauch City" t-shirts, a tailfinned Cadillac (license plate: BKLYNWAY) decked out with an R.I.P. MCA banner. It was a Brooklyn tribute for a local boy made good, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, known to millions as MCA, who died from cancer on May 4th, 2012.

At the ceremony on Friday morning, fellow Beastie Adam Horowitz recalled stopping by the park with Yauch when the two were in high school. "We ended up in this park and he was telling me how he played here as a kid," Horowitz said, according to WNYC. "We thought about something we could do that would be long lasting, and we thought, 'Yauch should have a park.'"

And a park he has. Horowitz was joined by Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz, City Council member Steven Levin, Yauch's parents, Frances and Noel, and a couple hundred fans at the ribbon-cutting. Yauch, Horowitz, and Mike Diamond formed the Beastie Boys while they were in high school in Brooklyn, and rehearsed their first songs in the Yauch's Brooklyn Heights house.

Flickr/New York Brass

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