San Francisco's City Hall Is Now a Technicolor Rainbow

Never has a hub of governance looked so fabulous.

The Atlantic Cities

San Francisco had much to celebrate this week with the Supreme Court's double slam against DOMA and California's anti-gay-marriage Prop 8. A helicopter circled the Castro district all day long, and news crews on the ground described scenes like this one from the L.A. Times:

At the corner of Castro and Market streets, the gay heart of San Francisco, horns honked, rainbow flags waved, and there were happy hoots and smiles all around Wednesday....

Even the homeless people sitting on the sidewalk seemed vaguely happy. "Welcome to the Bay Area," said one disheveled man to no one in particular as he sipped a 40-ounce malt liquor and puffed a cigarillo.

Meanwhile, San Francisco's City Hall is celebrating gay rights in its own peacockish way, with a rainbow-colored lightshow blazing on the building's facade. Work crews put up the lights earlier this week to recognize SF Pride, which culminates in this Sunday's LGBT Pride Parade starring 30 Rock hottie Cheyenne Jackson. But the spectacle has gained extra glory in the wake of the recent decisions from the nation's highest court.

A similar rainbow splash has appeared on the city hall of St. Louis, which is another one of the "gayest cities in America." Here's a different view of San Francisco's blazing hub of governance:

And a much better one from Flickr user Gavin St. Ours:

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