Massive Puppet of the Day: A Polar Bear the Size of a Double-Decker Bus

Meet Aurora.

Kristian Buus/Greenpeace

The world's largest polar bear will be parading down the streets of central London this Sunday.

Her name is Aurora, and she is the star of "Aurora's Parade," the London chapter of #Iceride -- Greenpeace’s global day of action to protest against Arctic destruction. According to DesignBoom, this giant people-powered super-puppet weighs about 3 tons and needs 15 puppeteers and 30 volunteers to operate. Aurora, described as "part protest, part performance," has fur that includes the names of each supporter in the movement. Greenpeace hopes she will bring the voice and spirit of the Arctic to the public.

Here's a look at the construction process that took the whole summer.

(h/t DesignBoom)

All images courtesy of Kristian Buus/Greenpeace.

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