Wanna Spend a Night in Philip Johnson's Glass House? It'll Cost You $30,000

A "gift" sold in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, because of course.

Melody Joy Kramer/Flickr

There's that saying about people who live in glass houses not throwing stones. But what about people who pay $30,000 to stay in one of the world's most famous glass houses for just a night?

That donation will buy you a night-long experience in influential architect Philip Johnson's iconic Glass House, the architect's weekend retreat in New Canaan, Connecticut. The $30,000 (partially tax deductible) buys a full night stay for you and a guest, plus a multicourse and locally sourced dinner for up to ten guests. Proceeds from the project will go to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which has owned the house since Johnson died in 2005.

"The Glass House Experience" is one of the eight "fantasy gifts" in Neiman Marcus's 2013 Christmas Book. As the Neiman catalog sells it:

You've always dreamed of calling an architectural icon "home." For the first time ever, you and a very lucky guest get to experience the next best thing: an overnight stay in the New Canaan, Connecticut, weekend residence of world-renowned architect and art patron, Philip Johnson.

The Glass House and its bucolic surroundings are yours to explore upon arrival. Get up-close-and-personal access to the life and style of one of the twentieth century's most revered visionaries as you wander among the 14 architectural structures, study his world-class modern painting and sculpture collection, visit the private library, and stroll through the 49 acres of landscaped grounds.

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Top Image courtesy of Flickr user Melody Joy Kramer.

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