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Mexico City's Newest Pop-Up Restaurant Looks Like a Horrible, Expensive Time

Enjoy a $230 dinner while strapped in 150 feet above ground.

If you're poor or afraid of heights, Mexico City's newest dining spot Dinner In The Sky is not for you.

Designed for foodies tired of noshing with both feet on the ground, Dinner In The Sky has been temporarily setting up shop around the world in London, Monte Carlo (Prince Albert of Monaco approves. Did I mention you can't afford this?), and, of course, Dubai. Mexico City's debuted last month.

Each meal is served on a crane-lifted platform 150 feet in the air. The chef is joined by a small gathering of patrons (maximum seating: 22) strapped in race car seats (naturally, they tend to take a lot of selfies). A three-course meal will set you back 3,000 Mexican Pesos (about $230). For a more affordable meal, try breakfast, a steal at $130.

Love doing things in the sky, just not eating? You still have options. Dinner In The Sky is a part of a group called Events In The Sky (of course), which also hosts weddings, concerts, theater, and golf.  

People dine at the new Dinner in the Sky restaurant, overlooking the high-rises of exclusive neighborhood of Santa Fe in Mexico City, Friday, Nov. 29, 2013. (AP Photo/Franklin Reyes)
(AP Photo/Franklin Reyes)
(AP Photo/Franklin Reyes)
(AP Photo/Franklin Reyes)

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