The World's First Dog-Sled Taxi Service Just Launched in Norway

Luxury Arctic tourism.


Forget stretch limos. In Norway, the fanciest way to get from the airport to a hotel is a ride on the dog-sled taxi.

Just launched this week, the new service takes passengers from Kirkenes Airport to the nearby Kirkenes Snow Hotel via a 45-minute trek through snowy mountains. The service, which employs a team of eight Alaskan huskies, managed to get approval from Norway’s defense services, the local government, and the wildlife authority in control of reindeer in the area.

According to a representative of the Kirkenes Snow Hotel, this one-of-a-kind experience is geared toward the "high end market." That would explain the 2300 NOK ($370) price tag.

(h/t Neatorama)

Top image: Neatorama/Twitter 

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