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2 Artists Are Living 24/7 in a Giant, Furnished Hamster Wheel

Radically redefining cramped quarters.

Scott Lynch/Youtube

Two artists in Brooklyn are literally living the hamster wheel life.

Since last Friday, Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder have been residing in a larger-than-life hamster wheel, a part-performance, part-sculpture piece they call In Orbit. In this two-bedroom of sorts, Schweder gets the inside of the circumference, and Shelley gets the outside.

The duo built the 24-foot high wheel in about a month, with the help of some structural engineer friends. Essential furnishings like bed, desk, chair, and a kitchen-bathroom combo are fixed to the wood and steel structure. Their furniture pieces are mirrored, so the two of them must walk in tandem to get to the things they need. And you thought your roommate situation was rough.

In Orbit is fourth in a series of collaborations between Shelley and Schweder, which all focused on dwelling spaces that require reliance on another person. It'll be on display at The Boiler, a gallery in Williamsburg, until April, but Shelley and Schweder will be getting back on the ground this Sunday.

Here’s an in-depth tour, courtesy of ANIMAL.

Top image: screenshot via video by Scott Lynch/Youtube

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