Corredor Cultural Chapultepec

The Backlash to Mexico City's High Line-Style Park

Critics say the Corredor Cultural Chapultepec is not the kind of public space the city desperately needs.


Inside London's Fakest Tube Station

It’s like walking into a cartoon.

Topmix Permeable

A Parking Lot That Drinks Stormwater

Topmix Permeable concrete soaks up 4,000 liters in 60 seconds.

Ian Reynolds

This MIT Student Built a Real-Time MBTA Map for His Wall

Some frat brothers opt for Scarface posters. Ian Reynolds just wants to watch the trains arrive.

REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

How Global Warming Makes Overcrowded Prisons Even More Dangerous

As the world’s climate heats up, so do unconstitutional (and deadly) conditions in prisons.

Mayor's Office Photo by Isabel Leon

How Boston Gives Youth Control Over Part of the City Budget

City residents aged 12 to 25 divvy up $1 million in capital improvements annually.


A Joyously Dorky Guide to America's Energy Infrastructure

Explore nuclear and wind facilities, the movement of petroleum, and steamy geothermal fields in this mapping tool.

Flowing Data/Nathan Yau

Pondering How Long You Have Left to Live Has Never Been So Much Fun

Surprisingly, your chances of living to your next birthday don’t always decline as you age.

Henry Hargreaves

Meet the Artist Who's Turning Soda Into Candy

A new series by photographer Henry Hargreaves explores consumers’ relationship to sugary drinks.

SFAC/Jorge Pardo

Newfangled Street Lights or Alien Transmission Towers?

San Francisco wants to build three of these 20-foot totems, presumably for intergalactic communication.

Daily Overview/DigitalGlobe

Mighty and Ominous Satellite Images of the Human Condition

The Daily Overview presents refugee camps, environmental horror, Florida housing projects, and fields of lovely Dutch tulips.

Your writing's on the wall. (Courtesy The Waiting Wall)

Secret Confessions and Existential Crises Are Now On Display in a U.K. Train Station

A new art project called The Waiting Wall is essentially a digital confessional.

Photography courtesy of Antuany Smith/Gensler

For These LGBTQ Seniors, Closets Are Just for Clothes

A look inside Chicago's first LGBTQ-friendly, affordable senior housing development, Town Hall Apartments.

Patricio Gonzalez Vivo

A Mesmerizing 3-D Vision of New York as Pure Data

Skyscrapers are flashing monoliths, and cars are rushing rectangles.

University of Otago, NOAA

Making Connections Between the World's Newest and Oldest Maps

An interview with John Hessler, a cartography expert at the Library of Congress and one of the people behind the new book, Map: Exploring The World.

Transport for London

London Is Calling Its New Pedestrian- and Bike-Friendly Zones 'Mini-Hollands'

British streets meet Dutch street design.

Screenshot via Vimeo / Streetfilms

The Grassroots Campaign to Slow Down Traffic in the U.K.

The push for 20 mph speed limits has reached millions of residents.

Christopher Herwig

A Book That Celebrates the Enduring Charm of Soviet-Era Bus Stops

Christopher Herwig snapped incredible photos of Eastern Europe and Central Asia’s architectural underdogs.

In Limbo Embassy

In Amsterdam, an 'Embassy' Where Migrants Connect With Locals

The interactive art project utilizes the only right the refugees have in the Netherlands: free expression.